Flash Contest: Win a Box of Toys

Flash Contest

box of toys

Want to win a Box of Toys?


For Extra Entries:  Comment on any of my Crafts posts (one entry per craft comment). We have several crafts so that means you can get a lot of entries!!! But take note that you have to do the two mandatory entries above first to qualify!!!

- Let me know below which of the following entries have you submitted.

Giveaway starts today 12/3/13 (Tuesday) and ends tonight 12/4/13 (Wednesday) at 11:59pm EST.

Make sure to check out Madame Deals Contest Page because we have lots of prizes including $7000 prize packages, $3500 Holiday Prize, Toys and more!


  1. Christine Renee Reeves says

    I commented on the Peep Smores (YUMMY) and the $100 story (heart warming!) I commented on The Pretty Nails in a Jar craft, andthe Jelly Belly Bean gift jar :) TY for such wonderful posts and giveaways!

  2. Jennifer Cotten says

    I commented on the kids recipes/mouse
    i commented on the $100 story
    I commented on the following crafts posts
    Elf tutu
    gifts in a jar-makeup
    homemade gift ideas
    gifts in ajar-loom bands
    funny elf on the shelf-calendar
    Elf on the shelf idea

  3. Michelle Teer says

    I commented on the chicken and broccoli rollups. I could not find a way to comment on the 100 dollar story, but I did like it and recommend it on FACEBOOK. Thanks for the story. I used to do adopt a family through United Way, when I was working. Now that I am disabled I am one of those families in need with nowhere to turn. Your story inspires me to make sure that I save, when my SSA disability payments are approved, so that we can again help someone else in need.

  4. Terri Rickert says

    Oh boy the $100.00 story is so heartfelf, I love a good true story. I love the movie Pay It Forward, and I am always trying to live my life the same way. So my God always bless you and yours.

  5. Carla Coe says

    Thanks I commented on The $100 story as well as the gluten,egg free chocolate cookie dough dip and the craft 1 I chose was the homemade frabric refresher from awhile back. Not look long ago I also commented on your hot chocolate mix in a jar .. yummy

  6. Julia says

    I have entered the mandatory entries and now I am working on the craft entries. Fingers crossed. This will definitely help a couple of kids have a great Christmas.

  7. Monica Surma-Streder says

    ?Mandatory Entry #1. Comment on my Recipes Kids Can Make Page
    ?Mandatory Entry #2. Comment on my $100 Story

  8. Jane Ritz says

    I commented on the St. Patrick’s Day waffles.
    I commented on your wonderful $100.00 story.
    Gifts in jars:makeup
    Gifts in a jar: sewing kit
    Gifts in a jar: loom bands
    Elf on a shelf tutu
    Gifts in a jar: Bean soup
    Elf on a shelf ideas
    Mistle toes

    Thanks for the chance!

  9. Nicole Krupnik says

    Commented on Gifts In Jars: Hot Chocolate Mix and Foaming Bath SAlts, Homemade Fabric Softner and DIY Rice sock heat pack.

  10. Menessa Hawkingberry says

    Thank you for the idea, we are having a cookie/candy baking with friends this weekend, there will be 7 kids and we have decided to get the jars and craft items so they can be apart of this event, they are going to make your Gifts In Jars: Hot Chocolate Mix , and make a Christmas card sugar cookie with the receivers name. I think it will be a great time. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  11. ashlie elari says

    Commented on peach cobbler kids can help recipe.
    Commented on $100 story which is great:)
    Also commented and I’m making the misle toes canvas in crafts
    Love you page thanks :)

  12. Angel says

    I commented on the $100 story, recipes kids can make, and elf on the shelf ideas. Crossing my fingers, this would really help us bunches.:)

  13. Star says

    I commented on recipes kids can make and I shared your$100 story wish I could do something like that to people now I know how hard times can be and for what you do for people is a blessing

  14. Tara Hundley says

    Post on the Halloween Zombie Brains Green Mac and Cheese, the $100 Story, and The Elf on the Shelf Ideas….So much fun!

  15. Amy says

    I completed the mandatory entries (brownie mix in jar and $100 story)
    I also commented on the homemade foot scrub and crafts in jar makeup posts

  16. Kerry Gillespie says

    Commented on the $100 story (loved it!) and the Easter peeps parfait (I might try this with Xmas peeps…thanks for the idea!). Thanks for doing this!

  17. Chelsea B says

    Commented on Mexican night and the $100 story. Thank you for all you do. I am touched after reading the $100 story.

  18. Andrea F. says

    Comented on pudding cookies and you $100 story! Loved the story, very inspiring, wish I could do something like that myself! You are an amazing person! Thank you for all you do!!

  19. Shirley says

    I comment on the gift in a jar, and commented on the$100 story and comented on the Craft s also!This is goingvto be a very tight Christmas,It sure would help!! Pls pick me, If U read the comment on the $100 story U will understand!
    But Thx U for a chance!!!???

  20. Sandra Tanner says

    I commented on the Moist Pumpkin Muffins, and I also read and commented on the $100 story, going to head over to the craft pages next.

  21. heidi eaton says

    Hi, I commented on sugar free candy,$100 story, & make your own fabric softener. Thanks for the opportunity. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  22. Penni Long says

    I commented on Princess cupcakes and elf on the shelf tutu. I read the $100 story and you amaze me. I could not find where to comment, only where to volunteer to adopt and I can barely afford my own holiday presents, so I did not fill out that part.

  23. Michelle says

    Also commented on crafts posts:
    Gifts in a jar-makeup
    Gifts in a jar-loom bands
    Gifts in a jar-pretty nails
    Mistletoes canvas

  24. Linda Treadwell says

    I really am encouraged by your story to help more people that I know need it. As so as I can get some wins or get caught up financially, I’d like to help, too. Pay forward is something I believe in strongly. Thanks for being you and sharing.

  25. Alison says

    I commented on Kid Muffin Recipes: Mini Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins Recipe, I also commented on the $100 story, I also left a comment on Mistle”Toes” Holiday Canvas – thank yo so much for this!

  26. johe says

    I commented on glitter ornaments,missle toes,make up in jar, home aid Christmas gifts, and I’m out of phone battery! :( we could really use those gifts fr kids this year!!

  27. Jessica Stratton says

    I did the two mandatory entries and then I did five extra ones. DIY glitter ornament, mistle “toes” , elf on the shelf tutu, gift in a jar make up and loom! Thanks for the chances. My five kids could use some toys for Christmas. Thanks.

  28. Danielle Lindquist says

  29. Karen F says

    I commented on both of the mandatory entries. Thank you so much for the chance to win. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

  30. DENISE SMITH says

  31. Kellie Johnston-Hawthorne says

    I left comments on: recipes kids can make, $100 story, DIY gifts in jars make-up, and gifts in jars: loom bands! Thanks for all of the great ideas!!

  32. krystal ulizio says

    I commented on Dessert brownie mix in a jar… she the $100 story…. such a blessing from above, that you are!!! Even though I have never won I am so grateful for u and all that u do for others… God Bless You!!! And Ty for this chance to give my kids a xmas

  33. natasha w says

    both mandatory entries, hot cocoa, ruffled scarf, globe ornaments, tutu hair bow holder, framed family handprints, snowman christmas ornament

  34. Chris Dodson says

    I commented on the kids recipes- cocoa in a jar and while I for some reason could not comment on your beautiful $100 story, I did sign up to hopefully help.

  35. amy says

    saw people commented that they commented! i commented either under this email or emergingbuterfly… i commented on both of themandatorys

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