Free Summer Activities for Kids


Free Summer Activities for Kids

Need ideas for free summer activities for kids? Follow my family as we explore some of the free (or almost free) things to do this summer.

free summer activities

I am the always proud, often frazzled mom of two active, spirited little girls. And like many one-income families (and many two-income families too, for that matter) summer camp is just not in the budget. So every summer, my job is to find fun ways to keep us busy – without breaking the bank. And whenever possible, I try to sneak a little education in there too! I’ve gotten pretty good at it, and I thought I’d share some of this summer’s budget-friendly activities with you. And I’d really love to hear your ideas, too – after all, other moms are our best resource!

My family is fortunate to live in an area that’s rich with state and national history. We live just a few miles from St. Augustine, which is commonly known as the “Nation’s Oldest City.” As local residents, we get free or discounted admission to many local attractions. Last week, we decided to pay a visit to the Fountain of Youth, a 15-acre waterfront park that commemorates Ponce de Leon’s discovery of Florida in 1513. And with free parking and free admission for local residents, it was the perfect spot for an afternoon excursion.

There are Native American exhibits, loads of ancient archeology, a cannon demonstration, and a planetarium. But we went for one reason – the peacocks! Big, beautiful peacocks roam freely and will eat straight from your hand! My older daughter wrote a report about peacocks during the school year, so this was a great opportunity for hands-on learning. We pulled out her report to find out what they eat, and we went through our pantry to find loads of snacks for our peacock friends (they liked the peanuts, Cheerios, and Wheat Chex, but they didn’t care for the dried apricots and the oats were hard for them to pick up with their beaks). We also talked about the life cycle of peacocks and were lucky enough to see a mama (peahen) and her baby (peachick).

free summer activities

This is just one of the freebies offered in my area to local residents. There are historical sites like this all over the country in towns both big and small, many with similar discounts for residents of the area. Check your local newspaper, free publications, and blogs that cater to your specific area to learn about opportunities close to you. Explore our beautiful country this summer – maybe even for free!

What are your favorite Free Summer Activities for Kids? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. Our house is surrounded by forest preserves and trails, so we take walks with friends all the time. So much to see in nature!

  2. There is a beautiful bkike path that runs along the river that divides our city. It is a good place to walk, ride bikes, run etc.

  3. We love to go to the parks, ride bikes, sidewalk chalk and games, collect flowers, berries in the park , hike and collect rocks from every area and label, collect bugs, garden and just about everything

  4. The nearest big city from us is over 150 miles away but we do have a great park nearby with a brand new playground which is great fir the grandkids and a small petting zoo across town which is free. We also like to go hiking and fishing whenever we have a free day 🙂

  5. Oh that looks so neat! I am going to have to check out and see what historical sites we have around me! I just love getting out and seeing new things…so much to see out there and I love too when its a bit educational at the same time! I really would love to go to one of the cave tours around here sometime this summer! That sounds so neat!

  6. Walk in a park behind my house called Purgatory Park which is a 2 1/4 miles trail over a couple of streams, so beautiful!