Fun Amazon Money Giveaway 12/26/2012

amazon money giveawayFun Amazon Money Giveaway 12/26/2012

I hope you all had a great Holiday and are ready for some fun because it is time to give away some Amazon Money!!

All the information and activities will start from this page so be sure to bookmark it so you have it handy today.

The Amazon Money Giveaway will include different opportunities to win varying Amazon amounts at random times thru out the day. Be sure to check in as you never know when a new Amazon Money Giveaway will pop up. Be sure to share with your friends and family so they can get in on the fun.

  #1-Go Check out this Delicious Potato and Ham Soup Recipe and leave a comment letting us know how you use up your holiday leftovers. For an additional Entry-Like, Share, Pin, and/or Google + the Post. (Leave a separate comment for each one that you do.)

 Our Winner for #1 is Shannon G.

#2–Go check out how easy it is to remove the Special Offers on Kindles. While you are there like, tweet, G+and Share,and Pin the post. Leave a separate comment on that post for each one that you do.

Our Winner for #2 is Debbie C


 #3-Go checkout this awesome Not Your Mama’s Meatloaf Recipe. Leave a comment on that post telling me what you do to make your meatloaf special. For an additional entry Like, Share, tweet, G+ and Share and Pin the post. Leave a separate comment on that post for each one that you do.

Our Winner for #3 is Sybil B.

#4 Go see where to buy Swimsuits in December.  Go to the website mentioned in the post and let me know what swimsuit is your favorite. For an additional entry G+or Pin the Swimsuits in December post. Leave a separate comment on that post for each one that you do.

Our Winner for #4 is Nichole C.


Giveaway #5 Go Check out this Simple DIY Hand Scrub. While you are there Pin it to your Pinterest. Leave me comment on DIY Hand Scrub Page with a link to your pin. For every 10 pins-the Amazon Money goes up $1.00. (Example: 10 pins=$1.00, 40 pins=$4) So share with your friends and lets see how high we can make that Amazon Money go.

Our Winner for #5 Jennifer Speed

Don’t forget to stop on over to check out our others contests going on at the  Contest Page .

All winners will be contacted within 48 hours.


  1. gwendolyn says

    Cassi-Follow the instructions bolded and marked #1 to enter. There will be different opportunities during the day. The Contest page has all the other giveaways going on.

  2. Suzanne says

    After baking my turkey, I always take the carcass and add onions, celery and water and bake it or simmer it on the stove to make a homemade turkey broth. It turns out great and is wonderfully healthy and good for soups and to use for making rice. I also love turkey and cranberry sauce grilled sandwiches on sourdough bread. Yummy!

  3. brenda graver says

    turkey pot pie with the leftovers with potatoes onions celery carrots and i use store bought pie crust serve it with a salad and cranberry sauce yummmm

  4. Anne Darner says

    These are some pretty suits! I am a big girl that has to be very careful with bathing suit tops to avoid a bit of extra exposure at the pool! I do not need to scar children for life as well as destroy my children’s social life for years to come thanks to a wardrobe malfunction. I really like the following suit because of the V-neck…

  5. Nicole Chauvin says

    b-belle-Oahu- is a beautiful paterni actually purchased a swim suit from this site 2 years ago and LOVE it but i think it might. Be time for a new top!!!

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