Fun Cake Designs: Plants vs Zombies Cake

Fun Cake Designs

Plants vs Zombies Cake


Know someone who loves Plants vs Zombies game? This fun cake designs are perfect for them, check out these super cool plants vs zombies cakes! These feature the super cool characters from the very popular game. This cake designs are not just for birthdays, these are also perfect for Halloween parties and for sure guests will be amazed with the fun details designed on these cakes.

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Cake It To Me offers awesome Fun Cake Designs. They are located in the Bartlett, TN area. “Like” them at their Facebook page or follow them on Pinterest to order or see more of their great cake designs.

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  1. natalie parvis says

    You’re so awesome! This cake is the best. If I attempted something like this it would end up being called Blobs Vs otherblobs. lol

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