Frugal Baby Shower Ideas + FREE Printable


This day has come and you have found out that you are going to have a baby. Once the joy subsides you come to the realization that babies need a lot of things. You begin to picture in your mind the necessities he or she will surely need. You think about what you have on hand and realize this is going to cost a fortune. Then you are greeted with the hope that comes from a baby shower being the frugal gal that you are you suggest the following tips for throwing a shower. I mean the less they spend on the party the bigger the gifts right?

Here are ten great tips to throw Frugal Baby Shower compiled from my readers:

1) Find a location that is free

2) Go on Freecycle and ask if anyone has decorations

3) Buy the mom to be diapers, formula, wipes using coupons

4) Buy the baby clothes on sale from last season.  It is helpful to buy the baby larger size clothes since everyone always buys the newborn clothes

5) Send invites using site like Evites or make them when Tiny prints or Vista Print is having a sale

6) Decorate only the cake table with baby themed items. Decorate the rest of the event with tiny flower pots that will be the gifts the guest take home.

7) Limit the number of games or be creative do not spend money on games. You can play the game where people diaper a baby doll in relay fashion, or print out fun baby games! I even made one for you, check it out:



Click HERE to print

8) Serve inexpensive foods that are filling like lasagna and salad.

9) Have a themed shower and everyone brings a dish. You can also have a brunch baby  or dessert only shower

10) Create a cake out of cupcakes it is cheaper than sheet cake

This Article was brought to you by Amee at Madame Deals

Amee is  Mom, Mommy, Hun, AKA Madame Deal…She is a work at home mom who can’t sit still. She currently manage a team at a software application company, and she runs a team of three children at home, operate as a landlord for our rental properties, and she own and operate Madame Deals. In her spare time she….. what spare time?  She manages to read, shop, travel, and go out with friends. She know that following your dreams and your heart is important and sleep is overrated. She also believe the resolutions are obtained through hard work if you want something make it happen. The beat that I march to is if you have time to complain you have time to create change. “ I am the Jewish gal that believes it  is not what you save but what you spend”



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