Friday Fails: Menu Plan & Cleaning

friday fail

It has been a very busy week for me. Getting ready for Blissdom has me hustling and bustling. I will be away from my family for four days. If I want my boys to eat something other than pancakes, waffles and macaroni & cheese, then I need to get cooking! Yes, last week my husband made waffles for dinner and then the very next morning pancakes…a little syrup and butter overload!

So, in all of my preparation for next week, I did not make a menu plan for this week. We have just been winging it! Unfortunately without a menu plan, our dinners have been later than normal. Usually we are eating by 6pm. This week it has been more like 6:30-6:45pm. Timing is essential since my boys are suppose to be reading books by 7pm. If we miss the bedtime window, my three year old gets a second wind and he becomes a little crazy man!

Not to mention, I have not done one single bit of cleaning this week. Zero, zilch, none! I have clutter and mail piled up. I think it may be a good thing that there is a potential of getting snowed in this weekend- maybe I will get my house organized!


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