Food Lion Coupon Policy Change

Mary contacted me today and let me know of a coupon policy change at Food Lion. I am not sure if this is a corporate policy change or just at our local Food Lion in Central Virginia. Food Lion will no longer accept any coupon for FREE products. This is not just internet printable free coupons, but any of them. Mary tried to use the coupons that Kraft Foods had sent in the sample pack and was informed of this new policy.

In my opinion, this is a poor move for Food Lion. I understand about internet printable coupons because there have been fraudulent printable coupons for free products. BUT, coupons straight from the manufacturer? That doesn’t make sense to me. Manufacturers reimburse stores for the coupon amount plus a handling fee. So I am not sure what the issue is.

Anyways, just wanted to give you all a heads up!

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  1. says

    I recently encountered this at a Safeway in Dover, DE. The manager said it was their policy to not accept bogo coupons. I went home very irritated! I printed the corporate policy which said as long as you buy one, you can get one, they just wont accept a free coupon without buying one. I printed the policy and was ready to argue the next day, but the cashier I encountered the second day didnt flinch, I didnt even need to use the policy
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  2. Chrissy says

    It sounds like this policy change was made by someone who doesn’t understand how coupons work at all.

  3. natashia reyes says

    just talked to food lion corporate and said they do accept those coupons. i’m really pissed coz i often use my coupons especially those free coupons that is being sent to me. i worked hartd to get those coupons. call food lion corporate and let’s report this people and stores!!!

  4. says

    Hi ladies,
    I am a Food Lion Sales Assistant in Central Virginia and I wanted to share the most recent coupon policy information that I read. The notice detailed the valid internet coupons that we should accept.


    We may refuse coupons that we suspect have been duplicated or copied. We are to “accept only one like coupon per transaction and refer any customers with questions to the legal text printed on these coupons: ‘VOID IF COPIED, sold, exchanged or transferred.’

    Food Lion’s Internet Coupon Policy states (according to the notice dated 07/07/10)

    -We accept internet coupons.
    -We accept “FREE” internet coupons ONLY if a purchase requirement is specified on the coupon and is met (i.e. Free X when you purchase Y or spend Z).
    -We will NOT accept “FREE” internet coupons (i.e. FREE X-with no purchase requirements specified).
    -Do not accept internet coupons that will not scan.
    -You can also refer to the Internet Coupon policy which is printed on each individual coupon.

    I apologize for all the discrepancies you ladies have had regarding the coupon acceptance policy. I would like Food Lion to have a complete document of the current policy. If I find one, I will post it here.

    I hope you have a great day and that your neighborhood Food Lions treat you well.

    Best regards.
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    • Madame Deals says

      Thanks for sharing the information. However, I do have to say that part of it is incorrect. “ALL WEBSITE COUPONS ARE LIMITED TO ONE PRINT PER CUSTOMER”. That statement is not true. All of the coupon printing sites like, redplum and smartsource allow TWO of the same printable coupons per person. Plus the bricks coupons allow two prints per computer legally.

      I do not shop at Food Lion for a few reasons. The one near me is never stocked and I have had issues with management. I also do not shop Food Lion because they do not double coupons. And now with the one a like coupon policy, it will make it even harder to get a good deal.

      I am not trying to be negative, just stating the facts as I see it from a legit couponers standpoint.

      Thank you,

      • says

        I understand where you’re coming from Renae. I know that other stores double coupons and match competitor prices. Maybe Food Lion will get on board like they did with entering your phone number for your MVP Card. I’m sure you know from a business stand point it’s all about profits, which unfortunately doesn’t always coincide with the value of outstanding customer service.

        I should have mentioned that the statement “ALL WEBSITE COUPONS ARE LIMITED TO ONE PRINT PER CUSTOMER” was in regard to the FLIPs, since it was in a notice that management received about the coupons in the Shoppers’ Companion.

