Fruit2O “Dial it Back” Party

Celebrate Fun and Flavors with a Fruit2O “Dial it Back”  Party

dial it back

Fruit2O is asking everyone to pledge to “Dial It Back” on Facebook. In honor of the campaign they asked me to host a Fruit2o party to celebrate ways everyone can “Dial It Back.”  They have a fun little app that will show you the ways you can “Dial It Back” on your Facebook posts. It could be pictures,comments, words you use to often.Mine said dogs were mentioned too much. Oops, I foster dogs and work with an animal rescue. I wonder what my friends think. I also decided to take it off Facebook and look at my day to day activities and realized I spend too much time watching television. So I am making it my mission to reduce the time I sit in front of the television and focus more on connecting with my family with activities outside. I will make sure to carry my Fruit2O with me so I don’t drink empty calories.

Fruit 2O is a great tasting water that I have loved for years and the new flavors fit right in. Fruit2O is no calorie water with low sodium, unlike other flavored waters on the market. They are also celebrating their release of 2 new flavors: Cucumber Melon and Watermelon.You can also use them to create light and refreshing summer beverages.

I have listed my two favorite drink recipes below.

Watermelon Margarita

1 oz Lime Juice

1 oz St. Germain or Grand Marnier

2 oz Teuilla

1 cup chilled Watermelon Fruit2O

Shake well and Serve over Ice with a Watermelon Wedge

Strawberry Sparkler

3 oz Sparkling Wine (or 2 oz. Club Soda)

2 oz chilled Strawberry Fruit2O

Stir and serve with fresh Strawberry Garnish

So when you are starting to fill in all your days this summer stop and “Dial It Back.” Save some time for relaxing at home and enjoying your family. Always remember to have a supply of Fruit2O in the fridge and you will notice how great you feel from drinking more water but you won’t even feel like its water.


Go and take the “Dial It Back” Challenge with the ” Dial it Back ” App.

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