Real Advice Gal Your Truthful Girlfriend Mon, 27 Feb 2017 07:03:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Real Advice Gal 32 32 What I love most about traveling with little ones #SharetheLuv Sat, 25 Feb 2017 21:02:32 +0000 “This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.”

Save now on your favorite trusted diapers with this great coupon for Luvs! #SharetheLuv

It is so funny how I was so overly protective of my first child, making sure they have specific, super sensitive diapers because I thought if it cost more it will work the best….Well, I use Luvs now, and my son can last all night long without a diaper change. He has also tested the “crap” out of these diapers, and they held up to the task, every time! What I Love Most, is how well they work and how less they cost!

I want to #SharetheLuv with you by letting you know about this fantastic coupon they have now too! So you can Luv more and spend less! Just click Here to get your Print-at-home coupon to use in the store to save another $1 on the diaper you will truly Love!

With having two young kids, traveling isn’t always the best experience. They either sleep and it is a great trip, or they don’t. Traveling home I always put them in their pj’s so when we get home it is straight to bed for both of them! I can trust that Luvs can get me through our short two or three hours trips and even if my little one is still asleep I can lay him for the night! I don’t have to wake him up to change him in fear that he might leak! Luvs is softer and more absorbent than ever before. With Luvs new large stretch tabs for easy fastening, I can change him even faster! Luvs has an ultra-leakage protection and a money-back guarantee too! Ultra Leakguards with NightLock Plus™ provide the high-quality features babies, and parents need for less cost than the premium brands.

Try out Luvs and see the difference it can make with your little ones! It provides you with the protection you need for your little one, and at the cost, you can afford! Especially with this limited time coupon, you can get here!

Your little one can dance all night, and you won’t worry about leaks with Luvs!

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Twitter Party Fri, 24 Feb 2017 00:00:12 +0000 Get Ready for a Twitter Party

Join Bloggin Mamas & Florida Prepaid as we host the #StartingisBelieving Twitter Chat on Thursday, 2/23/1 at 9p EST! Join us as we discuss saving for your child’s future using Florida Prepaid College Savings Plans, as well as the open enrollment period ending on the 28th. (Plus, there will be some prizes too!)

Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time: 9:00–10:00pm EST / 6:00–7:00pm PST

Hashtag: #StartingisBelieving

Sponsored By: @FloridaPrepaid

Presented by: @BlogginMamas

Moderators: English– @HeLoEnterprises Spanish– @BBabushka

Co-hosts: @SunnySweetDays @JetSetting_Mom @MommyMafia @JustMarlaZ @RealAdviceGal @TopNotchBlog @ModernBocaMom @WorkingMomof2 @OurPotluckFam @WorkingMomMagic @xxplumcrazeexx @MakeItAllWork @TampaMama @UCTampa


  1. We will be focusing on the importance of savings for college. Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment is now open and ends on 2/28/17.
  2. There are different options in higher education – colleges, universities, technical degrees and Florida Prepaid has 5 different plan options to cover any route. We will share them with you during the chat.


During the Twitter Chat there will be a chance to win one of the following prizes by answering various questions. Winners will be selected at random from all eligible entries.


4- Florida Prepaid Sling Backpack

RSVP Prize

1– Florida Prepaid Sling Backpack & Tumbler


US Residents age 18 and over are eligible to enter.

RSVP Below!!

Terms and Conditions


By RSVP’ing to this event and utilizing the #StartingisBelieving hashtag, the attendees acknowledge having read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Twitter Party Prize Giveaway begins February 23, 2017 at 9:00 pm ET and ends no later than February 23, 2017 at 10:30pm ET (the “Twitter Party Entry Period”). Entrants enter via following @FloridaPrepaid and @BlogginMamas, and posting a tweet with the #StartingisBelieving hashtag during the Twitter Party Entry Period. Five (5) Winners will be drawn randomly by at approximately 12 minute intervals during the Twitter Party Entry Period. One (1) Winner will be drawn randomly via from the event RSVP’s on the Mr. Linky widget.

Prizes include:

One (1) Florida Prepaid Prize Packs including a backpack. Total approximate retail value (“ARV”) $25, for each of four (4) winners.

One (1) Florida Prepaid Prize Packs including a backpack and tumbler. Total approximate retail value (“ARV”) $35, awarded to one (1) winner who RSVP’s via the Mr. Linky widget.

Each winner receives one (1) prize pack. Entrants who fail to complete said actions will be disqualified and an alternate winner will be selected from all entrants who entered during the Twitter Party Entry Period. Winners will be notified via DM (Direct Message) on Twitter with a request for an email address to send prize claim information. Winners will have 48 hours to complete the prize claim form or an alternate winner will be selected from amongst all entries received during the Twitter Party Entry Period. All prizes will be awarded provided they are validly claimed by February 27, 2017 at 11:59AM EST.

Entrants agree to release and hold harmless the Bloggin’ Mamas, Heather Lopez Enterprises, LLC, Florida Prepaid, Moore Communications, Twitter, and any other organizations responsible for sponsoring, fulfilling, administering, advertising or promoting this giveaway, and their respective parent, subsidiaries, and affiliates and each of their respective officers, directors, members, employees, agents and subcontractors (collectively the “Released Parties”) from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liability, including but not limited to negligence and damages of any kind to persons and property, including but not limited to invasion of privacy (under appropriation, intrusion, public disclosure of private facts, false light in the public eye or other legal theory), defamation, slander, libel, violation of right of publicity, infringement of trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights, property damage, or death or personal injury arising out of or relating to a participant’s entry, creation of an entry or submission of an entry, participation in this giveaway, acceptance or use or misuse of prize. Entrant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Released Parties from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liabilities (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or relating to an entrant’s participation in this giveaway and/or entrant’s acceptance, use or misuse of prize, including, without limitation, liability for personal injury, damage, or loss.


Disclosure: Bloggin’ Mamas is being compensated for managing this Twitter Party. Individual co-hosts are being compensated for their participation. All prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the sponsor.


Make sure to read our tips on How to participate in a Twitter Party

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Easy Italian Fondue Recipe for Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables Thu, 23 Feb 2017 23:00:25 +0000 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of RAGÚ® Pasta Sauce. All opinions are entirely my own.

A quick and easy fondue recipe, the trick for getting kids to eat vegetables

“It’s incredible,” She says, in her sweet voice with the southern drawl, looking around at the meal she worked on for hours that they hardly consumed. The forks well rested under the plates that are piled with veggies they declined to try. She wonders if there will ever be an end to the battle of “you need to eat your veggies” and them hiding them under the table, passing them to the dog, or the negotiation of “Can you eat these before she notices?”

She notices. We all know the struggle to have kids eat what their bodies need and our desire to provide them. The exhale that is taken when they take a bite of something new and the anticipation as we look for signs of a successful mission or a dismal fail. The absolute elation we feel when we have added another green to their diet and the struggle we have when they were denied again like a basketball player going up for a sure lay up only to be met at the last second by a defender with a long grasp. We saw victory and it was robbed at the last moment. That was until you learned the secret.

They say the secret is in the sauce. What if the secret is the sauce?

Easy Italian Fondue Recipe for Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

“They” are correct the secret to the vegetable denial diet is indeed resolved by the implementation of RAGÚ® Pasta Sauce into your dinner.

Italian Fondue brings back the fun to each meal while it encourages those picky kids to eat their veggies, it fills my soul to know that I have found a way to bring the fun back to dinner. I have succeeded in getting vegetables in my kids, and they love it. They no longer argue over trying new things. They look forward to it. A successful dunk has been achieved.

Italian fondue recipe

These are some great RAGÚ fondue options, you simply pour your favorite flavor into the fondue pot, crockpot, or heat on the stove and bring to the table place on a trivet for dipping.

Italian fondue recipe

These are my favorite options-

  • mushrooms
  • squash
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • cheese
  • breaded chicken strips already made
  • sausage
  • grilled chicken
  • meatballs
  • bread
  • pasta

Ragu fondue

This easy to create fondue allows you to get dinner on the table quickly. You can grab dippers from the ready-made section in the store and find great choices in your freezer. I always keep cut veggies on hand in my refrigerator. This dinner idea is both fun and easy.

Italian fondue recipe

When I figured out that dipping was the answer to getting my children to try new things but to also eat the things I wanted them to eat, I decided that we will now have a #RaguWeeknightTradition.

Ragu Pasta Sauce

I figured out the secret to vegetable consumption, and once I secured the trick, it was indeed “Incredible” to eat again. RAGÚ has no artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial history.

You can find RAGÚ Pasta Sauce at your local Family Dollar in the pasta sauce aisle. Be sure to download the coupon for $0.55 off TWO RAGÚ 16-24oz and $0.50 off ONE RAGÚ 45oz.

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Say I Love YOU with Superior Source Vitamins Thu, 23 Feb 2017 11:00:20 +0000 Superior Source Vitamins

Say I Love YOU with Superior Source Vitamins

February is the love month and what better way to show our love but to remind our loved ones to take care of their health and be healthy. Eating healthy, exercising and taking the right supplements is the secret potion to good health. Superior Source vitamins is our family’s go-to vitamins, they have vitamins for the whole family. Give the people you love and care the gift of health. I highly recommend that you check out Superior Source vitamins and supplements for yourself and for people you love and care about.


Superior Source Vitamins

No pills to swallowing
90% smaller than regular vitamins
No chemical binders or fillers

Superior Source Vitamins Giveaway

We’re giving away a Superior Source Vitamins Gift Pack ($90 Value)

• Vitamin B-12
• Vitamin D
• CoQ10
• Vitamin C
• Biotin
• Men’s Multi-Vitamin

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Giveaway runs until 3/10 at 11:59pm EST

Superior Source Vitamins can be found at major retailers nationwide like Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe and major online retailers like iHerb and Lucky Vitamins. I like to purchase my vitamins from iHerb and Lucky Vitamins. Check out Store Locator to find a store near you. Superior Source Vitamins offers great quality products that I trust to take myself and give to my family. I know you will find the same quality as well!

Wait! It gets better!! Superior Source is offering FREE Vitamins for ALL of our readers:

FREE Vitamin B-12 – 60-Day Supply – 1,000 mcg (only pay $3.95 S&H)

FREE Vitamin D – Any D product (baby, child, adult) (only pay $4.95 S&H)

BOGO – FREE Vitamin C (Sour Cherry or Tangy Orange) – 500 mg – Buy One Get One Free

I use these products, and I highly recommend them! Superior Source Vitamins is a solid reliable company with a quality product!

Here are more details about the Superior Source Vitamins Gift of Health pack.

1. Vitamin B-12
No Shot® B-12 provides essential nutrients for the well-being of the heart. The combination of vitamins works synergistically to help lower homocysteine levels, lowering the risk of developing heart disease as well as providing nutritive support for healthy cardiovascular functions.

2. Vitamin D
Vitamin D works in conjunction with Calcium to help develop and maintain strong bones and teeth. Superior Source offers a new Extra Strength 1,000 IU Vitamin D which can help to ensure optimal health, as stated in a recent review study. All Superior Source Vitamin D products are D3, the finest source. Vitamin D is essential in maintaining eye health and also helps maintain skin, teeth, eyes and the immune system.

3. CoQ10
CoEnzyme Q-10 is present in most energy-producing areas of the body and appears to have a connection to the support of healthy heart function among other possible protective and regulatory functions.

4. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that cannot be produced by the body, therefore, it must be replenished daily. Vitamin C has several beneficial purposes including developing and maintaining healthy skin and bones, to form collagen and also enhances the absorption of iron from plant-based foods we eat. Vitamin C also provides support to the body’s immune system. Superior Source Vitamin C 500 mg, “Sour Cherry Melts”, utilizes sodium ascorbate, which is a buffered (non-acidic) form of C that does not contribute to gastric irritation. NO sugar added; only sweetened with a little stevia. This is preferable to most “chewable” vitamin C products that typically are loaded with lots of sugar.

5. Biotin
Biotin helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, promotes nail and hair strength and supports cell growth, metabolism of fats and amino acids and the production of fatty acids. Biotin is essential in the healthy functioning of the “Krebs Cycle” in which energy is released from foods and transferred to the body for use.

6. Men’s Multi-Vitamin
Our One Daily Value Multi-Vitamin contains 100% of 11 vitamins and nutrients your body needs for optimal health, including B vitamins for energy metabolism as well as Vitamin C and A for antioxidant protection and immune support.

Read my Superior Source Get Energized review.

Find out how to be Healthy Inside & Out with Superior Source Vitamins

Check out why my kids love Superior Source!

Find out my list of must have Winter vitamins!

Superior Source Vitamins STRESS-Less 4 Health

Stay Healthy Stay Beautiful with Superior Source Vitamins

Stay Active Stay Healthy with Superior Source Vitamins

Superior Source Vitamins National Healthy Aging Month

Superior Source Vitamins National Healthy Children’s Month

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Superior Source but all opinions expressed here are mine.

