Food Bank Donations for the Penny Experiment

With Harris Teeter Super Double coupons last week it was a great chance to pick up items for the food bank. Madame Deals is participating in the Penny Experiment. Between Amee and I last week we were able to do five transactions at Harris Teeter. The first food bank shopping trip was documented already here.

So how did we do?

receipt 2

One thing about couponing, sometimes things don’t go as planned! The total was $6.86 because Amee forgot to hand over a coupon. The manager was very gracious and gave her cash back at the customer service desk.

receipt 1

So that made it $5.80 and a savings of $24.82. She bought:

food bank 2

(2) Turkey Hill Iced Tea

(6) Dannon Yogurt

(2) Healthy Choice Soups

(2) Martha White Muffin Mix

(3) Rice-A Roni

(2) Maruchan noodles

(1) Beech-Nut Baby Snacks

For my trip I paid $5.03 and saved $22.40. My transaction did not go smoothly either! The manager would not double the jell-o coupon. It doubled fine the other day, but no such luck this time! Therefore the jell-o was not free as I had counted on.

receipt 3

Here is what I purchased:

food bank 3

(6) Healthy Choice Soup

(3) Rice-a-Roni

(1) Uncle Ben’s Rice

(2) Maruchan noodles

(3) Jell-o

Round two went much better! I Spent $1.26 and saved $17.94.

receipt 6

food bank 4


(4) Special K Cereal

(2) Hungry Jack Potatoes

(3) Maruchan noodles

For this transaction I received an extra $5 off at checkout for buying (4) Special K products in one transaction. Unfortunately, Harris Teeter was out of the Special K Bars. I was planning on the bars for a  money making scenario.

On the last shopping trip, Amee spent $1.61 and saved $16.96.

food bank 5

Amee bought:

(4) Special K Cereal

(2) Maruchan

(1) Beechnut Baby snack


Spent: $13.70

Saved: $81.62 or 85.7%

I am pleased with what we have bought for the food bank so far! I know we could have done better though. There were several items out of stock that messed up our initial plan. I think we improvised pretty well though!

I will be taking the items for all five purchases to the food bank on Thursday or Friday. I will post pictures of the delivery!


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