Garden Update: Zucchini Forest & Abundance of Basil

The garden is flourishing! In fact we have a forest or a jungle of zucchini plants! That is my almost four year old standing next to the plants. I need to get in there and cut back the leaves. We did pick a couple of zucchini and a yellow squash this weekend with many more on the way!

Carrots & Cucumbers

Carrots & Cucumbers

The big mass of green is carrot tops in the above picture! They are doing quite well on top and I hope the same is true underground. The cucumbers are vining up the fence and there are a ton of flowers and itty bitty cucumbers.



My Basil is taking off too. I actually have four basil plants that were all started from a living herb pot from Kroger. I am going to make homemade pesto since I have so much! If you have basil growing and you start to see flowers form on the top like mine, snip the flowers off. This will keep the basil growing!



Mason helped me plant the corn. When you have a little helper, you will have plants sprout in odd places! I have a couple of corn plants sprouting between tomatoes on the other side of the garden!

We are so pleased with how the garden is progressing as it looked like this on May 24th!

How is your garden doing?

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  1. Jennifer W says

    Thanks for the basil tip! Mine are flowering and I was wondering about that-thought I had heard that before. My first garden so I have alot to learn :)

    • Madame Deals says

      I am learning about gardening all of the time! It is so much fun and nothing is better than home grown veggies! Basil really takes off and it will last well into the fall is you keep cutting back the flowers.

    • Madame Deals says

      We planted at the end of April and beginning of May. This is the best year so far for us! I picked two huge zucchini tonight and there will be three ready tomorrow. Can’t wait until the tomatoes ripen! Yours will take off soon I am sure. This last week our has really grown. So much fun!


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