Give away explanation You could save $400!

$8.00 in coupons from The coupon clippers

$8.00 in coupons from The coupon clippers

Enter our contest let me explain why. You have the opportunity to spend $20.00 in coupons let me explain what that means:
If you buy coupons worth $.50 they cost $.08 each with your $20.00 you can buy 250 coupons if these coupons double to $1 when you use them you can saveĀ $250

If you buy $.75 coupons they cost $.10 so for $20.00 you could buy 200 coupons. If they double you will get$1.50 off the item multiplied by the 200 coupons for a savings of$300.00.

If you buy coupons for a $1.00 they are $.12 each you could buy approx 166 coupons. If the $1.00 coupon doubles which it will at Harris Teeter during super doubles you could save $332.00

If you buy $2.00 coupons they cost just $.20 each of they double which they do during Kmart’s super doubles. You can buy approx 100 coupons. If you double the $2.00 and multiply by the 100 coupons you can save $400.00

SO Why haven’t you entered?

Do you have hundreds of dollars to loose?
I mean you click on the coupons you want and they arrive at your door already clipped!!


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