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vivaNUTRITION® Review Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:19:43 +0000 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of vivaNUTRITION® but all opinions are mine.

vivaNUTRITION® Review

Picky eaters are no match for vivaNUTRITION! To say I have picky eaters would be an understatement. My kids (like most) have definite preferences when it comes to what they eat. But generally all kids have the same preferred palette: any and everything not to nutritionally healthy for them. Add in food allergies and a preference for sweets and you have my children.

vivaNUTRITION® Review

One of the easiest ways to get them to take in something nutritional list healthy (the easiest being sneaking into their food) is to give them something in the form of a snack. For some reason if it looks like a treat to them, then it must be a treat. This is where vivaNUTRITION bars win. Easy to eat smaller granola bars that are packed with nutrition are quickly gobbled up by my hungry kids.

vivaNUTRITION® Review

Other moms find themselves in the same boat as me and agree. Krystina F. from San Diego, California said, “I’m a mom who is constantly looking at labels before I give something to my son. Sometimes the healthier it is, the less likely my toddler is to like it though. I like that the vivaNUTRITION bars are not only healthy snack for my son, but he loves the taste. It’s also the perfect sized snack for him once, or even twice a day.” (picture of boy in SURF shirt)

Renise W. Chatsworth from California has picky eaters too. She said, “My girls are usually picky eaters but they love and enjoy this product” “As a mom I love everything about vivaNUTRITION because their products are healthy and nutritious” (Mo and Leah)

vivaNUTRITION® Review

As I said before having a picky eaters and that is not the only challenge we face. We also have food allergies in our household. The health issues that we’ve experienced because of that have led to several food aversions and poor eating habits. That makes for some major hurdles in having kids choose healthy options.

vivaNUTRITION® Review

Kristen P. from Santa Maria, California has had a similar experience. She said, “Having a daughter with poor eating habits and health issue is something I struggle with every day. My 8 year old daughter has been suffering from extreme kidney infections and has undergone a lot of testing to find the cause. While we have not found the cause we did discover something that might be influencing the infections is her poor eating, which has led to non-regular digestion. Trying to get her to regular and eating better has definitely been a struggle. Being so picky she would refuse almost every healthy option.
When I found these super fiber chia bars I thought I’d give it a chance but didn’t think she’d make it past the first bite. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong! She loves them and I love the natural ingredients. I don’t have to try and give her a supplement or force her to eat something and she found a way to get extra fiber in her diet. Her little sister loves them as well and my only complaint is they fight over who gets the last one in the box. Time to stock up on a great snack that serves a purpose.” (girls in bed)

vivaNUTRITION® Review

We are huge fans of vivaNUTRITION and hope that you will give them a chance and become a fan too. From the super fiber chia bars to the powdered probiotics, they have many products that can help with nutritional needs of your child. Check out vivaNutrition website for more information and to order your products.

As a thank you for visiting the website and trying the products they are offering a 25% discount on purchases using the promotional coupon code: HealthyKids


3 winners will win vivaNutrition products.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Giveaway is open to U.S. only (ecxludes Hawaii and Alaska) and ends on 3/10/17 at 11:59pm EST.

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Samsung Electronics at Walmart Tue, 21 Feb 2017 01:38:41 +0000 This post was sponsored by Samsung as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

When you think of great value in purchasing a new electronic item for your family, would your first thought be that it could be in the same place that you do your grocery shopping? I was perusing social media the other day when a friend mentioned that she and her family were thinking of investing their tax return into a new television for their family room and was wondering where to start her search for the right product for their investment. I am frugal by nature, so I was confused as to why so many people insisted on suggesting retailers that were significantly out of her budget for products that are high quality and available on sale at a location we all frequent often: Walmart. Also, they carry Samsung products at an everyday low price. Who can beat that?!

Samsung has products to suit every person’s electronic needs. At Real Advice Gal we do not necessarily endorse buying things just because you have money (as in “just got your tax return back”). But when you are making a large investment in a quality item it is good to find sales from stores you trust, like Walmart. If you want to browse you can do what I suggested to my friend and check out Samsung’s amazing TV selection from the comfort of home.

Samsung TV at Walmart

Did you know that Walmart also carries a wide range of Samsung mobile devices as well? Devices such as Verizon J1, ATT Express Prime, and Straight Talk Galaxy S7. Check out Samsung’s mobile selection.

They carry tablets and home audio at an every day low price as well. Check them out here.

Samsung products are high quality and time tested in their quality and value. Why would you suggest to anyone to shop for anything else anywhere else?

Get latest news and updates about Samsung. Go follow them on social media, Samsung Facebook Page, @SamsungUS on Twitter and @Samsungusa on Instagram.

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Win a Coach Purse Mon, 20 Feb 2017 06:00:17 +0000 Welcome to our Coach Purse Giveaway

Coach purse giveaaway

Do you want to win a Coach Purse?

We love giving our readers a chance to win a designer purse so together with my blogger friends we’re giving you a chance to win an awesome Coach purse. We all need that one gorgeous bag and this green Coach body purse is the perfect color for accessory to use for spring and summer. It’s crossbody so it’s perfect when you’re on-the-go and you need your hands to be free.

Join Our Giveaway Now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please wait for the giveaway form to load and make sure to come back daily to grab your daily entries for more chances of winning.

Giveaway is open to US only and runs until 3/13/17 11:59 PM EST.

Make sure to check out our Contest Page to join our other awesome giveaways

Weight Watcher's Recipes with Points Plus for weight loss

27 Free Weight Watchers Recipes with Points Plus for Dinner

15 Amazing Uses for Coffee Grounds that you should know!

15 Uses for Coffee Grounds


Cowboy Casserole Recipe

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Honey, I LUV YOU! PRI Manuka Honey and More Sat, 18 Feb 2017 23:00:06 +0000 Honey, I LUV YOU! PRI Manuka Honey and more!

Get 15% OFF ALL PRI products… Plus FREE SHIPPING! Upon check-out use discount code: Love15

Honey, I LUV YOU!

February is love month and what better way to celebrate it but with some sweet treats. PRI has a wonderful variety of healthy sweet treats that you should try and get for your loved ones. They have awesome Manuka products from New Zealand. I love their Manuka Honey Chocolates, it’s the perfect sweet treat to reward yourself after a busy day. Kids will love the Manuka Lollipops and the caramels that just melt in your mouth!

New Zealand is an environmentally protected and GMO Free region. That’s why their Manuka honey is the gold standard for honey and is produced exclusively in New Zealand from bees and flowers that are environmentally protected. No artificial flavors, colors, no corn syrup or refined sugars and NO preservatives.

And here’s a super exclusive offer: Get 15% OFF ALL PRI products… Plus FREE SHIPPING! Upon check-out use discount code: Love15

Don’t forget to try my Best Chicken Marinade Recipe with Manuka Honey

The secret to a great treat is trying something new that is made with quality ingredients. The Pacific Resources International company brings the best products to their consumer at affordable prices. I am a “home” cook with gourmet taste buds. I was so impressed by the products that sent me that I set out to make an easy to follow recipe that tasted amazing. I used their Manuka Honey in my chicken recipe it is divine. Did you know that Manuka Honey is directly from New Zealand and it is verified by the UMFHA and it retains the benefits of raw honey? It is also certified kosher. I also used some of the flaky sea salt from New Zealand. It was very flavorful. PRI products are truly amazing and makes the perfect ingredients that will turn your recipes into gourmet quality because of these gourmet seasonings from down under.

Just mix manuka honey, soy sauce, white wine vinegar, chili flakes , flaky sea salt and some flour.
Then pour or baste it on chicken.
That’s it!
Easy and so delicious!

Check out more of my PRI Manuka Honey products and more review:

Pacific Resources International really have put a lot of care and thought into their products. Their products contain no additives and are pure!

The Pacific Sea Salt is natural with nothing added to it! It is processed organically by the sun and wind! The flaky texture garnishes all sorts of foods like fish, salads, and my favorite sliced avocados!

A sweet treat from Pacific Resources International is the Manuka Honey. It is pure 100% Raw New Zealand Honey. Perfect to add to my cup of tea in the afternoon! But it’s natural flavors are so rich!

Also check out my PRI beauty products review!

I have been enjoying the Nectar Balm Bee Venom Cream. It’s creamy and leaves my skin soft. The benefits are outstanding, though. Just rub a little on a sore muscle and it will work as a deep heat and will soothe pain! Again all the ingredients are natural and pure, and yes it does contain Bee Venom too! The Venom works as an antioxidant to boost the immune system! For over 25 years now, Pacific Resources International has been delivering Manuka Honey beauty and health products that are safe and soothing. I promise you will feel great using them!

The Manuka oil is another favorite of mine! It is 100% Pure Manuka Oil and has been shown to treat, Cuts and scraps to burn, acne, eczema and so much more! They even have Manuka Oil with Sweet Almond oil that is ready to use for immediately. Just one drop is all you need too! A little does go a long way.

Finally, I want to tell you about three of my favorite skin care products, The Propolis Soap, Manuka Honey Soap and the Manuka Cool Citrus Hand Cream. The Propolis Soap is infused with Tea Tree oil as well. It is a great cleaner that is safe for all skin types! The Manuka Honey Soap has botanical oils and Pacific Sea Salt leaving your skin smooth and clean. It is also handcrafted and is a great moisturizer! Manuka Cool Citrus Hand Cream is great because it’s got pure exotic botanicals that are combined with Manuka Honey leaving skin soft! Again this is infused with Sweet Almond oil as well and has a soft scent of cool citrus! It is also convenient because its travel size so you can easier carry this in your purse or take on a plane without any problems!

PRI Manuka Honey Products and More Giveaway

Honey, I LUV YOU!


We’re giving away ONE PRI Winter  ($90 Value)

Manuka Honey Blend – 5+ 1.1 lb. (22.49)
Manuka Honey Chocolates – Mint (10.99)
Salted Manuka Honey Caramels (7.99)
Manuka Honey Nuggets (4.99)
Manuka Honey Lozenges with Propolis (6.99)
Manuka Honey Sticks (5.69)
Children’s Propolis & Manuka Honey Lollipops – Strawberry (8.99)
Manuka Honey Lip Balm (3.99)
NEW Honeydew New Zealand Honey (15.69)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Giveaway is open to US only and ends on 3/3/17 at 11:59pm EST

Here are more information about PRI products

Manuka Honey 5+ Blend 1.1 lb.
Pacific Resources sources honey directly from New Zealand beekeepers, who take pride in producing high-quality products. Our Manuka honey is collected with care from native Manuka trees in New Zealand’s remote, pollution-free forests to produce the highest quality Manuka honey. Manuka Honey is a powerful digestive aid when taken internally or a potent anti-bacterial when used topically. It is also heat tolerant, enabling it to reach your digestive system without losing any of its beneficial properties.

Manuka Honey Chocolates – Mint
PRI’s award winning chocolates are made by wrapping rich dark chocolate around the finest New Zealand Manuka Honey tested 5+ and adding a touch of mint or ginger. PRI’s Manuka Honey Dark Chocolates contain only 3 Ingredients: Pure Manuka Honey, Dark Chocolate (99% Cocoa), and Mint/Ginger. They are All Natural, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Kosher, with no use of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Best of all they are produced right here in the USA. It is that simple and they are that good for you!

Salted Manuka Honey Caramels
PRI’s mouth-watering Salted Manuka Honey Caramels are a perfect after dinner treat. Enjoy the soft chewy caramel, the pure New Zealand sea salt bringing out that delicious Manuka Flavor! Best of all they are produced right here in the USA. INGREDIENTS: Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Whole Milk (Milk, Sugar), Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Butter, Sea Salt, Manuka Honey, Molasses, Natural Flavor and Sunflower Lecithin.

Manuka Honey Nuggets
PRI’s Manuka Honey Nuggets are the perfect everyday treat made with Manuka Honey 5+. They come in three fantastic flavors; Manuka Honey, Lemon & Honey and Ginger. Great for sweet tooth cravings, sporting events, dry and tired throats or even to sweeten your favorite hot beverage! Organic, gluten free, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Manuka Honey Lozenges with Propolis
Our fantastic, award winning Lozenges are great for “tackling the tickle”. The Lozenges combine the power of CPL 15 Propolis with the soothing qualities of pure New Zealand UMF 10+ active Manuka honey. Made with organic brown rice syrup. Contains no corn syrup, artificial colors or flavorings.

Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon and Honey
Our fantastic, award winning Lozenges are great for “tackling the tickle.” The Lozenges combine the power of CPL 15 Propolis with the soothing qualities of pure New Zealand UMF 10+ active Manuka honey. Made with organic brown rice syrup. Contains no corn syrup, artificial colors or flavoring

Manuka Honey Sticks
PRI Children’s Strawberry & Manuka Honey Lollipops and Lemon & Honey Lollipops are great tasting for everyday wellness. They have the benefits of Propolis rich in Bioflavonoids, Manuka Honey NPA (Non-Peroxide Activity) 10+, and Menthol to help fight off infections. Great for those “what’s going around” days.

