FREE Birdseye Recipe Ready Vegetables at Walmart

FREE Birdseye Recipe Ready Vegetables at Walmart with coupon from the Sunday paper 9/22/13 Smartsource insert.

Fix your meal quickly with these chopped and frozen FREE Birdseye Recipe Ready Vegetables from Walmart.

Many varieties of  FREE Birdseye Recipe Ready Vegetables are available.  Chopped onions and garlic, chopped jalapenos, chopped onions and bell peppers, chopped onions, sliced carrots, chopped tomatoes onions and peppers, chopped celery are some of the many varieties!  Several of these varieties are found either priced at $.99 or close at Walmart.  These Free Birdseye Recipe Ready vegetables are excellent for Cooking With Kids- How to series due to the fact that they are already chopped!

Get your $1/1 coupon from Wiz Clipz and head to Walmart for your FREE chopped and frozen Birdseye Recipe Ready Vegetables.

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