Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe

Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe

frozen pudding pop

Do you remember the Cosby Show? I used to love that show and one of the things they ate was Jello Pudding Pops. It dawned on me that my children have never had a pudding pop. I decided to do what all moms do and make them. I need recipes that do not have nuts or diary so this is a greta one since it is a nut free recipe for kids. I am always on the hunt for cute ideas since my kids have nut allergies.  This was an easy recipe that my kids could make. It can easily be altered for kids with dairy allergies.

Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe

Box of pudding

Rice Milk

Peeps or jelly beans


ingredients peeps jello pops

Make pudding according to the directions just replace the milk with rice milk

rice milk

Two cups of cold rice milk


Then pour in the pudding mix and mix, mix, mix, and mix for two minutes. This is when the kids get to work!

bunnies spray with pam

Put your bunnies in your mold. I bought this mold at the Dollar Tree.

pudding into jello

Then add the pudding and freeze. Once they are frozen I did pop them in warm water to get the pop out quickly.

peeps margeaux (1 of 1)


I am  a huge fan of fun things you can do in five minutes for check out the peeps projects below for more fun and easy ideas.


Peeps Projects and Recipes

another  Kids easy recipes is this recipe for peach mango pops



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  1. says

    Great Pudding Pop recipe, it looks delicious! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you again real soon!
    Miz Helen

  2. Holly Uhler says

    I think the peeps are a really nice add! Makes a simple plain looking desert pop (haha punny) Thankfully my kids dont have any allergies to dairy so I’d probably just use milk but this is a really fun easy snack to make

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