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Mandatory Entry #1 – Read my post >>>>Pennsylvania Bound with Roadtrip-a-Matic

Answer this question on the comment section: Which Roadtrip-a-Matic package is your favorite?

Contest ends 8/3/12 11:59pm EST (Open worldwide)


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  1. Andrea Hadfield says

    I would like the Ghost Rides Take a ride on the spooky side.
    I’d probably be scared to death but my dark side likes stuff like that. :)

  2. Gloria walshver says

  3. Beth says

    Ghost Rides Take a ride on the spooky side.

    I love that type of stuff! i’d probably be scared but i would love it!!!

  4. Monia Tutko says

    With kids I’d have to say Kidsylvania but if it were just my husband and I I’d say Taste Buds Tour all the way. “Hoppy Trails” is right up my alley!

  5. Peggy Withrow says

    Any would sound like fun, but if I had to pick it would be the Civil war trails one, my husband and 10 year old son are all about History,

  6. Jennifer says

    I would have to say that I would pick Fairway Dive for my husband who loves to play golf. I would love to Leaf Peepers.

  7. Linda Childers says

    I would love the Ghost Rides Take a ride on the spooky side :) as my favorite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Graham Masterson, Bentley Little and Edward Lee. The spookier the better :)

  8. Amy M says

    I honestly like them all .. I’m from PA and have been to almost all of those places. Gettysburg though is probably one of my favorite places. I’m really into history and that places is FILLED with it. It’s a fun place for kids and adults .. tons of fun!

  9. Anita Mitchell says

    I’d like the spooky one,it sounds kind of scary,lol.
    Ghost Rides Take a ride on the spooky side.

  10. Cheryl S. says

    I have to agree with Amy M.. I am from PA as well and any of the trips sound like fun. Looking through the packages gave me some new ideas of places to go with my children. I like your choice of Follow me to 1863. I love Gettysburg. I have been there several times.

  11. Jessi Taylor says

    I would LOVE to do one of the Trails ones, but I’m still a novice at the bicycling – need to work up to a higher stamina before attempting those. So my choice would be the Leaf Peepers PA– In Living Color. I just LOVE seeing the autumn leaves and I have a friend that lives kinda close to Scranton, so I could visit him in the process.

  12. amber says

    I would have to say kidsylvania or Keystone country.. I love the idea behind it and I am going to show this to the hubs for maybe our vacay time this month!

  13. heidi crowley says

    If I had the kids with me I would go for the kidsylvania one if it was just me and hubby the tastebud tour sounds like a blast

  14. Sylvia Ortiz says

    My favorite trip was: Follow Me to 1863. It seems more worthwhile, with the various location sites and eateries to keep the family entertained.

  15. deedra says

  16. Aria H. says

    This is a great find! I am going to bookmark it. I live right outside of Philadelphia and am always looking for ideas for day or weekend road trips that are close by. If it were for me and my husband, I would do the Taste Buds on Tour to the breweries and wineries. With the kids, the Civil Wars trail (Loved camping in Gettysburg, and we go to Lancaster at least once a year; you will like it. Make sure you drive around on some of the back roads away from the touristy stuff in order to see the Amish going about their daily lives. The Amish Village is very interesting and informative.) Thanks!

  17. Shannon M Gallagher says

    I like the Small Town Charmy: Big Times in Small Towns because it is actually quite close by and I love country markets and art boutiques, as well as the Presque Isle Bay in Erie. That would bring together my love for the water as well! I might need to start planning this trip!

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  18. Stephanie Saunders says

    Ghost Rides sounds awesome, I’ve always been into that kind of spookiness. :)

  19. adrienne warren says

    I would love to do the small town charmy tour. who knows may find a town I like to settle in

  20. Amanda Y. says

    Wow, I’m from PA and we still go home to see family, so this really intrigued me! My first to try favorite is Taste Buds on Tour: Lehigh Valley, Upstate PA and Dutch Country Roads, but many of them look amazing!

  21. Sarah Newton says

    Definitely the Civil War Trails and Beyond! My family and I love the Gettysburg area, and we also enjoy learning more about the Civil War!

  22. Ellen Levickis says

    Follow Me to 1863
    I highly recommend escorted or planned trips – took my first one to VA and Washington DC in 2000 and will never visit a new city on my own again! It was a pleasure to have things planned for us! We were even escorted to special entrances and missed all the lines.

  23. Jax says

    The Ghost Ride would be MY pick, but we’d likely end up on the Civil War Trails and Beyond thanks to the history buff Hubby!