        Sometimes we get out of stock quickly, too, especially when we have sale items. Unfortunately, keeping up with stock is dependent on the grocery department (and how thorough they are) and our warehouses. Sometimes our warehouses are out of an item (like for weeks we couldn’t get any BC Powder). It was really frustrating (apparently a lot of our customers have headaches).

        In any case, I completely understand that you’re going to shop where you have more options and more ways to save money, especially in this economy.

        No hard feelings,
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  5. says

    Also, I wanted to reply to all of your comments.
    Renae, which Food Lions do you shop at if you don’t mind disclosing?

    Chrissy, I believe the coupon policy was changed because of the abundance of counterfeit coupons spreading across the net. When we accept fraudulent coupons, neither the Company nor the manufacturers profit. It is 100% dead loss. Why should you care as a customer, right? Well, coupon redemption of counterfeit coupons increases costs for all consumers. Some con artists specifically target charities, the poor and the elderly as their victims according to the not-for-profit Coupon Information Corporation.

    And Natashia, I understand that you’re pissed off when cashiers don’t accept coupons that you’ve spent hours searching for and clipping. I know it’s frustrating. As a Food Lion employee, I believe that the discrepancy between coupon acceptance amongst all stores (and even within a store) is caused by a break down of communication from the top down.

    For example, I didn’t know about the coupon policy information I shared with you all in the post above until I complained to my Assistant Store Manager that customers were trying to pass off these $2.00 off Capri Sun coupons as valid.

    I thought that the coupons were fraudulent because most coupons that are close to or exceed the value of the actual item are counterfeit. Then, because I brought up the subject, he printed out an e-mail that the managers received about valid internet coupons from the Shoppers’ Companions. Had I not brought up the subject, I would have never found out this information.

    I apologize for all the trouble you all have had while using your coupons at Food Lion. I hope to be of help for information in the future.

    Best regards.
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  6. Megan says

    I have a question for the food lion insider…our local food lion used to accept store coupon along with Manufacturer coupon but just last week, they started refusing stacked coupons saying it was only one coupon per item. Do you know anything about this? Was there a change? Or does food lion allow stacked coupons?


    • Madame Deals says

      Hi Megan,
      I will forward your question on. That seem like an odd policy as the store coupon is the stores promotion and the manufacturers coupon they will get reimbursed for.

  7. says

    From all the information I’ve gathered, Food Lion accepts only one coupon per item. In a recent thread at a user posted an e-mail response from corporate:

    Dear Mrs. Harriel:

    Thank you for your recent email. We sincerely appreciate you contacting us.

    Our company will gladly accept manufacturer and store coupons, provided they scan in our register system. We will however, decline the use of single-sided coupons offering a free product, a coupon that has a higher dollar amount than the value of the product, a competitors’ coupon, or if the coupon appears to be fraudulently generated, copied, or reproduced. Unfortunately, we will only accept one coupon per item. I hope you find this information beneficial and do apologize for any inconvenience. Please feel free to speak to the store manager with any concerns you have.

    Additionally, if you have a total basket coupon, like a $3 off $15 in the baby category. That could be used with a Gerber coupon but another Gerber specific coupon could not. I hope that this information is helpful.

    Again, Mrs. Harriel, thank you for taking the time to contact us. If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.

    A Leader in Your Community,
    Andrea Vaughn
    Consumer Research Specialist

    That information is confirmed in the training aid for cashiers here:
    “Customers may not use more than 1 coupon per item with a maximum of 10 coupons for the same item per customer,” and “Coupons with limits specified on the coupon must be followed”.

    • says

      The link for the corporate response was and the link where I posted our coupon training aid is

      Megan, I suggest that you take all your coupons to the register anyway. I always tell my customers to give me the coupons even if they think they won’t go through. Sometimes they do.

      If the register rejects them, though then the cashier has to call for assistance and the Sales Assistant or MOD decides whether or not to override the coupon.

      I will ask our Loss Prevention representative if the corporate post in the thread is correct.

      I apologize for the tardy reply.

      If you have any other questions or comments, let me know. I love to help people gather the correct information.

      Hope I’ve helped.


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