Children’s Strawberry & Manuka Honey Lollipops
PRI Children’s Strawberry & Manuka Honey Lollipops and Lemon & Honey Lollipops are great tasting for everyday wellness. They have the benefits of Propolis rich in Bioflavonoids, Manuka Honey NPA (Non-Peroxide Activity) 10+, and Menthol to help fight off infections. Great for those “what’s going around” days.

Manuka Honey Lip Balm
PRI’s Manuka Honey Lip Balm one of the newest additions to body care collection. The Manuka Honey Lip Balm is uniquely formulated with the healing power of Manuka Honey and Organic Ingredients to protect, restore and hydrate your lips. Ingredients: Sunflower Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Honey Flavor*, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract*, Calendula Extract*, Manuka Honey. (*organic ingredients).

NEW High Peroxide Active Honeydew Honey
Honeydew is different because it isn’t a floral honey. It comes from a “nectar” exuded from another insect such as an aphid or scale insect. It is a dark honey with a unique, strong taste. What really makes this honey different is “sugar” make up, it has less Glucose and Fructose than flora honey and more complex sugars which are great “pre-biotics”. It also contains high levels of minerals and antioxidants. Finally, this honey typically has very high levels of peroxide activity and has been successful with digestive issues when Manuka Honey has not.

Pacific Resources International is an exclusive importer of various New Zealand health care products. Their award winning products include Manuka Honey, Pacific Sea Salt, Propolis Lozenges, Proper Crisps Chips, Manuka Caramels, and much more! Pacific Resources International (PRI) was the first company to introduce Manuka Honey to the U.S. and owner David Noll has dedicated his career to bringing native and natural New Zealand wellness products to U.S. soil. David works closely with a variety of New Zealand companies to ensure that products are made with pure, natural, and quality ingredient.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Pacific Resources International but all opinions are mine.

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Comforpedic Beautyrest 4.5″ Quilted Top Memory Foam Topper Review Fri, 17 Feb 2017 23:43:00 +0000 Comforpedic Beautyrest 4.5″ Quilted Top Memory Foam Topper Review

Memory Foam Topper

Getting better sleep at night is much easier with a comfortable mattress. The Comforpedic Beautyrest 4.5″ Quilted Top Memory Foam Topper is the solution to better sleep. Memory foam topper helps reduce points of pressure and create a 4” layer of comfort to lay over the top of any mattress.

Beautyrest 4.5” Quilted Top Memory Foam Topper Features:

  • Helps cushion sleepers’ bodies with supportive two-piece construction
  • 3” of open cell memory foam and 1.5” of blended gel fiberfill create extra layer of comfort
  • Designed to reduce points of pressure and discomfort
  • Helps promote a good night’s sleep even on older mattresses
  • Fiber cover with 3” gusset and 17” stretch-to-fit skirt
  • Temperature-sensitive design
  • Hypoallergenic


Twin: 73”x37”x4.5”
Full: 73”x52”x4.5”
Queen: 78”x58”x4.5”
King: 78”x75”x4.5”
California King: 82”x70”x4.5”

You can buy this here >>> Comforpedic Beautyrest 4.5″ Quilted Top Memory Foam Topper

Find more Best Deals on Mattress!

Also check out our DIY Bedding projects such as How to Make Pillow Cases and Make your own duvet cover.

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How to Reward Police officers Fri, 17 Feb 2017 16:15:44 +0000 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Folgers but all opinions expressed here are mine.

Blessing Bags for Police Officers

Blessing Bags for Police Officers

The best part of waking up each morning is my children piling into our bed as Folgers fills the air. Their sweet voices and tendency to put their appendages in strange places is an affinity I aspire to have. I sit in bed each morning, and I count my blessings. It is the way I start my morning with purpose. It is the mantra I have for my life.

Live with a plan and let the plan be the service of others.

It is easier to be nice when you will get something in the equation. It is easier to go to work when the job is easy. It is easy to say “Yes” if you know the outcome of the question will be a favorable one.

I will always say “Yes” to someone else making me a cup of Folgers and cleaning up the kitchen. I will not always say “Yes” to, “Mom, can I make you breakfast?” That automatic “Yes” once landed a bowl of cereal in front of me with a large scoop of lox spread. Yes, salmon spread and cereal aren’t going to win a cooking competition anytime soon, but the thought process of combining my two favorite breakfast ideas was a good one.

When I think about my life, I am thankful for a couple of reasons. The first is I live in America without those freedoms. I would not have had all the opportunities available to me. I am thankful to people like my husband that served to protect my freedom. I am also thankful for my community to those that wear what I call the badge of courage daily, the police officers.

They have jobs that do not have answers. They are the ones running into to danger while screaming at everyone else to get out. They are the men and women who display courage, strength and resolve that most of us can’t muster on our best day. The do not have a “job.” They have chosen a life’s mission. I can’t articulate what their mission has meant to my family. What I can tell you is I see the other side of their service. I am lucky enough to have an officer’s wife who writes for my site.

We pray as a team for her husband. We wait with her and tell her jokes and try to get her through the times of uncertainty when her world is in danger. She is a mom like me. She is a wife as I am, but she is also someone whose mission in life is to bring certainty and peace to people in her community. She is not wearing the badge, but it is her love, courage, and support that enables her husband to complete his mission.

When I spoke with Folgers about my commitment to our country, my community, and the people who matter in my life we decided that telling them they mattered was paramount.

Telling people they matter is the most important action you can take each day.

It is something you have control over. You can control how you treat others. The lesson I have for my children is you can’t change the world, but you can change what you do in the world.

gifts for police officers

I would like to offer you the opportunity to thank a police officer by creating blessing bags.

folgers gift basket

I am filling mine with:

  • Folgers
  • tissues
  • ear plug
  • glue
  • candy
  • band-aids
  • hand sanitizer wipes
  • car freshener
  • batteries
  • snack foods

Blessing Bags

Hero blessing gift pack

I am offering you this free printable to attach to yours. It isn’t what you put in the bag it is that you took the time to create a bag and pass on your thankfulness.

Dear Hero Printable

Be the change you want to see in others be the best part of waking up to someone else today.

Easy Recipe for Ganache Cake with Folgers® Coffee

I also recommend that you try my Easy Recipe for Ganache Cake with Folgers® Coffee

Chocolate Coffee Mousse Recipe

Chocolate Coffee Mousse Recipe

Cinnamon Latte Recipe

Cinnamon Latte Recipe

Folgers Coffee Bar

Also read my tips on How to Set Up a Folgers® Coffee Bar

25 Ways to Use Coffee Filters Instead of Paper Towels

15 Uses for Coffee Grounds

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Maple Balsamic Baked Pork Chops Recipe Thu, 16 Feb 2017 13:45:20 +0000 Maple Balsamic Baked Pork Chops Recipe

These Maple Balsamic Baked Pork Chops have become a favorite particularly when we have friends over for dinner.  Since these pork chops are dairy free, gluten free, and egg free, they usually meet everyone’s dietary requirements and preferences.

Maple Balsamic Baked Pork Chops Recipe

As the cost of meat has increased over the years, I’ve discovered pork tends to be a good choice instead of beef.  Many times pork chops are also less expensive than chicken, turkey or ham.

When friends are over, I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove. Since the meat is marinated before cooking, they are quick and easy to prepare.  I find I am able to spend less time prepping and cooking a meal in the kitchen and more time enjoying the company of family and friends.

Here is how to make these juicy Maple Balsamic Baked Pork Chops Recipe

First things first, be sure to assemble all your ingredients before you start cooking.  Trust me, it will make cooking these pork chops a breeze!

You Will Need:

  • 4 Pork Chops, bone-in center cut
  • 1 clove minced Garlic
  • 1 sprig fresh Rosemary or 1/2 tsp dried Rosemary
  • 1 sprig fresh Thyme or 1/2 tsp dried Thyme (if using fresh thyme, reserve a few springs to garnish the meat
  • 2 TBS Beef broth
  • 3 tbsp Balsamic vinegar
  • 1 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
  • 1/4 cup Maple syrup
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 1 TBS Olive oil

Instructions for making Maple Balsamic Baked Pork Chops:

  1. Prepare the marinade by whisking together the minced garlic, rosemary, thyme, beef broth, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, maple syrup, salt, pepper, and olive oil.
  2. Place the pork chops in a plastic bag and pour the marinade over them.
  3. Seal the bag and refrigerate for two hours or more.
  4. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  5. Place the entire contents of the bag on a shallow sided baking sheet
  6. Bake for 20 minutes or until the pork has an internal temperature of 145 degrees
  7. Serve on a platter garnished with a few springs of thyme

Maple Balsamic Baked Pork Chops Recipe

I hope you and your guests enjoy this enjoy this simple main dish as much as we do!

Try serving this with one or more of these sides:

Easy Roasted Cauliflower

25 Easy Side Dishes

Maple Balsamic Baked Pork Chops
Recipe type: Main Dish
Cuisine: American
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4 servings
A simple yet elegant main dish. These Maple Balsamic Baked Pork Chops are gluten free, dairy free and egg free.
  • 4 Pork Chops, bone-in center cut
  • 1 clove minced Garlic
  • 1 sprig fresh Rosemary or ½ tsp dried Rosemary
  • 1 sprig fresh Thyme or ½ tsp dried Thyme (if using fresh thyme, reserve a few springs to garnish the meat
  • 2 TBS Beef broth
  • 3 tbsp Balsamic vinegar
  • 1½ tsp Dijon mustard
  • ¼ cup Maple syrup
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp pepper
  • 1 TBS Olive oil
  1. Prepare the marinade by whisking together the minced garlic, rosemary, thyme, beef broth, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, maple syrup, salt, pepper, and olive oil.
  2. Place the pork chops in a plastic bag and pour the marinade over them.
  3. Seal the bag and refrigerate for two hours or more.
  4. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  5. Place the entire contents of the bag on a shallow sided baking sheet
  6. Bake for 20 minutes or until the pork has an internal temperature of 145 degrees
  7. Serve on a platter garnished with a few springs of thyme


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Secure Your Child’s Future with Prepaid Florida College Programs Sun, 12 Feb 2017 13:02:32 +0000 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed here are mine.

There are many preconceived notions out there in regards to prepaid financial plans involving your children’s college tuition. If you’ve read any of our previous posts about the prepaid Florida college programs you know how we feel here at Real Advice Gal in regards to preparing for your child’s future financially. It is important for your child to have a secure plan in place to know that their educational future is being looked out for as well as their financial future so they do not begin their adult life and career weighed down by debt.

Prepaid Florida College Programs

There are three myths regarding prepaid Florida college programs that I would love to challenge you to look closer at:

First, is the myth that if your child decides to go to college out of state you lose your investment. The funds that you put into your Florida Prepaid account for your child will always be available to them whether they attend college in state or out of state.

Along those lines is the second myth that if you decide to move out of the state of Florida you will lose your position paying for “in state” tuition rates. Even if you move out of the state of Florida your child will still be billed “in state” tuition rates should they choose to attend a Florida college or university.

The third myth is that if your child chooses not to attend college at all then your investment would be lost. Should this happen, you can change your beneficiary of the plan for them to receive a full refund or for you to receive your money back in full. Every Florida Prepaid program is guaranteed by the state. Which means your investment is safe and if your child decides to attend college or university in the state of Florida their tuition and all differential fees will be completely covered for them. Your child has up to 10 years after their projected enrollment year to use their Florida Prepaid plan, so should they choose to differ from college for a little while, join the workforce before deciding on an educational path, and or make alternate educational plans that involve a private college or scholarship route they can still return to their plan and use it at any point in those 10 years.

Florida prepaid college plan

Given the level of uncertainty in today’s marketplace, what better peace of mind for you and your family that your child’s educational needs are taken care of?

Please take a moment to check out their website at: and check out our previous post about the subject here and here. Now through the end of open enrollment on February 28, you can use the code BLOG1617 to receive 50% off your enrollment fees.

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How Would Your Daughter Answer These Important Questions Sat, 11 Feb 2017 00:19:25 +0000

I was in my bathroom yesterday. It isn’t a large space, in fact, it is a single sink adjacent to a wall with a bathtub. It is a readily available contestant for one of those renovation shows. It is tight space with barely enough room to turn around with warmed well loved yellow walls that I painted while six months pregnant on one of those nesting adventures. It has areas of despair and happiness where my kids have added stickers or little notes hidden from view but I know where they are and I leave them because they make me smile.

How to teach self confidence to your daughter

This little space is where I connect best with my daughter. It is my classroom.

She is only eight, but she has spent almost every morning of her entire life crammed into that space. It started when she was in her car seat watching me take a bath until now. She does her best to stay out of my way, but she usually ends up right where I need to be. She is watching what I am doing. What I apply to my face. What makeup I put on or do not put on. She admires my necklaces and has begun to suggest some.

