Get 5 Books for just $5.95 Plus FREE shipping and a FREE Dr.Seuss backpack!

Get 5 Dr.Seuss books for $5.95 with a FREE Backpack and FREE shipping!


Do you have a Dr.Seuss fan in your house?

If so, this is the perfect deal for you! Get 5 Books for just $5.95 Plus FREE shipping! Sign up today and get a FREE Dr. Seuss backpack* plus 2 Bonus Book Opportunities! Click the picture above to get your books and FREE Dr.Seuss Backpack today!

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– Create lasting memories with the same classic stories you loved as a child
-Wacky and wounderful characters will engage & entertain your child and you
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-No Purchase commitment!
-High-Quality, hard cover editions
-Convenience of home delivery for less than $5 per book!

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