Geek Squad Review

Geek Squad Review

Geek Squad

I was recently provided with a one year subscription to Geek Squad  for the purpose of a review. I was excited since my 5 year old MAC finally decided it was done working. I had no idea what I did to it. I was ready to do the Geek Squad Review  so I could figure out what was wrong and get my baby back!

I went to the Geek Squad website and looked at the services that were available to me. I decided to first try the mac software to guard my computer against viruses. This is included with the $199.99 yearly subscription.

Geek Squad Review

My mac was locking up and I couldn’t get anything done. This is a major problem considering I am a blogger. You have three ways you can get help. 1) Chat with someone and they can do remote access 2) Call and receive help 3) Show up at the store with your computer and all the necessary cables and power cords! Do NOT forget your power cord.

I gave them my phone number and they found my account. They asked me about my computer and then told me that they would run a diagnostics on it to see what was wrong. I would have it back in less than a week. I am a little concerned over the week part so I asked if it really took that long they said, “It could.” I left it anyway I have another laptop at home. If I didn’t I would have taken my laptop with me and tried the remote support from home.

I received an email already saying my laptop has been checked in and it has only been a couple of hours. I will tell you how it goes. I couldn’t use the laptop because it locked up every 10 minutes and wouldn’t stop. I tried everything I know so the only thing left to do was to call the geek squad.

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  1. Michele P says

    it will be interesting to find out how they did…you never know when your computer is going to quit and it is a great piece of mind for sure…and the virus protection is definitely a big plus too.

  2. Robin Wilson says

    I hope that your local Geek Squad will treat you well! I have had nothing but the best of service from mine! So nice to know that they are there to help me! I just think they are great!

  3. Sylvia Ortiz says

    I think subscribing to Geek Squad is a valuable investment, especially for those who are not “tech-savvy” (with all the new software, gadgets, etc.!!) I know, that if I ever invest in a more powerful laptop (valued over $1,000), you can better believe that including Geek Squad to my purchase will be a MUST!! 🙂

    Thanks for the share!

  4. Debbie Welchert says

    My daughter used to use the Geek Squad and she seemed to like it. Sounds like a good program to me.

  5. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I’m very interested to see how things turn out….there’s a MAC in my drawer here that I’d love to get repaired!!
    I’m going blind on this 10inch Acer netbook. Am I understanding correctly, you buy a subscription??
    I’ll be back to see how it went

  6. Alison King says

    Update us on how they did, please. That’s a great tip about remembering the power cord–that’s just the kind of thing I would forget!

  7. krista grandstaff says

    I’m glad you are having such a good experience so far with your geek squad… I’ve beem fortunate enough to be married to an IT guy who worked with Microsoft and Cisco…so I just pout and hand him the slow comp and expect him to work miracles…lol..

  8. sandy weinstein says

    not a big fan of the geek squad. i took my pc there to be fixed and they tried to tell me it could not be fixed, then tried to sell me another pc…went to look at pc’s at bb on tax free day, told them what i was looking for, said did not have, after waiting for the person to help another employee and forgot abt me, waited over an hour…

  9. Bonnie C. says

    Thanks for this review; I have heard of Geek Squad before, but didn’t know anything other than the name and the vague notion that they worked with computers, so it’s nice to be more informed now. 🙂

  10. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    Always nice to have a geek squad around (love their name btw!). I work under the IT department so luckily my laptop is taken care of. But I could have def. used the Geek Squad for my computer at home – what a mess that thing is.

  11. Melinda Dartmann says

    I have never used the Geek Squad for anything (knock on wood) but I know people who have and they have given great reviews.

  12. laurie campbell says

    I have nothing nice to say about them or Best Buy even the CEO Brian Dunn’s office fell short of having to solve the problems of why so many items from them don’t work. The store was saying that the CEO’s office was not getting back to them like they said they would. 4 lap tops and other items as well all broke always a loop hole in the warranties that they have .

  13. Amy Orvin says

    When I bought my Gateway last year, I was asked if I wanted to purchase this. I said I couldn’t afford it. I wanted it so bad, just didn’t have the money. Darn high prices!

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