When I leave the sink to get my clothes because usually, I am in my robe something funny happens a magic trick of sorts.

She picks up one of my Dove soap and washes her face. She pats it dry just like I do. Then with a single stroke, she paints blush on her cheek or pulls a brush through her long tangled hair. She becomes me. She transforms right in front of my eyes from a little girl into women. When I understood, she was looking at me for her self-image. I began to use less make-up.

I understood that putting on all that make-up taught my daughter that to be pretty I needed to hide my imperfections.

I took off my mask so my daughter would learn she didn’t need to wear one.

You see make-up doesn’t make you confident it comes from the inside. I watch my daughter always impressed by the way she moves in and out of the world. She is happy, kind, and self-confident. I told my husband how amazed I was by her and he laughed. He said, “You know she is just like you.”

I looked at him, and it dawned on me. We truly are a lot alike. Then I began to wonder did I get my self-esteem from what my mother said or did. I asked my mom a couple of questions about how I became someone who embraces her imperfections. I know that I am a leader and I do not let other people diminish who I am and I take care of myself but I do not spend a tremendous amount of time of painting my face.

This is what she said,

“How did you instill body positivity in me growing up?
As you were a fashionista in your teens, I always complimented you on how you looked but sometimes teased you so you would not take things so seriously.

How did you inspire me to reach my personal well-being goals?
By discussing setting and attaining goals and the importance of doing your best as everyone has different talents.

How did you help me find my inner beauty?
By telling you how good a person you were and to love yourself for who you are and accept others for who they are.

What’s the most important piece of advice you have for me while instilling these values with my daughter?
Love her unconditionally and build her confidence to never limit herself.

After reading my mom’s responses, I think more than telling me those things she showed me those things. You know my mom is a hard worker, and she never let being a woman stop her from doing anything. She had a dream and desires to do more. She takes an idea and runs it. I find her drive and passion to be beautiful. I see myself in her. I know I still have great style because she always finds a way to shop in my closet when she visits.

Then it was time to see how I was doing with my daughter.
This is my little girl, Dove user, and confident leader.

Note: The interview was taped by my son who held the camera and couldn’t stop laughing at her responses. You can tell Dove has a true fan in my daughter. She does take showers in my bathroom because of my Dove products, and after listening to her message, you will know why!

After we made this video, we had a chat about being confident. I shared with her that confidence isn’t arrogance and if you do not believe in yourself who will believe in you?

I hope as a mom to a daughter and a mom to sons that I teach them to listen to what they know about themselves.

If only I could hand them ear plugs when the world shouts you aren’t good enough. I can’t, but I can build a shield from the inside out. I can give them the message and the mantras to repeat to overcome the negativity.

I can give them their fight song for their shield, love, and empowerment by sharing the tools I have used. The only goal I have for myself is to improve on who I am daily. That comes from working hard, being kind to others, and being willing to learn.

Stock up on Dove products they are available at Walmart. The best part is they are so affordable you can share. My Dove skin care products make my morning and evening rituals one of the best parts of my day.

Dove products

Visit Dove Hub at Walmart to learn more about Dove’s 60 years and Dove products.

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Black Bean & Quinoa Salad Recipe with Vegan Dressing Wed, 08 Feb 2017 23:53:03 +0000

“Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own.”

Don’t you love eating something without any guilt because you know it’s good for you? That’s exactly how I feel about eating salad. Not only do you get vitamins, minerals, fibers, it also keeps you satisfied and full the whole day. That’s why I love discovering new salad recipes to try especially great salads that you can eat as a meal on its own. This black bean quinoa salad recipe is the perfect salad for me, and definitely, a must try! This salad is so delicious, so filling and is even made more healthy because we used vegan dressing, it’s also gluten free, dairy free and egg free.

Black Bean & Quinoa Salad

I was so happy to discover the new Hellmann’s Vegan Dressing at Target which I got for 20% off by using the Cartwheel app. It’s the perfect dressing that will go so well with healthy salad recipes that I love. Hellmann’s Vegan Dressing are made with non-GMO sourced ingredients, they are also gluten free, cholesterol free—with just 10g of fat per serving and are eggless which makes it great for people who are allergic to eggs. The best part is it tastes amazing and has that rich and creamy taste that we love in salad dressings.

Hellmann's Vegan Dressing

Hellmann’s Vegan Dressing tastes amazing and has that rich and creamy taste that we love in salad dressings. It made this black bean & quinoa salad recipe more amazing. I super love that it’s gluten-free so my husband can enjoy it too and guess he likes it so much that he even made it himself.

Here’s how to make this Easy Black Bean & Quinoa Salad Recipe


1 cup fresh or frozen corn kernels
1 can (15 oz.) black beans, rinsed and drained
1 cup cooked quinoa
1 avocado, chopped
1/2 cup chopped red onion
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/4 cup Hellmann’s® or Best Foods Vegan Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread
1 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
1/2 tsp. hot pepper sauce

Black Bean & Quinoa Salad Recipe ingredients


Cook corn in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally, until lightly toasted, about 3 minutes.

Combine corn with remaining ingredients in large bowl. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

You can also try Hellmann’s Organic Mayonnaise that is made with organic cage-free eggs, organic expeller-pressed oil, and no artificial flavors and preservatives.

Hellmann's Vegan Dressing

I recommend that you try Hellmann’s Organic or Vegan Dressings. These are available at Target, and you can even save 20% by using the Cartwheel app.

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Instant Pot Beef Roast Recipe Mon, 06 Feb 2017 16:07:22 +0000 Nothing beats ending your day with a hot and tasty meal especially if it takes you just a few minutes to prepare it. This instant pot beef roast recipe is my family’s current favorite. The meat comes out so tender and full of flavor, and the veggies do not turn soggy. The instant pot is my newest best friend in the kitchen. I only spend a few minutes preparing the ingredients, place it in the instant pot, set the timer and voila we have a super delicious meal that the whole family.

Instant Pot Beef Roast Recipe

Here’s how to make this easy Instant Pot Beef Roast Recipe

Instant Pot Beef Roast Recipe

Instant Pot Beef Roast Recipe Ingredients:

3 1/2 lb. Beef Chuck
1 tbsp oil
2 large potatoes chopped
2 Large Sweet Potatoes
1 large onion (peeled and chopped)
1 cup carrots (peeled and chopped)
fresh taragon one stalk
fresh thyme
1 packet of italian dressing
2 cups beef broth
salt and pepper to taste

Instructions for making Instapot Beef Roast Recipe:

Step 1: Cut your beef chuck into chunks. (You don’t have to do this, I have just found that it cooks a little more evenly if you do. Set your instant pot to the sear option. Pour your oil in the bottom of the pot. When your oil begins to sizzle, brown your meat on both sides.

Step 2: Remove your beef roast from the instapot and add onions, broth, carrots, and any spices your would like. Put your beef roast back in the cooking pot on top of the onions.

Easy Instant Pot Beef Roast Recipe

Step 3: Lock your lid in place and set on pressure cook for 60 minutes. After done cooking turn off your pot and let sit for at least 10 minutes until doing a quick release.

Step 4: If you sauce is thin add a slurry of water and flour and stir in your pot roast.

Easy to make and delicious Instant Pot Beef Roast Recipe

Make sure to also try these Instant Pot Recipes

Hearty Beef Stew Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipe
Instapot Pot Roast Recipe
Hearty Beef Stew Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipe
Instapot Baked Apples Recipe
Easy Instapot Cinnamon Applesauce Recipe
Simple Instapot Swedish Meatballs Recipe
Fast And Easy Instapot Baked Potatoes Recipe
Simple Hard Boiled Eggs in Instant Pot Recipe

Instant Pot Beef Roast Recipe
Recipe type: Dinner Recipe
This instant pot beef roast recipe is the solution to a delicious meal for the family that's super easy to prepare.
  • 3½ lb. Beef Chuck
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 2 large potatoes chopped
  • 2 Large Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 large onion (peeled and chopped)
  • 1 cup carrots (peeled and chopped)
  • fresh taragon one stalk
  • fresh thyme
  • 1 packet of italian dressing
  • 2 cups beef broth
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Step 1: Cut your beef chuck into chunks. (You don’t have to do this, I have just found that it cooks a little more evenly if you do. Set your instapot to the sear option. Pour your oil in the bottom of the pot. When your oil begins to sizzle, brown your meat on both sides.
  2. Step 2: Remove your beef roast from the instapot and add onions, broth, carrots, and any spices your would like. Put your beef roast back in the cooking pot on top of the onions.
  3. Step 3: Lock your lid in place and set on pressure cook for 60 minutes. After done cooking turn off your pot and let sit for at least 10 minutes until doing a quick release.
  4. Step 4: If you sauce is thin add a slurry of water and flour and stir in your pot roast.


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Easy Casserole Recipes Mon, 06 Feb 2017 03:25:49 +0000 Meal Planning can be overwhelming and stressful. Especially this time of year when we are trying to plan meals around a new budget, but at the same time, we want good, healthy options too! I got together with some friends, and we have a list of Easy Casserole Recipes for you to test from. Try all of these Easy Casserole Recipes and let us know what you like! You can not mess up a casserole. I can make dinner on Monday and reuse leftover for my casserole on Tuesday! Nothing gets wasted this way!

Easy Casserole Recipes

Easy Casserole Recipes

One of my families go to casserole is the Cowboy casserole. It has simple ingredients that I keep on hand all the time anyways so really anytime I can whip this up! You know those days when you come home, you don’t feel like cooking or trying to figure out what to make. Just keep these easy few ingredients stocked, and you can just toss this together and bake for 30 minutes and done! This is one Easy Casserole Recipe you need to try!
Here is a list of some Easy Casserole Recipes that not only taste good but are easy to make! Try them all and comment below on which ones you like the best! We would love to know your input!
For more great recipes like these you can also try…
Chicken Taco Dip
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What to wear when you are 40? Sat, 04 Feb 2017 03:00:21 +0000 What to wear when you are 40?

I walked into my closet. Yes, I opened the door and didn’t literally walk into it. I mean entered my closet and I had a melt down. You know the kind where you start to shake like a tree int he wind like your blender when you didn’t put enough water in. I had this overwhelming feeling of yikes!

What do you do when your clothes own you?

I suggest taking this class if fashion really overwhelms you the Adore Your Wardrobe class has helped thousands of women gain control. They look better, and they feel better. If you do not want to be a student, then I suggest you do what I did. I took everything out of my closet, and I put it on my bed. Yes, everything. Yes, it was scary I was afraid mountain clothes was going to get me.

Then I did what I read in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I picked up each item to see if they brought me joy. I made three categories:

1) JOY! JOY! JOY! (meaning it looks good, it is in good shape, it is fashionable, it fits me right now, and I feel great in it)
2) This would look better on someone else; it doesn’t bring me joy
3) This needs to be donated what was I thinking.

I gave myself permission to keep 2 things that had sentimental value. That is it! Two! If I could find a picture of myself wearing it before I had kids in the pile it went!

Fashion Style for Women at 40

Fashion Style for Women at 40

How do you know what to wear when you are 40?

The first thing I always suggest is finding a great pair of jeans. I would head into a consignment shop, and I would try on every pair in a size up or down you can get on. I suggest you wear a t-shirt on top a black or white one. Then once you find a pair of jeans look at the label. That designer works for you. I jot down what brands cut and style I like. Then I go on eBay and grab another pair. You need a dark pair of jeans, light pair, and one boot cut.

The next thing that works for me is finding shirts I love. If they make me happy and look cute with the jeans, I buy them. Find things that bring you joy!

Then learn to layer with coats, jewelry, and accessories. I love to change my whole look by adding a jacket or a belt to it. You can see how I made a cardigan I shirt by buttoning it and adding a belt. I can also wear it open with a t-shirt underneath. I have even worn a cardigan as a shirt under a blazer.

My favorite tip for what to wear when you are 40 is anything that isn’t in a teen shop. You do not need to show your boobs or your butt to be sexy. You can buy clothes that show just a little. I always say guys are hunters so give him something to look forward to.

I put together some of my looks to show you what I mean. How about sending me some of your looks and I will post them. Subject 40, fashionable and Proud! And if you have something you want me to tell you if it looks good or not please share.

Women's fashion at 40


Date Night Plus Size Fashion for Less

This is a plus size post because curvy is cool!

Fashion Under 10 Dollars

Accessories for under $10 and they are cute!

Dinner Date Night Outfits

How about a his and her look?

Join the first Adore Your Wardrobe “From Frustration to Functional” 14-Day Closet Challenge.

This 14-Day Mini-Course is designed to help move a prospect from the “I’m not sure” phase to “Heck, yes! Adore Your Wardrobe is for me.” This will be a FREE course so sign-up now! Challenge registration begins on 2/24, and challenge runs 3/3 – 3/17.

