Ghouls Helping Ghouls, throw a party and you can win $1,000 for charity! Plus a giveaway!

Ghouls Helping Ghouls Giveaway!



Have you ever heard of a Philanthro-Party? Neither had I before I heard of this awesome promotion hosted by Monster High and  LemonAID Warriors! A Philanthro-Party is a party with a purpose! It is taking a party and adding something that will help others! An example would be a rocking Pet themed party, where people would bring in donations for your local pet shelter! It is this type of awesome ideas that spread the message that when “ghouls” come together to activate their passions into something positive for others, they are helping to create tween-esteem, acceptance and kindness within themselves!

If you host your own Philanthro-Party you can win a $1,000 Skullership for the charity of your choice plus a Monster High Gift bag!

All you have to do is have your awesome party, and submit your party info and photos to the Ghouls Helping Ghouls Website and you will be entered to win!

Here are a few tips on throwing an awesome Philanthro-Party:

  • Ask the charity you are supporting to send a rep. to your party! Your guests will be able to see first hand who they are helping, and the rep will get to see who is helping them!
  • Get the word out! Share the info about your party and what it supports at school, on social media, and everywhere you go! The more people that know, the more people can help, or even throw their own Philanthro-Party!
  • Take lots of pictures and videos! This will show everyone how awesome your Philanthro-Party was, and encourage others to join you!.

Check out this video made by LemonAID Warrior Creator Lulu Cerone about how easy it is to get out there and help:

You can find all the information on Ghouls helping Ghouls  and the Philanthro-Party entry instructions on the Ghouls Helping Ghouls Website!

The awesome people from Ghouls Helping Ghouls have graciously offered our readers a chance to win a Monster High Prize Pack!

This prize pack will include:

  • A Monster High Doll
  • A Monster High Tshirt
  • A Monster High DVD
  • A Monster High Magazine!

Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to WIN!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. Megan Parsons says

    My daughter’s 9th bday is in a few weeks and loves Monster High and I am going to have a monster high themed bday party!

  2. Haley Hollan Hernandez says

    If we were to throw a party for my daughters friends where they bring things to donate to the local animal shelter. We love animals. We have 2 dogs, a cat and my daughter also has a dog at her fathers house.

  3. Sarah M. says

    My daughters are talking about doing a book/toy collection party for a local day care center.

  4. Karen A. says

    I’d do a party where money would be donated to a 2 week camp here in PA for kids with cancer that is through the Ronald McDonald House in memory of my nephew who went to this camp and loved every minute. The child may also take a sibling along which makes it even nicer.

  5. Amanda Alvarado says

    We would probably do a Monster HIgh themed (duh what else is there?!?) party for a local animal shelter or the Humane Society to raise awareness of these animals needing to be adopted and to raise money for their operating costs.

  6. Stephanie Grant says

    A Monster High themed party for a family that just lost their young son to brain cancer and they are in need of some help covering medical bills and funeral costs.

  7. Becky Cole says

    I would throw one for Bald for Bucks. All the schools in our area are participating in this now.

  8. Mindy Coffey says

    Well, actually there are 2 I’d love to do as themes for a party & purpose…one would certainly be a Monster High themed party for the kiddos as they are very into the hype & MH is the “big” thing right now but the 2nd choice I have is an electronic cigarette party for adults of course but not the kind like you buy at the gas station that are junky & useless really (but the ones that use nicotine juice,a rechargeable battery & atomizer) b/c if you get the right set-up & find what people like & what works best for them, they are more likely to quit smoking real ciggs. You can purchase ANY flavor imaginable (I use grape, peach & pink lemonade lol) & no nicotine to very high levels of nicotine…I thought I’d never quit smoking & tried everything & smoked full-flavor for over 12 years but these did the trick (& bit of determination to be healthier & live longer) & this August it will be 2 years since I’ve smoked one single cigg & never will again, matter fact it gags me to smell cigg smoke & before I never noticed it, I was sick every other month w/ a terrible case of bronchitis or something & not once since I quit have I been sick SO my point finally being is this is certainly a party that would have a purpose…saving lives (& tons of $$$ too) & I’d let guests sample many various styles & flavors of all differnt products & educate them as well as I could & I think it would be tons of fun, thank u for the chance to win MH gear & toys 🙂

  9. Heather S says

    We would throw a cool Monster High themed party with raffles for some cool swag & proceeds going to benefit a local organization that helps those who have been abused, and assaulted.

  10. desiree says

    i have a bunch kid here what i would do have the como party the adults woudl be invited and then we have
    a party for them and then the kid i would get stuff for the kid and then someone could get th doll and then the adult would have
    the no kill come and then tell the adults to pick up some goodies for cats and dogs and bring it they would be put in a bowl and then i give them something for them most have pets here

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