Frugal Friday : Wipe containers

I have tons of these wipe containers laying around. I never thought to use them for something else. I love Charlotte’s ideas. You can find more amazing articles at Stretching Your Budget.

So, here’s an easy way to create storage for all of the small things in your house! You only need one supply: an empty wipes container! I love to save all of my empty baby wipes containers and I use them for my daughters art supplies, markers, crayons, etc!! It’s super inexpensive (since you can get wipes for really cheap) and it doesn’t matter if they break it or color on it, because you can always get a new one! Well, I thought I would google some other things things that you could store in your wipes containers. Here’s what I found:
1. Storage for bathroom supplies like cotton balls, q-tips, hair clips, nail polish, etc

2. CD storage
3. Kitchen storage like small utensils, medicine cups, batteries, those little corn holder things!!
4. Toys: legos, small trucks, small books, etc.
5. Drawer dividers

6. Re-use for a baby shower gift: it you’re really crafty with paint you could paint a really cute design, fill it with wipes, then give it as a gift! Or if you find a cute pattern in fabric you could glue it on and put a nice trim around the edge!
I hope some of these ideas will help you become frugal around your house this week! What do you do with your empty wipes containers???

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  1. Laurie says

    Love the idea of a drawer organizer with the containers! I started using them a few years ago for some of the things mentioned above, like crayons, markers, batteries, etc. I also use them for my extra sewing supplies like threads and misc needles. In the kid’s room I use one to keep all the various decks of cards (alphabet cards and children’s card games). They always seem to be a mess when the boys play with them so this makes it easier for them to pick up instead of trying to straighten them up and get them back into the little box they came in. Thanks for all the tips!

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