This four-lesson challenge consists of lessons, videos, and worksheets (the exact same layout as Adore Your Wardrobe).
– Lesson #1 – Defining Your Lifestyle
– Lesson #2 – Auditing Your Wardrobe
– Lesson #3 – The “Why” Behind Closet Frustration
– Lesson #4 – How To Create A Functional, Frustration-Free Closet You Adore

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Hearty Beef Stew Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipe Fri, 03 Feb 2017 02:00:10 +0000 If there is one thing I love when it comes to meals, its a 1 pot, under an hour, hearty meal that everyone in my family will like. That’s exactly what I’m bringing you today with my Hearty Beef Stew instant pot recipe. I love using my instant pot on busy weekdays. It’s easy to use, it’s fast, and it makes clean up a breeze. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family did!

Hearty Beef Stew Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipe

Here’s how to make my Hearty Beef Stew Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipe


– 1 lb stew meat
– 2 Cups Beef Stock
– 1 onion (chopped)
– 3 Yukon gold potatoes (chopped)
– 1 cup Carrots (chopped)
– 1 tbsp Oil (I used olive oil)
– Salt and Pepper to taste
– 1 tsp garlic powder
– 1 tsp paprika
– 2 tbsp flour
– 1 tbsp tomato paste

Instructions for making Instant Pot Hearty Beef Stew Recipe:

1. First, turn your Instant Pot onto the “Saute” setting and add your oil and stew meat.

2. Saute until the meat is no longer pink and then add in your chopped vegetables. Stir to combine.

3. Add in your broth and seasonings.

4. Stir again, then place the lid on your Instant Pot and press the“Stew/Meat” setting button.

5. The setting should automatically set for 35 minutes on high pressure, but if it doesn’t, adjust accordingly.

6. Make sure your steam valve is closed and let it cook until done.

7. Complete a quick release of the pressure.

8. Laddle out 1/4 of your liquid and combine it with your flour to create a slurry.

9. Add your slurry back into your stew and stir to combine. Add in your salt and pepper to taste and enjoy while hot!

Hearty Beef Stew Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipe

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Instapot Pot Roast Recipe
Instapot Baked Apples Recipe
Easy Instapot Cinnamon Applesauce Recipe
Simple Instapot Swedish Meatballs Recipe
Fast And Easy Instapot Baked Potatoes Recipe
Simple Hard Boiled Eggs in Instant Pot Recipe

Hearty Beef Stew Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipe
Recipe type: Instant Pot Recipe
A hearty beef stew recipe that's super easy to make in the instant pot.
  • – 1 lb stew meat
  • – 2 Cups Beef Stock
  • – 1 onion (chopped)
  • – 3 Yukon gold potatoes (chopped)
  • – 1 cup Carrots (chopped)
  • – 1 tbsp Oil (I used olive oil)
  • – Salt and Pepper to taste
  • – 1 tsp garlic powder
  • – 1 tsp paprika
  • – 2 tbsp flour
  • – 1 tbsp tomato paste
  1. First, turn your Instant Pot onto the “Saute” setting and add your oil and stew meat.
  2. Saute until the meat is no longer pink and then add in your chopped vegetables. Stir to combine.
  3. Add in your broth and seasonings.
  4. Stir again, then place the lid on your Instant Pot and press the“Stew/Meat” setting button.
  5. The setting should automatically set for 35 minutes on high pressure, but if it doesn’t, adjust accordingly.
  6. Make sure your steam valve is closed and let it cook until done.
  7. Complete a quick release of the pressure.
  8. Laddle out ¼ of your liquid and combine it with your flour to create a slurry.
  9. Add your slurry back into your stew and stir to combine. Add in your salt and pepper to taste and enjoy while hot!


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7 Ways of Staying Healthy Thu, 02 Feb 2017 11:00:53 +0000 Savesta Review

Like most people I know January spurs on a new incentive to tackle goals with fresh energy. Personally, I’ve been increasing my exercise and cleaning up my diet. I’ve recently added several Savesta herbal supplements to support my resolution efforts! An awesome supplement to be aware of is Savesta’s Organic Garcinia. I take two easy to swallow capsules twice a day on an empty stomach. It supports healthy weight management and a balanced appetite. A much needed addition, let me say! This herb has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia. The extract is derived from the Garcinia fruit, and increases metabolism. It encourages healthy serotonin levels; a natural mood stabilizer, especially when you are trying to kick those less healthy habits.

Savesta Herbal Supplements

I’ve also added Savesta’s Triphala and Shatavari herbal supplements for a whole body approach to a healthy 2017. Triphala is a detoxifier improving digestion and better assimilation of nutrients. It also corrects occasional constipation and normalizes blood pressure. Shatavari helps to maintain a healthy hormonal balance. In addition, it’s excellent for a nursing mother’s production of breast milk. The big bonus of this herb is how it helps treat PMS symptoms and controls blood loss during menstruation.

Keep in mind these products are certified USDA organic and come in BPA free bottles! And Savesta products are the purest and most potent Ayurvedic herbals ever created. All raw herbs are carefully screened for heavy metal and pesticide contamination. Additional testing is conducted on the finished extracts. The finished encapsulated products are tested then validated by independent laboratory tests. Check out a few highlights that make Savesta products better than other Ayurvedic herbal supplements:

• Vegetarians and Vegans can feel comfortable with Savesta tablets and capsules. There are no animal derived ingredients in Savesta products.

• All herbal extracts are never subject to radiation.

• Both of these products are soy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free and NonGMO.

7 ways of staying healthy

1. Eat healthy. What we put in our body is very important so it can function properly so make sure to have a healthy well-balanced diet. Try to eat more servings of fruits and vegetables.
2. Exercise Regularly. Exercise is good for our circulation, it removes toxins from out body and burns excess fats.
3. Get enough sleep and rest. Our bodies repair itself when we sleep so make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep.
4. Take some time to relax. Stress has been proven to cause different health problems. Try to give yourself some time to just relax and not think about work or problems.
5. Go to your doctor for regular check-ups. Prevention is better than cure and it’s important to get screening tests.
6. Avoid smoking and drink moderately.
7. Take some supplements to help your body.

A healthy lifestyle incorporates many components. Healthy food, adequate sleep, exercise, self-care, positivity, meaningful relationships… The list is nearly endless! As a full-time mom to three young children, my diet leaves much to be desired. Along with intentionally pursuing a healthy lifestyle, I regularly take Savesta herbal supplements to help overcome nutritional deficiencies. Savesta combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with advanced phyto-technology to offer their potent line of herbal supplements. All Savesta products are Soy Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free and GMO Free. All capsules and tablets are vegan, and all bottles are BPA Free and HDPE #2 bottles.

Give the gift of better health. Take advantage of this hot deal now and purchase Savesta products at the lowest price on the Internet at 40% off regular price plus free shipping by inserting the coupon code VDay17 during checkout.

Organic Garcinia 40% off plus FREE S&H
Shatavari 40% off plus FREE S&H
Triphala 40% off plus FREE S&H

Savesta Giveaway

This month we’re going to have 3 giveaway winners! Each winner will receive 1 bottle each of each of Organic Garcinia, Shatavari and Triphala.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Giveaway is open to U.S. only and ends on 2/17/17


Triphala is a cornerstone of Ayurvedic medicine for digestion and internal cleansing

Benefits of Triphala include:

  • Corrects occasional constipation, cleanses and tones the gastrointestinal tract
  • Detoxifies the whole body and improves digestion and assimilation
  • Promotes normal blood pressure and blood circulation
  • Very effective in occasional digestive disorders


Shatavari is traditionally used by women for overall health and vitality, to promote lactation and as an aphrodisiac

Benefits of Shatavari include

  • Supports reproductive health by toning and nourishing the female reproductive organs
  • Supports normal production of breast milk for nursing mothers
  • Maintains healthy hormonal balance
  • Helps treat PMS symptoms by relieving pain and controlling blood loss during menstruation

Organic Garcinia

Garcinia Cambogia has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to support balanced appetite. Derived from the rind of Garcinia fruit, our extract contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA 50%), which is responsible for the metabolic effects. HCA also appears to promote healthy serotonin levels.

Benefits of Organic Garcinia include:

  • Helps maintain healthy weight management
  • Increases brain serotonin, which may make you feel less hungry (*WebMD)
  • Studies show improved cholesterol levels.
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Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe Wed, 01 Feb 2017 14:00:29 +0000 Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe-My kids would eats pizza and macaroni & cheese every day if I let them.  I’ve experimented with a number of macaroni & cheese recipes over the years and I think I’ve found “the one”.  A trick to making this classic Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe is constantly stirring the roux when adding the milk and then cheeses.  You don’t want the heat too high or you will scorch the milk or cheese sauce, and that will ruin the dish.

Sometimes when making my Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe I’ll use a combination of cheeses, like Mexi-cheese blend, Italian blend, Monteray Jack, mozzarella, or whatever I have on hand.  You can nestle hotdogs or smoked sausages into the macaroni before baking to create an all-in-one meal.  Or stir in extra chopped, cooked ham and asparagus.  Another yummy add-in is cooked, sliced chicken and steamed broccoli.  I have even added pureed tomatoes, onions, and peppers to this dish to add flavor and vitamins.  I cut down on fat and calories by using skim milk and 2% cheeses.  Any tube-shaped pasta (ziti, penne) or spirals can be substituted for the elbow macaroni.  Dry pasta tends to go on sale often; and it’s nice to have a stock pile of this staple so you can make this family favorite anytime.

I double this Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe every time I make it and freeze half unbaked.

Here is how to make my Baked Macaroni & Cheese:

You Will Need:

8 oz. Dried elbow macaroni
1/4 c. butter
1/4 c. all-purpose flour
2 c. milk
1 t. salt
1 c. shredded cheddar cheese
4 oz. Cheese product (Velveeta), cubed
2 T. Grated Parmesan cheese


Cook macaroni according to package directions, omitting salt.  Drain and set aside.  Melt butter in heavy saucepan over low heat; add flour, stirring until smooth.  Cook 1 minute, stirring constantly.  Gradually add in milk; cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until thickened and bubbly.  Stir in salt and cheese, stirring until cheese melts.  Remove from heat.  Fold in macaroni and pour into greased 2-qt. baking dish.  Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.  (Freeze unbaked casserole, if desired.)  Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 25-35 minutes or until bubbly.  Let stand 5 minutes before serving.

Baked Macaroni & Cheese

I hope you enjoyed this Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe!

Also try these macaroni and cheese recipe:

Weight Watchers Macaroni And Cheese Recipe {Only 4 Points!}
Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese
Green Macaroni and Cheese

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Valentines Day Recipes for Kids: Fun Snack Mix Mon, 30 Jan 2017 22:25:47 +0000 Valentines Day Recipes for Kids

Valentines Day Snack Mix

Valentine’s Day is almost here! This year my little girl is having a class party, and all the kids were asked to bring a treat to share. I image a lot of parents grabbing some candy and calling it a day, but Jaiden (my daughter) decided she wanted to make something special for her class mates this year so she decided she wanted to make a Valentine’s Day Snack Mix! This is a really easy Valentines Day Recipes for Kids to make, and sure to be a hit with the kids and adults alike! You can also customize this mix with whatever you like to eat! 

I like to sneak some good stuff in not-s0-good snacks so I made sure to put in some raw almonds and chia seeds, but shhhh don’t tell my daughter! Haha.

Here is how to make this Valentines Day Recipes for Kids: Fun Snack Mix

Valentines Snack Mix steps


You will need:

  • A large bowl/spoon
  • popcorn
  • pretzels
  • almonds (or any other kind of nut you like)
  • white melting chocolate
  • Valentine’s candies (or sprinkles!)
  • pink or red food coloring

Step 1: First, gather your ingredients and pop your popcorn!

Step 2: In a large bowl add your popcorn, pretzels, nuts, and valentines candy. Mix all the ingredients together well.

Step 3: Melt your white chocolate and add red or pink food coloring and mix well.

Step 4: Drizzle your melted chocolate over your mix and let cool.

Step 5: You can leave in the bowl to serve, or put snack sized portions in bags to give as treats!


There you have it! A super easy Valentines Day Recipes for Kids!

Looking for more great Valentine’s Day Recipes for Kids and other projects? Check these out:

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Rice Krispie Hearts Valentine Treats Recipe Fri, 27 Jan 2017 13:00:31 +0000 Rice Krispie Hearts Valentine Treats Recipe

Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

Rice Krispie Valentine treats

Valentine’s Day is this week can you believe it!? My daughters class is having a Valentine’s Day party in class this week and we wanted to make Valentine treats that are easy, festive, and of course, tasty! These Rice Krispie Valentine’s Hearts are oh-so-cute and fun to make! You can customize them in so many different ways. And the great thing about rice krispies recipe is that with a cookie cutter you can customize them for any holiday.

