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The point of posting our spending and savings each week at the grocery store is to show you that you can do this. We eat normal meals and buy normal food, but we pay less than those of you who do not coupon.

Here are the meals for the week. They will appear in whatever order my life allows but I have all the stuff for them .

1) Cajun Sausage and rice

2) Thanksgiving sandwiches using the turkey from yesterday’s dinner bought last week

3) Scallops with a creamy pesto (scallops are from the freezer all other items bought today)

4) Crockpot ribs using Kraft BBQ sauce from stockpile it was FREE

5) Roasted chicken with sweet potatoes and tomatoes a la Meigan

6) Flank steak with blue cheese Rachel Ray Recipe (flank steak from freezer blue cheese from last week. We went out to dinner for our anniversary and I did a food swap. I made Stromboli for several families and they cooked for us last week)

7) Pizza homemade (sauce was $.38 from last weeks post used fl printable coupon, cheese was from the freezer also free HT deal, Dough $.89) I hope you noted I am making dinner for less than $1.50 and that is why I COUPON! My son loves to make pizza and it is easy to make.

Still need to buy spinach, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and French bread at Sam’s club ($3.83, $6.83, $7.80, $3.00) I may be sharing the cost of the veggies depending on what Gina needs this week. If not, we will have fresh garlic Spinach with the flank steak, it will appear on the pizza and be the base for salads . The fresh mozzarella will be shared with Renae because her garden tomatoes are ready to eat. The tomatoes will appear on a salad with fresh mozzarella, with the roasted chicken, and on our sandwiches . That total is  $21.43 and then minus half of the cheese, it is two packages of fresh mozzarella is $3.90. That makes it $17.53.

Here are the highlights

2 roaster chickens 1 this week one for next $3.83 each

ribs $3.74

Beef $4.02 will use the rebate that I found on a wine tag for $2.00 off (THANKS Renae) Final cost will be $2.02

huggies diapers naturals paired the FL coupon for $1.50 off with the manufactures for $3.00 total $4.50 for the package (I have tons of FL baby coupons because I ask my friends to print them out for me)

grapes $.99 lb

Breyers Ice cream two gallons used $1.00 off coupon $4.76 for both

Nesquick milks $1.00 each used the $1.00 off two milks Yummy treat for ME

Beachnut baby food I got 3 of the big jars free using a manfucture coupon then I bought 3 more jars for $.53 each then I used the FL baby coupon buy 6 and get $1.00 so I got 6 jars of food for $.53

FL travel wipes used FL baby coupon paid $1.62 – $1.50 coupon =$.12

Motts apple sauce $2.50 used a $.50 off  not a stellar deal but need these for lunch boxes

Carrots for $2.49 used my guiding star food lion coupon for $1.00 paid $1.49

My budget is $100.00 a week, which includes food for four people, diapers, formula, and health care items.

I spent $69.58 at Food Lion plus Sam’s club  $17.53 just $87.11 = $12.89 to put towards something fun!!! I saved $44.84 at Food Lion the total before coupons was $114.72 and with my MVP card and coupons I saved $44.84 which is 39% off. I bought a lot of meat which is expensive and Food Lion doesn’t double coupons. It isn’t what you save it is what you spend and I spent less than my $100.00 budget.


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  1. Dawn says

    Thanks. You have helped to show me the ropes on how to be frugal. I could be doing much better than I have been.

  2. says

    Thanks. You have helped to show me the ropes on how to be frugal. I could be doing much better than I have been.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

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