Frugal Kid: Grandparents Day Hand and Finger Paint Cards

Each week I bring you a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. Grandparents Day is this weekend and since I love personalized cards and the boys love finger and hand painting, I decided to combine these things and create hand and finger print cards!

Grandparents Day Hand and Finger Paint Cards

Finger Paint
Construction Paper

1. Decide on your design. If you check out Pinterest, you can find a gazillion handprint art designs! We chose a heart shape design.
2. Paint your child’s hand and create the shape you desire. I included 1 hand from each boy to create our heart.
3. Allow your child to finger paint a design. I had Zack finger paint one side of the heart shape and Will did the other half.
4. Add your personal message inside the card.

Educational Activities:

This craft lends itself to Language Arts education. Have your child decide on the message and if they are able, to write the message and sign their names to the card. If they aren’t writing yet, they can always “draw” their name or draw an image inside the card to personalize it. You can also have your child tell you what they want the card to say and you can write it for them.

Thanks Mom on Dealz!

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