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I have a husband and a son who love to play video games but find it hard to play their favorite games on their smartphones. This all changed when I received a to review. My husband accepted his assignment and even used it against me when I caught him playing video games. He told me on more than one occasion that he was doing “research”. How could I argue with that? 


My husband enjoyed playing the Sonic and Pac Man downloads that came with the Moga but quickly convinced me the true test would be playing Grand Theft Auto III. Grand Theft Auto III is a game that is not easily played on a smartphone. With the controls he is easily able to complete missions and gain progress. My 14 year old gave it a try and he was only sad because he lost the great iPhone vs. Android debate. Moga is only compatible with Android (an iOS version is in the works) and if he wants to play he has to use one of our phones. He was impressed and has actually spent more time playing with the Moga Controller than with his PS2.  His only complaint was he can”t play Minecraft with it.

Moga 1

Find out what are compatible with the Moga Controller and let the gaming begin.

You can also connect your phone to your HDTV with the MHL Cable Passive  and see your mobile gaming on the big screen.

Don”t worry if your phone is not MHL equipped because with the  Rocketfish MHL HDTV Adapter your phone will quickly be ready to play.

Don”t worry about draining your phone battery during your hours of play because when connected with the MHL Cable your phone will be charging while playing.

Moga 2

My husband and son use it so much we are going to pick up another controller for my son for his birthday.

Find out all the fun of Game Playing with Moga in this video below.

To find out if your phone is compatible and for all the amazing technical details check out Moga.

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