Fun Kid Party Recipes: Princess Cupcakes

Princess Cupcakes

Princess Cupcakes

Looking for a cool and fun kid party recipes? We have a super cute suggestion for you, check out this cool Princess Cupcakes! These princess shoe cupcakes are cute, fun and perfect for little girls party. The best part is that it is super easy kids can help you prepare it for their guests.

Fun Kid Party Recipes: Princess Cupcakes

Princess Cupcakes

Princess Cupcakes


  • A ready made cupcake (you can buy or bake your own)
  • Funfetti frosting (you can choose whatever color you like)
  • Milano cookie
  • Pretzel stick
  • chocolate bar
  • small marshamallows
  • miniature round chocolate (you can use Reese's peanut butter cup miniatures)
  • mini whoopie pies


  1. Place the Milano cookie slanting on one side of the cupcake
  2. Place the pretzel at the back of the cookie, to make it look like the heel of the shoe
  3. Use the small marshmallow to hold the pretzel in place
  4. Cover the marshamallow with frosting and place the round miniature chocolate at the bottom of the pretzel. Decorate it with whoopie pie or use chocolate bar and frostings.
  5. The best part of this is you can use different ingredients, so be creative to make your princess cupcakes look awesome.


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  1. Kayli says

    These are so simple and cute! My little Sophia runs around in her little princess dress up heels every day and she will love these!!!

  2. heidi eaton says

    I love these cupcakes they are so cute and easy to make. What a great idea for a princess party or any girly party. My granddaughters would love these and would love making these.

  3. DESIREE H says

    Ive seen cupcake companies make these, but they seemed very difficult to make. These seem pretty easy to make! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Penn says

    I have tried these in the past. Mine were a bit different but fell apart easy, may try making them this way to see if they hold up.

  5. Kimberly Frazee says

    These are the cutest addition for a party for any lil Princess. So creative beyond means. I love these. It sure is a great party addition and would make any lil princess HAPPY!

  6. lissa crane says

    Love, love, love this! Not only is this adorable, but seems easy to create and my daughters would think this is the perfect cupcake for them! I will be making these this weekend! Thanks for the great idea!

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