Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask

Ladybug Craft

My son enjoyed our first Felt Craft Projects and has been bugging me to do another one, but since I don’t have much time I decided to find an easier craft project to work on. Since I have some black and red craft felt I suggested we do ladybug craft and he immediately approved. This Ladybug Craft Mask project is super easy to make and looks really cute!

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask



Paper Plate

Red and Black Craft Felt

Glue Gun

Cutter Elastics for Ear Loops


Cut the paper plate in half with a v-shaped pattern (refer to the picture).  We’re going to use the one with inverted v shape. You should measure this according to the size of the kid’s face.  The inverted V sits on top of the kid’s nose.


Glue the red felt paper on your paper plate.

Then using the black felt paper, cut out small circles.  You should also cut out a half circle pattern.


On your paper plate, place the black half circle pattern in the middle lower section and glue it.

Then to follow the layout of the paper plate, cut the black felt paper so it follows the v pattern (refer to the picture above for the shape).

On the upper half of the paper plate, glue the small circles to make it look like the dots of ladybugs ladybug-5

Using the black felt paper, cut out two strips. You can glue it on a cardboard paper first before placing it on your mask to make sure it will hold its shape. This will serve as the antenna of the ladybug.


On top of the two strips, cut out and glue two huge circles on top. ladybug-7

Now it’s time to make holes for the eyes. I used a large bottle cap as my pattern, then using a cutter I traced around it. Make sure to measure the spacing so your kid will be able to comfortably see.


You can place this on a stick for a handheld mask or punch a small hole on two sides and attach an elastic thread for earloops.

That’s it a cute, fun and easy Ladybug Craft Mask!

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  1. M.Clark says

    This is a cute craft. It would be nice to make a bunch of different masks for the children to wear. This is definitely an art project that children will enjoy. Thank you for this post.

  2. Mary Beth Elderton says

    This is adorable! I can just see different colors of felt for different animals,too. Thank for getting the creative ideas flowing.

  3. Tamra Phelps says

    Hmm, it does look fairly simple…maybe I could actually do this! Might try with my 4 yr old nephew.

  4. Mia Dentice Carey says

    OMG! THIS IS A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I could actually pull this one off! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Holly Storm-Burge says

    How cute! My daughter loves anything ladybug. This would be a perfect craft for us to do during our Spring Break.

  6. Candy Kelley says

    I will have to try this with my grandson maybe we can make him an ant instead of a ladybug – cute idea

  7. says

    This is such a cute and easy to make ladybug mask for children.I think they would be cute to make for a birthday party activity or just a rainy day with the kids.I also think this would be a cute mask to make for the little ones for Halloween.Thanks for posting this.I love it!!

  8. patricia hamm says

    I am always looking for different crafts to share with my little niece. I love the best part of being very inexpensive. Thanks afain for the different and womderful ideas the site shares.

  9. Deborah Rosen says

    Adorable! And just perfect for my grandson and I to wear when we release the ladybugs into my garden this year. Bonus: simple enough for me to do…with help from grandson, of course!

  10. Lisa B says

    I am going to make this next time my niece comes over. She loves making crafts and I like to have a special projects for her when she visits.

  11. K-Squared says

    I have to be honest. Crafts are an inspiration that my single-mother tried to pass on to us children; regardless if it was for ourselves or maybe doing it for the purpose of another. I continue to do it as my pain has really gotten in the way recently but I keep fulfilling my dreams. And unfortunately the pain originated from being injured in an accident which has made it impossible to afford to buy a gift or even make some gifts so any FREE items / giveaways are a huge help. And since I found a couple of sites that have items that I need for giveaways, like this one, the make-overs, electronic related items, crafts and kitchen goods all are items that I really, really need! Therein I just will hope for the best for not only myself but all those that enter any & all the sweepstakes!


    That looks like a very creative idea with the use of resources available in most cases.

  12. Kathy Pease says

    This is so adorable and doesn’t look too difficult to make. I am not very crafty but I think even I could handle this.I love lady bugs 🙂

  13. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says

    This would be a perfect craft to do with my 2 nieces when they come over to stay with me on the weekend! They love ladybugs too! Thanks for sharing!

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