FREE Tide Pods Sample at Dollar General

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Picture this … imagine living in a small community in a small town in a small rural county oustide a small college town.  I think you get the idea.  Our community is very small and has a limited numer of places to shop.  Most of the big box chain stores are in the small college town which is a twenty-mile drive down windy country roads.  Mind you, these are country roads which take you past the bucolic fields of local wineries and the historic homes of our founding fathers.

We do have one great place to shop, though.  That place is Dollar General.  Big box store in our laid-back community.  Bonus!  The selection at Dollar General includes store brand and name brand products, seasonal merchandise and a wide assortment of just about everything you might need.  Dollar General’s prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly and best of all, manufacturer coupons are accepted on your purchases.

Just recently, I needed a number of items and didn’t want to drive the twenty miles to town to buy them.  It was so much easier to make a quick trip to our local Dollar General.  I tend to forget my favorite brands don’t have to cost an arm and a leg and I don’t have to drive half an hour to town to find things like Tide, Downy and Dawn.

While there, I noticed Dollar General has a great deal on Tide Pods (from P&G). You can even get a Tide Pods FREE sample while supplies last!  How awesome is that?!?


Be sure to snag your FREE sample of Tide Pods before supplies run out.

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