FREE and Cheap Chocolate at Walgreens

Get your FREE and Cheap Chocolate at Walgreens this week!

In the deals this week at Walgreens you will find FREE and Cheap chocolate!


Did the children not share their chocolate?  Don’t want theirs anyway but want the ‘good’ stuff!?! These are the deals at Walgreens for FREE and Cheap Chocolate.  This week 11/3/13 at Walgreens, Lindt bars are 2/$4.  Use the internet print we told you about 10/28 for $2 off 1 and you get the Lindt bars FREE, pay only tax!  The Lindt coupon is no longer available for print- be sure to print coupons as we notify you!

Many stores have “Halloween” candy on clearance, though many of the bags are not decorated in any way for such a holiday.  So, get them for snacks, lunch boxes, and gift baskets (assemble your own for the holiday!)  At Walgreens you can combine manufacturer coupons, clearance and store coupons for an amazing deal!

M&Ms (loose , not fun size packs) are 50% off = 2/ $3.  Use the $1/2 Walgreens coupon and stack it with the (2) $1/1 M&Ms coupon for FREE and Cheap Chocolate!  The M&Ms are cheap if you don’t have the manufacturer coupons.  Don’t miss out on any more deals like this FREE M&Ms deal because you don’t have the manufacturer coupons.  Get your inserts easily through the mail with this Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile pack (it includes this week’s inserts as well as a Wiz Clipz credit!!) If you find other great Real Deals while at Walgreens getting your FREE and Cheap Chocolate, let us know in the comments!

Go get your Free and Cheap Chocolate at Walgreens!

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