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Barbie® Fashionistas®

Barbie® Fashionistas™ Swappin’ Styles® for iPad

Barbie® Fashionistas™ Swappin’ Styles® for iPhone

Abby Monkey: Spring Math – Math Games Free

Gold Miner -(Free)





Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode – the first in a series of interactive Disney Junior Appisodes





Check Out Even More Free Kid’s Apps

Jake’s Never Land Pirate School -  a new gaming app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. has great free kids apps for kids 3-15 yrs of age…..they have over 50 + apps to choose from that are free and high ratings on education and learning. also has several great apps to choose from free and paid apps.    again has several great free kids apps – a few are listed here by ages :
ages 2-6 yrs old:
Draw Free…you can create drawings and share them on media websites such as facebook, twitter etc. easy to use 5 star rating.
Animal memory match….train the brain of a young child by learning to match animals.
ages 6-10:
Jigsaw Puzzle HD… only 2 puzzles here for now the maker of this game is said to be adding more puzzles soon.
ABC Magnetic Alphabet lite…  learn to use letters on an ipad fridge just like at home, creates hand eye coordination and teaches how to spell words with cute graphics and games.
ages 10-15…
Lasers free… combines game play and critical thinking to solve puzzles.
Flower Garden… teaching kids the fun of growing and taking care of plants in a virtual world.  here is a list of what they have that are  free kids apps broken down by age groups
2-4..  Feedme pencilbot
         Kid mode: kids games and videos
         mini piano
         peter pigs money counter
5-6… feel electric
        scoops: ice cream fun for everyone
        candy train
        frisbee forever
        art of glow
7-8… nasa app
         brain pop
         science 360
9-11… the oregon trail: the american settler
          trundle hd
          piczle lines

Top 50 Educational Free Kids Apps

Free Kids Apps for ages 2-5 yrs old
Free Kids Apps for ages 6-11
 Free Kids Apps for ages 11-15



Hansel and Gretel – Epic Tales animated storybook – Check out our review here.

The Lion And The Mouse By Kid-mind Studios – Check out our review here.

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  1. Marti Bohlmeyer says

    I have a very hard time reading your page because of the background color. I would love too see what you have on there but get too frustrated and just don’t read it. Could you change the background color?

  2. Marti Bohlmeyer says

    ok wow, after sending this note about the background color it changes! Maybe it was my stupid computer. The background is now white and I can read it just fine.

  3. says

    Thanks for this Amee! I have a Kindle Fire, and I do have a few of those apps already, but see one or two more I’d like. Where’s the Water? is a TOUGH game! I still haven’t beat it! Great fun for kids and adults.

  4. tami s says

    I love that I can read a list from you instead of searching itunes for kids apps as it comes up with hundreds. It would take forever to get through them all. Thanks for thr list

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