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I would like to introduce a new article series. My friend Miranda “Mandy” is a legal wizard with a unique perspective on love, life, and the law. I enjoy reading her articles and I hope you do as well. Amee

Do you know that horrible, banging sound that your washing machine makes when you overload it with clothes and it throws the machine completely off balance? You think to yourself, I knew I should not have put in that over-sized comforter… it was just too much for that machine to handle. You are forced to jump out of your chair, run to the washing machine to lift the lid and rearrange the items. If you do not, you run the risk of breaking your precious washing machine and having to incur the time, energy and expense of replacing it. Like a washing machine spinning out of control, this was my life last week.

Truthfully, I could not even count the number of times that I cried last week. My server went down, deadlines were extended and the worst part was that I did not get to spend any quality time with my family whatsoever. What was left was only a shell of a person. I knew that I had hit rock bottom when my husband said, “we just want to be scheduled into your schedule.” A dagger went through my heart knowing that those that I loved and cared about the most in this world felt cheated and neglected. As someone who lives and strives for balance on a daily basis, this type of chaos is unacceptable and unsustainable at any level! Immediate ACTion needed to be taken.

An emergency, 911 text message was sent to one of my closest and dearest friends that I secretly call “The Rock.” All that was written was “I need u.” She heard my cry for help and immediately responded. As I went through the litany of issues and frustrations that I dealt with during the never ending week, “The Rock” quickly pointed out the obvious… I needed to rest, regroup and reorganize in order to rejuvenate. “The Rock” is not a millionaire but more well traveled than probably 95% of the population. She does not live in a mansion but no one wants to leave after they arrive because her house has the warmth and compassion of a castle. She is frugal yet does not deny herself the things that she considers life’s simple pleasures. “The Rock” is the poster child for balance.

It became crystal clear to me what “The Rock” was talking about when I took a good look around my messy house. It was almost like I was a child again listening to my mother say, “you need to clean this mess up!” First, I did as the Court had ordered and got a good night’s rest. Next, was to regroup. We called a family meeting and discussed the family’s financial health. We all know that good financial health opens the door to greater freedom and possibilities.

Last was the one thing that my family struggles with the most—organization. What better place to start then to engage in the one activity that most women dread doing … cleaning out their purse! Since I tend to do everything in extremes, I cashed in my costly, Coach bag where everything falls into the bottomless pit for an economical Butler Bag with an internal organizational system. The piles were collected, sorted and put away. For the first time, in a long time, I could see glimmer of hope that we would get back on track. As I look up at my wall in my office, I see the words “Live, Love, Faith and Hope” positioned on my wall in perfect harmony. I put those words on my wall to constantly remind myself that one cannot live without love, and have faith without hope. I believe that I now have space for one more word … balance.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
~Thomas Merton

The Counselor

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