What I love most about recipes like these is that you can make them with your kids. Getting your kids in the kitchen with you is great for bonding and can also teach lessons in math (measuring) English (reading), and following directions! So grab your ingredients, your kids, and have some fun in the kitchen!

Here’s how to make rice krispies Valentine treats

Ingredients for rice crispy treats

You will need:

  • 5 Cups Krispie Rice Cereal (1 Box)
  • 4 Cups Mini Marshmallows (1 bag)
  • 1/4 Cup  Butter
  • Toppings of your choice (We used frosting, gum drops, and candy pearls)

Directions on How to make heart shaped rice krispie treats

  1. In a large saucepan, melt your butter over medium/high heat. Add in your marshmallows and stir constantly until melted. Remove from heat.
  2. Add in your cereal and mix well to make sure the cereal is coated well.
  3. Using a buttered spatula press the mixture into a greased 13×0 pan. Let cool.
  4. Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out rice krispie hearts and decorate any way you like! You could ice them, dip them in melted chocolate, sprinkle them with candies, sprinkles, dried fruit, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Heart Shaped Rice Krispies

Heart Shaped Rice Krispies Valentine Treats

Here’s another version of this yummy Valentine treat. After I made my heart shaped rice krispies I sprinkled red/pink sugar crystals on top. Not only is it yummy it turned out pretty cute too.

Heart Shaped Rice Krispies for Valentine's day

Heart Shaped Rice Krispies

What treats are you making for Valentine’s Day this year? Need some inspiration? We gotcha!

Don’t forget the Valentine’s Day Crafts!

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Get Your Child Set Up for Success with a Prepaid College Plan Mon, 23 Jan 2017 11:51:23 +0000 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed here are mine.

Financial freedom is the thing that dreams are made of for most adults living in today’s society. Most college graduates start the beginning of their adult lives saddled with extreme debt that comes from having to pay mounting education expenses while also going to school full time and/or working. Financial responsibility is something that we promote heavily here on Real Advice Gal. What better gift can one give than learning to be responsible with your money and expenses?

Prepaid College Plan

One thing we are doing in 2017 is making our children’s education savings priority. Our New Year’s resolution is to start while they’re young teaching them financial responsibility. There are many ways to cut costs in your daily life to be able to afford the payments necessary to get your child’s educational future off on the right foot. Not only will you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their college expenses are taken care of, but you will be teaching them that putting themselves, their education, and their financial future as a priority is extremely important and should be taken seriously.

We can help the next generation side step that debt right now by purchasing a prepaid college program for them. What better gift is there? Though it’s not as much fun to unwrap, the give the gift of a debt free education will mean so much more to them. And in the very near future they will realize how special it was that their family provided for them like this.

Florida prepaid college plan

In our family we believe that two years community college and two years university is the best way to go. Here are the details of that plan so you can see if it is also right for your family:

The 2 + 2 Florida Plan allows your child to receive a degree from one of Florida’s prestigious State Universities for less than a typical four-year university degree. How? By starting your child off at one of the state’s 28 Florida Colleges (formerly Community Colleges), you’ll save money on lower-level courses before transferring to a State University to finish off their degree. Even better, students with this plan are guaranteed admission to a State University once they’ve earned their associate’s degree at a Florida College. With admission becoming ever more competitive, that can be a huge benefit.

What’s Included
The 2 + 2 Florida Plan covers tuition, tuition differential fee and other specified fees for 60 lower division credit hours at a Florida College and 60 credit hours at a State University.* Without the high cost for all four years, your child will still walk across the same stage with the same degree in the same amount of time as if they went straight to a State University, and will do so knowing both of you have saved money.

How To Enroll
Here is what you’ll need to enroll:
* Open Enrollment is October 15, 2016 – February 28, 2017.
* No payment due until April 20, 2017.
* Be sure to have read the Master Contract.
* Have your and the child’s Social Security Numbers available.
* Have your bank account information available, if you would like to set up automatic withdrawal.
* Have the driver’s license of the child’s parent or legal guardian to submit proof of Florida residency online.

The 2 + 2 Florida Plan is designed to be used at a Florida College first and then at a State University, but the amount covered by this plan can also be applied to other schools nationwide. Also, other important flexibility considerations include:
* If the child receives a scholarship, such as Bright Futures, the amount covered by the 2 + 2 Florida Plan, not just what you paid in, can be refunded or used to pay for tuition and fees not covered by the scholarship.
* If the child moves out of Florida, the child remains eligible for in-state tuition and fees at a Florida College or State University while using his/her 2 + 2 Florida Plan.
* The child has 10 years from the projected enrollment year selected on the application to use his/her 2 + 2 Florida plan.
There are several other plans that may fit your child’s future education needs. Check out this link to see what other plans are available:

Myself and several of the other writers here at Real Advice Gal have plans for our children and they are all customized as our children and family situations are different. Please visit the Florida prepaid website for more information on all of the different levels of prepaid plans available to you and your family. Open enrollment is only once a year and is going on now through February 28, 2017. Click here for more information.


Some more good news! Use the code BLOG1617 for 50% off your application fee – a savings of $25!

Do you have a prepaid college plan for your child? What type of financial goals have you set for you and your family this new year?

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How Do You Know He Is The One Sun, 22 Jan 2017 15:28:40 +0000 How Do You Know He Is The One


How Do You Know He Is The One

   I woke up for no good reason this morning. The children weren’t up, creating destruction a car hasn’t driven by with blaring music. The house wasn’t echoing it age. I just got up and thought of something. The kind of thought that wakes you from your deepest sleep that your mind and body crave with such importance that you awake. I had clarity in the question that I had been rolling over and over again in mind for days.
I was struggling with an anniversary gift for my husband. It is the week of our 20th anniversary of dating. I couldn’t think of a thing that would encompass the significance he has in my life.
  I tried hard. I scrolled online for hours. I tried to listen to see if he would give me a hint as to what he needed or wanted but yet four days into our anniversary week I had nothing even though I am known for giving good advice.
The answer I needed washed over me like the first wave when the tide joins the beach. I realized I knew exactly what he needed.
how to know if he is the one
  He is the same person I met in the crowded house in Gainesville, Florida with the mismatched furniture that only three males could combine into a single room all whose purpose was to watch tv. The guy who turned the channel on the TV and took my breath away. That moment I knew my life change. I wasn’t sure how or when but after speaking with you all night I knew we would always be friends.
You were the guy who didn’t have “game” who nervously asked me if I smoked instead of my name. The guy who offered me a drink after I noted several times I do not drink and drive. The gentleman who asked me to dance when dancing wasn’t his thing. The guy that stepped on my steel toe boots more than he stepped with the beat. The guy whose infectious laugh moved me more than the song could have. The guy that looked at me and still looks at me like no one or nothing else matters.
I chose you not because my dating pool was empty or you were the last one standing. I chose you not because it was easy to have a boyfriend or husband that was hours away at times and countries away other days, weeks, or months. I chose you not because you empty the dishwasher and do the laundry both chores I despise. Not because you are kind, gentle, smart, and funny.
I chose you not because there was and will never be a choice.
I choose you ever night before bed and every moment in between. I choose you and each morning as the sun peaks up through the clouds and the breakfast you are cooking for the children which you insist is your favorite part of the day saturates the air with citrus and bacon. I choose you.
  You see it is the easiest decision I make all day certainly easier than which pants will fit or what shirt goes with those shoes. It is the knowledge I have of us or what we have accomplished together and apart that has makes my decision an easy one.
It is simple there isn’t anyone else since I met you that I think about. I can’t go a day without talking to you without sharing my joys, sorrows, triumphs and tragedies without being part of your story, our story.
I chose you 20 years ago, and I chose you 20 seconds ago, and I will choose you each second that passes in both good times and bad.
I love you more than words can distinguish, more than time could diminish, and more than cupcakes, lipstick, purses, books, baths, fancy trips combined.
I love you more than anyone could offer for you.
I have never met and I am sure I will never meet someone like you again.
Thank you, for being the best friend, dad, and husband and man I could have never dreamed of.
Thank you, for the best gift anyone could ever give.
Thank you, for loving me for who I am.
If you want to read why Mat chose me this is a post on why our marriage works.  The secrets to a happy marriage.

And that is

How Do You Know He Is The One

how do you know he is the one

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$50 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Giveaway Sun, 22 Jan 2017 11:00:48 +0000 Welcome to our $50 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Giveaway!


Do you love steak? Well, together with my blogger friends we want to treat you to a sumptuous meal at one of our favorite restaurant, the Outback Steakhouse! Known for their juicy, tender and flavorful steaks, Outback Steakhouse also serves a lot of other great dishes including their famous Bloomin’ Onion. It’s the perfect restaurant for the whole family. So here’s the awesome news, because we’re giving away a $50 Outback Steakhouse e-Gift Card to one lucky reader.

Join our $50 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Giveaway Now!

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Giveaway is open to US only and runs until 2/28/17  11:59pm EST.

Also check out our Contest Page for more giveaways!

Steak lovers check out these recipes:

Grilled T-bone Steaks

Grilled T-bone Steaks With Sweet & Savory Sauce

Philly Cheesesteak stuffed peppers recipe ready to eat yum

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Green Peppers Recipe

pepper cube steak

Cube Steak Crockpot Recipe

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5 Things Your Mother Didn’t Tell You But Should Have Fri, 20 Jan 2017 01:17:31 +0000 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Smile Makers, but all opinions expressed here are mine.

Things Your Mother Didn't Tell You But Should Have

It wasn’t that long ago that I lived under her roof and followed her rules as diligently as one could. I often forgot the one about talking back or putting the clean laundry in the drawer folded nicely not shoved in with a force that required me sitting on the floor and using my legs to push the drawer into submission.

We would sit at the counter as children, it was filled with the five food groups laid out with care. The aroma of heaped oatmeal mixed with the citrus of fresh squeezed orange juice carefully poured out of the plastic bottle. The table was clean without a crumb. I would remember how hard this task was in years to come when my children were at the counter waiting for breakfast to be served. I would wonder how the crumbs didn’t appear how the orange juice didn’t splash on her counter. How her glasses sparkled, and mine had spots.

I would think to myself what else didn’t she tell me about being a mom or about being a woman.

I know I had learned all the right lessons as a mom when I could end a supermarket tantrum with the zeal of a WWF referee. I knew I understood the job when my children received awards in school for behavior, academics, and attendance. I understood my role when I gave up my shoe habit to pay for theirs, but I knew there was something missing still from her coursework.

What my mother didn’t tell me is how to take care of myself. How to make sure I was happy and satisfied with life as a woman.

She told me about the birds and the bees, but she did not share the tool that can increase self -confidence, release stress, elevate mood, improve your sex-life. Yes, moms have those as well and keep one of your most important parts strong and healthy.

Smile Makers

She didn’t tell me about the Smile Makers, and I feel cheated. I mean how does one learn about these things. It isn’t like her husband will tell her. Her best girlfriend will only admit to this powerful device when the wine has loosened her lips to the truth of all that is magical.

You see my mom didn’t tell me to put myself first so that I could be all things to everyone. She didn’t tell me that pleasure can be self-created. She didn’t tell me that sex is okay and empowering with the right person and also fun with the wrong person. She didn’t tell me that it was okay to talk about sex and the tools to make it more pleasurable because she was not taught that women have the power to be in charge of their own destiny.

I forgive you mom since you taught me so much but I hope to end the cycle and talk openly to other woman about the joys of the Smile Makers. They call it that for a reason.

Ladies head over to and use the code SMC15 to receive 15% off your purchase of $60 or more. They also have “Love Boxes,” which are curated boxes of 2 massagers and 1 lubricant.

Also check out the 4 daily habits of incredibly confident women

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Chicken Taco Dip Recipe Wed, 18 Jan 2017 12:00:29 +0000 Chicken Taco Dip Recipe

I have three children, and they all want to help cooking. I decide that is a perfect idea especially when I would rather eat and watch the game then get up and make food for everyone. I took them to Save -A- Lot. We found the ingredients we needed for the  Chicken Taco Dip. Save-A-Lot cost 40% less than my average supermarket.


 We also found paper goods and drinks for the biggest game of the year with prices everyone can cheer for. I was especially impressed with the ease of which I was able to find the things I needed as my little football players enacted spring training down aisle two. I was grateful to get in and out of the store with a flag or a holding call. This recipe will turn all your haters into fans no matter what team they support everyone is ready for a chicken taco dip for the win!

My Superbowl hack is to make a recipe that you can take apart for your guest with allergies. I have a husband that is gluten, egg, and dairy free, so I am easily able to adapt this recipe to meet his needs while making the original recipe for my other guests. It makes life easier to be able to make a single recipe two ways instead of two different recipes.

I really love this recipe because all the steps are very kid friendly. If you have several sets of little hands, you can easily assign each child a different task. If you only have one set of hands don’t worry each step can be accommodated for all ages.

