Free Kids Activities

Summer is here and the kids are out of school. What to do now? Here are a few ideas that will send you on a summer adventure for FREE!


REI is offering a passport to adventure program. This program has your child keep a journal of outdoor activities such as hikes and bike rides. What a great way to get the kids outdoors! When your child has finished an adventure you can submit a form online for a prize. There is an interactive map available to find adventures near you and the adventure journal can be downloaded. Thanks Heidi!

Have you been to your local library recently? Many libraries offer summer programs. The Fluvanna Library(our local library) offers a summer reading program, toddler story time and beading activities for older kids. My sons went to the summer reading program yesterday. They had a blast with the theme of music. They were also sent home with a reading chart, stickers and a craft they made. When the reading chart has 10 books that we have read on it, we can bring it back to the library for a FREE book!

We previously did a post about how to get FREE bowling and movies this summer. If you missed it, check it out free bowling HERE and free movies HERE.



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