Gelarti Products Review


Gelarti’s Review

I was recently offered the opportunity to review Gelarti’s product line. I said, “YES!” because I have three kids and we are always looking for crafts to do. I also love to find unique gifts for the holiday and birthdays. I was actually surprised at the amount of variety that the Gelarti stickers offer. The clings are great for the wall, lockers, mirror, and have even made it onto a bike.

The children all sat down to create art. I found that even my three year old was able to the create a project with a little hand over hand instruction. Then when he understood the pressure and coloring in the black lines he was ready to create. The children actually took their time and traded some of the paints in their kits. My oldest had the glow in the dark variety and my daughter the glitter, and my youngest had the the traditional. It is actually quite funny because their choices really match their personalities.

What I like about the product is once it is complete they can actually use them. I know a lot of crafts we currently make we hang up and they are forgotten. These Gelarti gels are cool because they have a sticker back and can be placed most anywhere to liven things up a little bit. The kits include a couple of color choices and about 20 stickers. I would say one page kept my children busy for almost 45 minutes, which is huge. They can color paper faster than I can say color paper. I also liked how their fine motor skills were sharpened during this project.

They are available in retail locations nationwide. I saw them in Toys R Us this weekend. You can also grab them online here.

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