Chicken Taco Dip


Easy Chicken Taco Dip Ingredients

1 cup cooked chicken
1/2 cup refried beans
8 oz cream cheese
1/2 cup diced black olives
1/2 cup salsa
2 cups shredded Mexican Cheese


1. Spoon Soft Cream Cheese into bottom of casserole dish and spread to cover the bottom of the dish.

Little Hands Tip – Use a sandwich spreader to make spreading easier

2. Chop Cooked Chicken into bite sized pieces and place on top of Refried Beans.

Little Hands Tip – Have your child use a child safety knife and cut into small pieces.

Chicken Dip Recipe

3. Top with Refried Beans

Little Hands TipUse the same method as you did in the Salsa.

4. Top with Salsa

Little Hands Tip- 8 Tbsps = 1/2 cup, Practice their math skills by having them scoop out 8 Tbsps with a 1 Tbsp measuring spoon

5. Slice Black Olives and place on top of the dip. (I do not slice my olives since one of my kids hates them,  but I love them)

Little Hands Tip – Use Extra Large Black Olives and let your child use a safety knife to cut into pieces.


6. Top with Shredded  Cheese

Little Hands Tip – Take Shredded Cheese out of the bag and place in a bowl. Let them sprinkle it on top.

Easy Taco Dip recipe

7. Cook in Microwave for 5-10 minutes until warm. You can also put it in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes

Easy Dip Recipes

8. Serve with Nacho Chips.

Chicken Taco Dip Recipe

You can simply take out the cheese and cream cheese from this recipe to make it gluten and dairy free. I used a hotter salsa for my husband’s version because it needed some additional flavor without the cheese. I have also added peppers to his sliced which helped with the flavor development.

Make sure to sign-up for Smart Shopper Club to get Save-A-Lot specials, recipes, cooking tips and more delivered straight to your inbox.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Save-A-Lot. The opinions and text are all mine.

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How to make Honey Butter Syrup for your chicken and waffles Tue, 17 Jan 2017 11:53:48 +0000 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #DailyVegolutions #CollectiveBias 

Real Advice Gal Frugal Tip: There is a great Ibotta offer on all MorningStar Farms® products at Walmart. Buy any 3 MorningStar Farms® products at Walmart, earn $3.

I love the smell of waffles in the morning. The anticipation of that first melt in your mouth warm bite drenched in sweet syrup.

I love waffles soaked in syrup. That is until my son started reading the labels for everything he eats. It’s funny, you teach them to eat healthy and how to make good food choices but suddenly when they start practicing what you have taught them you wish they would have just left your syrup alone.

Once he started reading the label and I had to endure the lecture about high fructose corn syrup, I decided I had to give up my sweet, sticky, yummy syrup. Luckily, I did a little research and found a healthier alternative.

How to make honey butter syrup for your chicken and waffles

Honey Butter Syrup Recipe


1/2 c butter (1 stick)

3-4 Tbsp honey

1 Tbsp milk

1 pinch cinnamon (optional)

1 pinch nutmeg (optional)


Put the butter in a microwave safe bowl and heat in the microwave until melted. The amount of time really depends on your microwave. I usually start with 30 seconds and add more time until it is melted.

Start with a stick of butter to make honey butter syrup

After the butter is melted, add the honey and milk and stir it until it is mixed.

Add 3-4 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of milk

It will look a bit like caramel syrup and is more of the consistency of apple butter than maple syrup. You can add flavorings such as cinnamon or nutmeg if you like.

Mix the butter, honey, and milk until consistent and smooth.jpg

Now that, the great syrup dilemma is over…

Let’s get back to those waffles.

I am sure I have mentioned it more than once I am not a morning person so I have been known to buy frozen waffles. I figure, that way, I can spend more time eating the waffles rather than making them.

Honey butter syrup can be homemade in minutes and when added to waffles with chicken makes a delicious breakfast

Having lived in the south now for more than a decade, I know that when you want chicken and waffles you are going to get fried chicken with waffles and syrup. Growing up in Pennsylvania, chicken and waffles were served with gravy not syrup and the chicken was baked not fried.

Since my son has become the healthier food police, I decided to make some New Year’s Vegolutions and try to incorporate more vegetables into our diets. So, instead of fried chicken, I am making our chicken and waffles breakfast with MorningStar Farms® Meal Starters® Chik’n Strips.

Breakfast doesn't have to be hard to be good

Even though, we are not vegetarians, we have tried and liked other MorningStar Farms® products so I figured why not add some veggies to our breakfast too.

Homemade honey butter syrup is delicious on top of chicken and waffles

Everyone loved our new healthier chicken and waffles with homemade honey butter syrup and  so I will be heading back out to Walmart so I can stock up.

You can buy MorningStar Farms Chik N Strips at walmart


You can buy MorningStar Farms Chik N Strips at walmart in the frozen food section

Luckily, there is a Buy any 3 MorningStar Farms® products at Walmart, earn $3 Ibotta deal going on right now. kelloggs crumbles ibotta offer

Do you have a creative way to stick to your Vegolutions? I would love to hear how you are eating healthier.

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Simple Hard Boiled Eggs in Instant Pot Recipe Fri, 13 Jan 2017 15:22:00 +0000 Simple Hard Boiled Eggs in Instant Pot Recipe


Whether you are making deviled eggs, egg salad or just like eating simple hard boiled eggs, make it easy and simple by making hard boiled eggs instant pot with this recipe. Perfect eggs every time. No mess or fuss or worrying about over or undercooking them ever again! Just make sure to follow all the steps because you would hate to have an egg explosion…not like that has ever happened to me. Try and error right! These few but simple steps will give you perfect Hard Boiled Eggs every time.

First, make sure the instapot is clean and ready to go! Grab the rack that it came with and put it in the pot. If you have one of those steel lotus, steamer baskets put that in too! It will make it easier to take out when it is done.


Next, add 1 cup of Cold Water!
Add your eggs. Do not do more than 12 at a time!
Close and lock the lid.hard-boiled-eggs-3
Select Steam
Press Time Cook and set timer for 6 minutes and Start
It will take about 10 minutes for the Instapot to build up the pressure then the timer will begin.
While that is going on, grab a bowl of Cold water and fill with ice cubes!


 Once the timer goes off, release any steam if any is left, which mine does not usually, then unlock and place eggs carefully into the ice bath immediately. This is very important! By placing the eggs into the ice bath, you stop the baking of the eggs.

If you want perfectly Hard Boiled Eggs, get them in the ice bath right away. Let them sit there for about 15 minutes!
After the eggs have been in the ice bath for 15 minutes, you can peel and enjoy!
You can then make Deviled Eggs  or whip up some yummy, Egg Salad and if you really want to try something fun try these Pickled Eggs!

No matter what you do, you will have delicious Hard Boiled Eggs every time! If you prefer your eggs to be Easy or Medium all you need to do is just cut the time back! I hope you enjoy this simple and quick way to make perfectly Hard Boiled Eggs with your Instapot!

Simple Hard Boiled Eggs in Instant Pot Recipe
Recipe type: Instant Pot Recipe
  • 6-12 eggs
  • 1 cup Cold Water
  1. Put in your Steel Lotus
  2. Put 1 cup of Cold Water
  3. Add 6-12 eggs
  4. Lock the Lid
  5. Select Steam and time for 6 minutes for Hard Boiled Eggs
  6. While cooking, Get a large bowl with ice water
  7. Once done cooking, release any steam left (if any)
  8. Unlock the lid and carefully remove the eggs and place in ice bath Right Away!
  9. Let them sit in the ice bath for at least 15 minutes
  10. After ice bath remove and peel!
  11. You can then store in container to eat later on or you can use them for some other great meals

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Easy Instapot Cinnamon Applesauce Recipe
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Steakhouse Potato Soup in 5 Minutes? Believe it! Soup’s On! Thu, 12 Jan 2017 11:00:55 +0000 Disclosure:My family happily ate their fill of Idahoan® Premium Steakhouse® Potato Soups as part of the #IdahoanSteakhouseSoups and Mom It Forward Blogger Network Campaign. All opinions and full bellies are our own.

Do you have an item that you never eat at home but always order when dining out if it is available on the menu? Something delicious that you love but just don’t want to put forth the effort to make it at home? Maybe it is something that can only be done right by your favorite restaurant. For me that item is steakhouse potato soup. I absolutely love thick hearty chunky potato soup but I can’t quite seem to make it as good as my favorite restaurants and certainly can’t get it on the table quickly. Until now.


Idahoan Steakhouse Potato Soup tastes like slow cooked and simmered soup but is ready in just five minutes

Steakhouse Potato Soup in 5 Minutes

Today, I am sharing my secret trick for serving up Steakhouse Potato Soup in 5 minutes.

You ready?

The secret is to just add water. That’s it! Just add water to Idahoan® Premium Steakhouse® Potato Soups and in five minutes you can have dinner.

Just add salad and a hunk of crusty bread served with Idoahoan Premium Steakhouse Potato Soups and dinner is done

Now that my secret is out I also have a confession to make. I didn’t tell my family my secret for making such delicious soup. You see, my 11 yr old son, is quite the budding chef. As part of our homeschool curriculum, he makes dinner once a week. When he wants to impress us he makes potato soup. It’s good potato soup but it takes a long time to make and the kitchen is always a mess when he is done. So, I gave him the night off and told him I was going to try a new recipe for potato soup.

Idahoan Premium Steakhouse Potato Soup is delicious and ready in five minutes

What happened next? Imagine their surprise when dinner was ready so quickly.

Steakhouse potato soup doesn't have to take hours to make

My son said, “Even if you are an awful chef, of course I am not talking about you mom, you can make delicious soup.”

As he worked on his second bowl, he said, “When I go to college in a few years, please send me lots of packages of this soup.”

When I revealed the package, my son exclaimed: “Hey, that is the same brand as my favorite mashed potatoes!” Yes, we eat a lot of Idahoan Garlic Mashed Potatoes!

Warm up during the cold winter months with a bowl of steakhouse potato soup

Everyone absolutely loved the soup. I even had to make more. No problem though because it was ready so quickly, I just made another flavor. We tried both the Loaded Potato and Cheddar Broccoli flavors. I can’t wait to try the other two flavors of Idahoan® Premium Steakhouse® Potato Soups: Creamy Potato and Three Cheese Chipotle.


You never have to leave your house to have thick hearty steakhouse potato soup

Get Social with Idahoan:

Parents and soup lovers everywhere can now recreate the steakhouse experience in their homes in just minutes. Just add water and serve up delicious hearty soup in no time. Let us know which flavor you will try first in the comments below.

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Rite Aid Starting Points – A New Way to Save Tue, 10 Jan 2017 15:00:55 +0000 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Rite Aid but all opinions expressed here are mine.


Rite Aid’s Starting Points promotion just hit a home run in my book and has moved to the top of my list of favorite drug store promotions. We all look for ways to save money and trim a few dollars off our budgets. I am no exception and now that Starting Points is here, there are so many more ways to save money in the New Year.

Starting with this week’s sale flyer, I kept my eye out for the Starting Points logo while mentally putting together a list of bargain items.

Rite Aid Starting Points

I quickly realized many of the items in the sale flyer were on my shopping list already. BONUS! Now I’ll be able to stick to my plan to only buy items on sale, with coupons, and/or as part of a money saving promotion. The Starting Points promotion is simple enough for everyone from a beginning couponer to a savvy saver!


Simply spend $50 on any participating products and receive 2,000 Plenti points. That’s the equivalent of $20 in savings for every $50 spent. In other words, 40% in savings! If you find these items on sale and/or have coupons for any of them, your savings will be even greater.

This promotion is valid through January 21st and you can take advantage of it twice a week. Here’s a helpful hint: Print out of the list of participating products to make it easier to work up your shopping scenarios for the next few weeks. The list changes each week.



Let’s call this week’s scenario a “double up.” All of the items are BOGO (buy one get one free). With cold and flu season upon us, now is definitely the time to take advantage of these deals. Here’s the scenario I came up with:

2 – Quilted Northern (12 pack) – $11.99 BOGO
2 – Pediacare Children’s Cold Multi-Symptom (4 oz) – $7.99 BOGO
2 – Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray (6 oz) – $7.69 BOGO
2 – Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges (18 ct) – $4.99 BOGO
2 – Contact Cold + Flu (28 caplets) – $8.99 BOGO
2 – Little Remedies Honey Cough Syrup – $7.99 BOGO
2 – Ricola Cough Drops (18-24 ct) – 2/$4 less $1 manufacturer’s coupon = $3
Total Out of Pocket (OOP) = $52.64
Plenti Points Earned = 2,000 ($20.00)
RETAIL VALUE = $103.28

The advantage to racking up my Plenti points is I’ll have $20 to fill up my gas tank next week!


A second transaction I’ll be doing is purchasing an Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File (which I wanted for Christmas but didn’t receive). I can purchase the Amope file (on sale for $29.99 this week), an Amope Pedi Perfect refill package ($14.99) and four Gatorade (28 oz.) (2/$3) for a total of $50.98. I’ll earn another 2,000 Plenti points and be able to fill up the tank in my husband’s car too. Not a bad deal!


