Find Out How Busy Moms Stay Fresh and Sexy

cbias scriptYou can Feel Fresh and Sexy even with Kids at Home.

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As a busy mom, I often feel bad for my husband because no matter how hard I try some days I am not so fresh and sexy. My husband never complains but I know that he loves to see the Fresh and Sexy side of me when I can manage the time. Sometimes he has surprised me with a date night or that ever coveted time alone and I have to freshen up fast. How do I cross over from Drab and Tired to Fresh and Sexy? Check out my Top 5 tips below. 

5 Tips to get Fresh and Sexy Fast

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  1. Dress up your Jeans with a cute pair of pumps. Jeans help create the illusion of height and you will be feeling pretty sexy as you walk tall.
  2. Finish your make-up off with your favorite lipstick shade. It is hard to not feel fresh and ready for anything when your smile says “Hello, Sexy!”
  3. Spritz on your favorite scent. It doesn’t matter if you prefer florals, musks, or fruity scents. You will be automatically transported out of “mommy” mode and into “date night” mode when you are wearing your favorite scent.
  4. Dress up your outfit with jewelry. Even a simple necklace and earring set will perk up your wardrobe and make you feel extra special. My favorite go to piece is my extra long strand of pearls. I feel like a star when I am wearing them. I will admit I do wear them with jeans.
  5. Lastly, feel fresh under your clothes when you freshen up with Fresh and Sexy Wipes. Buy the pack to keep at home or the individually wrapped ones to keep in your purse or make-up bag. With these wipes you will be ready for whatever your night throws at you.

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So don’t turn down that last minute dinner invite from your hubby or just sit at home in your comfy pants on a child free night.  Instead get yourself ready and be Fresh and Sexy with the five tips above.  

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