FREE Noxzema Shaving Cream at Rite Aid!!

FREE Noxzema medicated Shaving Cream  with Aloe and Lanolin at Rite Aid, no coupons necessary.

FREE Noxzema shaving cream requires $1.99 out of pocket but then you get $2 store credit after purchasing the shaving cream at Rite Aid.

This is a monthly deal at Rite Aid.  You have to pay $1.99 plus tax but get $2 UP reward on the receipt.  The limit is four.  You may purchase all four in one transaction.  The net cost, cost without tax, is actually a ‘money maker’ of $.01  I found the FREE Noxzema Shaving cream in the man’s shaving cream section at my Rite Aid.

FREE Noxzema at Rite Aid


This FREE Noxzema Shaving cream is great for teens and or any males with acne issues.  The Free Noxzema cream is medicate.   If your Rite Aid does not have the FREE Noxzema shaving cream in stock be sure to get a raincheck before the end of the month!

You don’t have to find coupons to go get this FREE Noxzema Shaving cream deal at Rite Aid!

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