Food Lion Trip

food lion $45.42

Okay, so I got my coupons ready headed to my mom’s only swim party and then I thought why not go to the store without the kids before I go home.  I have $61.26 left to spend this week and I went into Food Lion and they had a great sale on meat so I stockpiled for next week. I got a London Broil for $4.24 (which I could make two meals out of), Chicken breast for $2.24, and enough ribs for $.99LB to make two meals. These are super in the crock pot add 1/2 cup of water and you favorite BBQ sauce and leave it on for 6-8 hours on low. YUMMY!!! I work part -time because I get the pleasure of helping an amazing little boy with special needs.  The days I do work I do a crock pot meal so my husband will not eat cereal for dinner.

My trip wasn’t so wonderful as far as savings goes I spent $45.42 and I saved $30.17. I did buy 21 items and one was dog food and another was organic diapers. I still have $15.84 and I need to buy fresh mozzarella cheese $4, spinach $4, Tomatoes $6.00. ( I use the tomatoes with the mozzarella cheese for lunch and then I use the tomatoes in my special sauce so it looks like I will be around a buck below budget.

I know not a lot but I did get a couple of meals already for next week by buying the meat in this weeks’ budget. I know those prices are pretty good at 50% off or more so I am going to freeze them for next week that way I can stockpile other items if I need to.

Final prices are in (This is what I paid)

Used food lion 360 coupon for $1.00 the paper towels ($.79), Used food lion Guiding star coupon for $1.00 off the carrots($1.79), Used food lion coupon for $1.00 breyers ice cream ($1.88), Used food lion diaper coupon for huggies for $1.50 off and stacked it with the manufactures coupon for an additional $3.00 off ($5.47), $1.50 FL diaper wipes travel size ($.12), $1.00 Healthy accent coupon for the cotton balls ($.29), got $3.00 off the dog food from the paper ($2.62)

Trade coupons with friends, set up a swap box at work, make this happen because change makes dollars!!!

I have to spend all of my $100. The money burns a whole in my pocket so I usually spend it on something that saves us money in the long run like our mortgage principal or my children’s 529 plan or placing it in an interest bearing savings account for the “just in case.”

Look at our Weekly Spending tab to see how we do each week.

Just a note I am new to this whole coupon world. I started 4 months ago because why should I pay full price? I am learning how to get what we use for less. I am more concerned with staying within my $100.00 budget than the % I save. I know I need to get what my family needs with the money I have to spend. Sometimes, I will spend 30% and other weeks I will spend 60% it really doesn’t matter as long as my family is fed and I stay within the budget. You will also see how I grow into a person who is thinking about what I spend instead of just spending. I hope you continue to follow us and you share your successes as well.



It is NOT what YOU save IT is what YOU spend


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