Find & Save Review

Find & Save Review

find and save

Have you heard of Find & Save? It is If you like to shop (and who doesn’t right?) then you will want to keep reading, and learn how Find & Save will quickly turn into one of your favorite websites to visit. The first thing I do before going on a shopping trip (whether it’s grocery shopping, clothes shopping, or just fun shopping) I always like to look online and find out what is on sale, and where to get it. That is where Find&Save comes in! They have taken all of the sale ads local to you, and put them all in 1 location!

find and save

As soon as you visit the Find&Save Website it recognizes the area you are in and brings up all the ads in your area! No more wasting time visiting every retailers website to see what is on sale every week! You can search for a specific retailer, or a category if you are looking for an item instead of a store.

When you find the store you are looking for, simply click on it, and you can see the add for the week! This get updated as soon as the new ads come out. (How awesome is this going to be during Black Friday and Christmas!?)

find and save

Another great feature from Find&Save is that you can actually create an account and save your favorite stores! You go through the stores on the site 1 time, and you can save the ones you love, and not have to go through the ones you don’t.

find and save

Also when you create an account, you can buy something (online) straight off of the ad, or you can create a wishlist and save it for later!Another great idea for Christmas, or birthdays!

So make sure you head over to the Find&Save Website and see what deals you can find today! You can also stay up to date with new features, contests, and more by following them on Facebook and Twitter!
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