Five Reasons Is the Number One Destination for Baby Registries

Five Reasons Is the Number One Destination for Baby Registries


Are you expecting a little bundle of joy or know someone that is? Then you have got to check out MyRegistry.comIt is the number one destination for baby registries because it is 1 registry for all your favorite stores and websites! How cool is that right!? Trying to remember everything you will need before the baby comes is hard enough, so no need to add to the hassle by having 5 different baby registries at all your favorite stores right? That’s not the only great thing about either, let’s talk about 5 more reasons that should be your number one destination for your baby registry!

  1. You can sync your registries! Have you already started registries at other places? No problem! You can sync your other registries and keep them all organized on your master gift list on! So your friends and family all can come to one place to purchase gifts for you!
  2. They offer a Cash Fund! You can set up a cash fund that your friends and family can donate to that you can use for whatever you want! It could be used for a collage fund, stocking up on essentials, or getting that super cute mobile for the new nursery you had your eye on.
  3. Grab some inspiration from other expecting parents! Stumped on what else you might need for the baby? features pages of gifts chosen by other registrants in real time! It also supplies inspiration boards with hundreds of ideas for items that can easily be added to the registry! This way you can make sure you have a great list of essentials for baby! 
  4. They supply great tools to announce and share your registry! You can send beautiful eCards to announce the creation of your registry. You can also make custom URLs, and social media announcements! If you want to go old school, you can also print out announcements and mail them to your friends and family.
  5. You can add items from stores that don’t have websites! This is in my opinion the coolest features of If a store that you love doesn’t have a website, you can still add those items to your registry by simply visiting the store and scanning the barcode with your smart phone!  You can also add the item to your registry with a photo and a note of where the item can be found!

Your account doesn’t have to end after the baby is born either, you can use the account for birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations in the future!  So make sure you sign up for your account today!

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