Funny Food Contest: Funny Food Book and $50 Gift Card Giveaway or Win $2000!

Who says food should be boring? If you want to add fun to your day or to encourage your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, you should definitely check out Funny Book! They have lots of  creative ideas on how you can serve food in a fun way, plus check out this contest and get a chance to win awesome prizes.

Get excited about fruits and vegetables and play with your food for a chance to win! We’ve partnered with Claire and Bill Wurtzel, authors of “Funny Food”, to show you how easy and fun eating well can be. Enter our photo contest by creating your own masterpiece using healthy ingredients like apples, pears, nuts, carrots, berries, oatmeal and more. You’d be amazed how easily simple foods can be transformed into your favorite animals, flowers, faces – the possibilities are endless! You don’t need to be an artist; all it takes is a little imagination and some healthy ingredients.

Plus, each week Lifetime Moms will be giving away a copy of the Funny Food book along with $100 cash to a winning photo entry. At the end of the contest, one Grand Prize winner will get a Funny Food book plus $2,000!

Join this Contest now!

Grand Prize: Funny Food Book with $50 Gift Card
1st and 2nd runner-up: One Funny Food Book each
Contest ends on 7/23.

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  1. Rita M says

    Since oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfasts anyway… I like the Oatmeal with Raisins made to look like sunglasses, Banana Slices for ears & Strawberrie Slices faced in different directions for nose & mouth.

  2. eG says

    I like the little bee it’s cute. My mom does this stuff at restaraunts, can you believe it. Nothings wrong with her, she just sees art in her leftovers all the time. Even takes pics now that she’s got a phone.

  3. TRACY SIMMS says

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