In case you’re looking for different items to create your own scenarios, check out these other products, which are part of the promotion:

Angel Soft Mega 6 Pack, Brawny Paper Towels 6Pack or Quilted Northern 12 pack


Mix & Match – Choose from Luden’s Cough Drops, Chloraseptic, PediaCare, Similasan Kids, Cold & Mucus, Chestal Children’s or Little Remedies Cold Relief, Boiron Oscillococcinum or Cold Calm Tabs, Contac Cold/Flu, Sambucol or Lysine LipClear Ointment (BOGO FREE)


Johnson’s, Desitin and Mylicon Products (excludes trial size) (BOGO 50% off)


Now that I’ve shown you how to take advantage of the Starting Points program, let us know what bargains you snag!

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Stay At Home Dates Tue, 10 Jan 2017 12:00:57 +0000 Stay At Home Dates

cheap date idea

I often wonder what keeps a relationship alive other than love. The answer is making time for one another. I know time gets away from us and our lives are fill of all the things on our to do list but really we need to step back and clear a night to make time for the person that you promised to love forever. I have several posts on cheap date ideas.  This is a sampling of ideas to try at home. I take every Friday night and my husband and I go to the gym to swim together. It is a nice way to work out and hang out and guess what? The gym has free childcare.


  • Cook dinner together– A fun date night that will fill up your belly and your “love tank”
  • Go outside and star gaze– How romantic is that!? Grab a blanket, a star map, and your hunny for a great date night!
  • Build a bon fire and roast marshmallows– Keep each other warm with a fire and love
  • Have a carpet picnic– Skip the bugs and set up an indoor picnic!
  • Have an in home spa– take turns giving each other massages 😉
  • Throw an indoor beach party– grab some beach chairs and a good book and have an indoor beach day!
  • Plant something in the garden together– Flowers or veggies, have some fun in the dirt with your love!
  • Play a game of basketball– Winner has to buy dinner? 
  • Take a bubble bath– Light some candles and get a little bubbly with your spouse.
  • Play a board game– Let your competive side out with a fierce game of monopoly 


  • Play a card game– Some poker might be fun!
  • Make cookies– Don’t forget to add some sprinkles!
  • Look at your wedding album and see if you can name everyone– Gottta love a trip down memory lane! 
  • Pull out your yearbook and talk about the good old days– another great way to reminisce on fun days past.
  • Go on a bike ride– Have fun and get active, together!
  • Take a walk holding hands– A stroll in a local park would be a great date!
  • Sit on the front porch– People watch or just enjoy each others company!
  • Do a craft together– A great date around the holidays!
  • Wash the car together– Get some work done in a fun way!
  • Make ice cream sundaes for one another– A yummy treat for both of you!

stay at home dates

These are some Cheap Date Ideas

valentine cards for adults

Make your stay at home dates more special with these Free Printable Valentine Cards

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Valentines Day Crafts – Striking Decorated Soaps Mon, 09 Jan 2017 15:46:16 +0000 Looking for Valentines Day Crafts?

Check out this Striking Decorated Soap Craft which you can give to your loved ones as present for Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day Crafts

Striking Decorated Soap Craft

It’s time to embellish hearts, purchase candy, and sharpen Cupid’s arrows. February is nearing and that means Valentine’s Day. The holiday is full of love and appreciation, but too often we are overwhelmed with gifts of chocolate and roses. Please don’t get me wrong- I have a soft spot for a piece of good chocolate, but it is fun to mix up the norm every once in awhile. This year I decided to make “fancy” soaps decorated with dried herbs for gift giving in lieu of the traditional Valentine.

These simple gifts are economical and striking. The soaps are constructed primarily of items you already own or can easily locate at a dollar or grocery store. The dried herbs or flowers dress up this craft and make it unique. Crafters of every skill level will be able to whip up some gorgeous offerings that will be cherished by the recipient.

To make these Valentines Day Crafts decorated soaps, here is what you will need:

  • Bars of Soap
  • Dried Herbs or Flowers that are small and flat
  • Wax
  • Wax Burner or Double Broiler
  • Paint Brush
  • Ribbons (optional)

Let’s get you crafting! Here is how you turn plain soap into a treasured gift:

Valentines Day Crafts

Choose your soap. Ordinary soap works fine, but I enjoy using lavender and “fancy” concoctions like pomegranate rose hips. I discovered these wonderful scented soaps at the Dollar Tree. They look luxurious and only cost $1. Get creative and use different brands. Today I used a block of lye soap for sensitive skin.

Cut small herbs and flowers to fit your bar of soap. You can use any herb or flower that is small and somewhat flat. I have used artificial flowers before with little problem. Some suggestions are lavender, chamomile, sage, rosemary, violets, and small daisies. I used sage buds this morning, because it is what I had on hand. Don’t shy away from “cooking” herbs, because they often possess relaxing aromas.

Valentines Day Crafts

Valentines Day Crafts

Melt your wax. I used paraffin wax, because it is cheap and dries semi-transparent. However, you can use old candles or wax specifically made for crafting. Use what you have in the house. If needed, you can melt crayons or birthday candles to tint the wax. I used my wax burner to melt the wax and keep it viable. In the past I have used a double broiler, but I like the ease and smaller size of my wax burner.

Valentines Day Crafts

Valentines Day Crafts

Take your paint brush and add a small amount of liquid wax where you plan on placing your herbs. Quickly and gently place the sprig down on the wax to secure it. Now, you can gently brush was over the herb to seal it onto the soap. I like to add a thin layer of wax across the entire top to make the added pieces cohesive with the soap.

Valentines Day Crafts

Finally, let the wax set and prepare the craft for giving. You can package the soaps in bags, wrap them in cellophane, or tie ribbons around them. I added a bow and small gift tag to the ones I made this morning.

Happy Crafting and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to Nicole Cross from Plain Graces for this Valentines Day Crafts idea.

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Homemade Dishwasher Detergent
DIY Hair Detangler Spray
Domestic Diva: Homemade Body Wash
Homemade Laundry Detergent
Homemade Liquid Handsoap
Homemade Shaving Cream

Stay tune for more Valentines Day Crafts, recipes and other Valentine’s day projects!

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4 Free Valentine’s Day Printables Sun, 08 Jan 2017 11:00:31 +0000 4 Free Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentine's Day Printables

Happy Valentine’s Week everyone! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! Who doesn’t love love right!? Love and candy, roses, and parties are all the fun things about Valentine’s Day. My daughter is having a Valentine’s Day party at school at the end of the week and all the parents were asked to think of something fun for the kids to do. I thought I would make some fun Valentine’s Day Printables for her class and share them with you guys!

I always love to use any excuse I can to sneak in some education everyday. So these 4 Valentine’s Day Printables include activities that are not only fun but will teach your children something. Let’s check them out!

Here are my 4 Free Valentine’s Day Printables:

Valentine's Day Printables

(Click to Print)

Valentine’s Day Word Scramble- Fun and educational! Unscramble all the words associated with Valentine’s Day! This activity is great for word recognition and spelling!

Valentine's Day Word Search

(Click to Print)

Valentine’s Day Word Search- Another great word recognition and spelling activity. My daughter loves word searches and this was her favorite activity!

Valentine's Bingo

(Click to Print)

Valentine’s Day Bingo- Bingo is a fun 2 person activity that will help with planning. You could use a pen and write X’s and O’s or your could use little candy hearts or other candies!

Valentine's Day Fill In


(Click to Print)

Valentine’s “What Makes My Heart Full” Fill In- This is a sweet activity where your child(ren) can let everyone knows what makes their heart full. This is great for handwriting, story telling, or drawing. It would also make a really cute keepsake!

There you have it! 4 (FREE) Valentine’s Day Printables for you to print out and enjoy with the valentine in your life!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Valentine’s Day?

Looking for more Valentine’s Day Fun? Check these posts out:

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Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids Sat, 07 Jan 2017 11:47:46 +0000 Simply Crafty Sunday

“Love” Hand and Footprint Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids

love canvas gift

Valentines Day is almost here, and if you are looking for a super sweet present to give (or keep for yourself), then you will love this DIY “Love” Hand and Footprint Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids! This is a great gift to make for grandparents, aunts and uncles, or to hang in your own living room! My little girl loved helping me make this, and other than having to buy the canvas, we had all we needed at home already! Thankfully we had some leftover stickers from last Valentines Day, because I am not the best artist ha!

Here is how to make this DIY “Love” Hand and Footprint Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids:


You will need:

  • 2 colors of paint (I went with pink and purple for valentines day!
  • a canvas
  • a paintbrush or paint sponge
  • some super cute fingers and toes!


Step 1: Pick your lettering style and color pallet.  You will be painting an “L” and an “E will using your childs handprint for the “O” and their footprints for the “v”. Paint your “L” first.


Step 2: Paint your childs hand with the opposite color that you painted your “L” with. Make sure to coat the hand well!


Step 3:  Place your childs hand down on the canvas next to your L, make sure you press down firmly, and lift the hand strait up so you don’t smudge!


Step 4: Paint your childs foot in the same color you painted your L with. (Make sure to coat the foot well, and make it tickle for fun!)


Step 5: Press your childs feet one at a time onto the canvas in a V shape.


Step 6: Add your “E” and decorate the rest of your canvas, let dry and hang on the wall!

This Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids is such a fun craft to do with your kids this Valentines Day!

Looking for more great Valentines Day kids art and crafts? Check these out:

Do you like our Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids? Share your comments below.

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The Best Lesson I Taught My Children This Holiday Sat, 07 Jan 2017 01:29:59 +0000 The Best Lesson I Taught My Children This Holiday

They say kids learn from what you teach them. I am positive I did not teach them to lay belly down in the store and throw a fit over not being able to have a gift even if Santa is taking orders. Santa can’t handle every request and neither can I.

That kind of fit like behavior would ruin my hair and lipstick, and I just wouldn’t do it in public. I mean do you know how many people walked on the floor with dirty shoes? I can say the stomping of the foot when one is mad could be a learned behavior or perhaps genetic. It is possible that we evolved from horses.

It was this single act of earthquake child with flailing arms and legs and tears escaping and mucus flying in the middle of the store that sent me into an entirely new holiday direction.

I know how to stretch my money to the point that it resembles silly putty and I know that memories are more important but what I didn’t know was me seeking gifts and buying gifts was turning my children into spoiled lunatics capable of natural disasters in retail locations near you.

I only had one chance to make a change, so I decided what I needed was a National Lampoon’s Christmas type plan. When you think back, each movie revolved around the family having to spend time together. I liked to watching how they got to know one another like it or not.

My plan was simple, to hold my children hostage for one hour while teaching them the miracle of the holiday. I needed 4 things for my mission:

Cooper Tires

1) A car expertly equipped with Cooper Tires. (Cooper Tire is the best choice for a quality tire at a great price – and from a company, you can trust.)
2) Holiday Light Printables
3) Bottle Waters and PB&J
4) 3 children with bad attitudes and one husband without his phone or laptop to receive work calls

We all gathered in the car with a couple of minor incidents over seat location. We took to the road steadfast with my mommy van newly adored with Cooper Tires. They really hug the road and my car no longer vibrated like those dancing ornaments. They also helped with that vibrating noise when you open a window that sounds like a child trying to reach the highest notes without a vocal ladder. They made my van more effective than Santa’s sleigh.

I printed out a Christmas light tracker for each child and handed them a pen and a clipboard. They were to embark on a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunt printable

The Scavenger hunt is fun, and it will be a tradition of ours for years to come, but I wanted to create an experience. I want to show my children what the holiday was about instead of just telling them.

What I am trying to teach my children is to reach for meaning. I want them to uncover the truth like a detective on the final clue of a mystery. I want them to go beyond what we can afford and what we can’t afford. I want them to understand it isn’t what you can receive but what you can give. I want this lesson to happen for so many reasons.

This is what I did, I bought one loaf of bread, 1 bag of sandwich bags, 1 jar of peanut butter, 1 jar of jelly, and bottle waters. Then make PB&J sandwiches enough for your family and as many as you can with the supplies you have left. You are going on what I would like to call the “Bless express.”

You are now armed with what the holiday is about service to others. It is about being open and helpful. It isn’t about shiny toys. You will jump in your car and go on a holiday light show. You can use this fun printable to collect your findings. It is also your mission if you see anyone who doesn’t appear to have a home to stop and give them the PB&J you made them.

As a parent, we all struggle with “if only I could buy more” but truth be told it should be “if only I could give more.” I promise, giving your time and giving to others will not only restore Christmas in your home, but it will set a tradition for years to come. The holiday isn’t about what shiny gift you can provide it is about opening your heart to others.

I knew life is about making choices and in our home we make decisions in this order: health, safety, needs and wants. That is why when faced with everyone out buying one another. I got creative. I was determined to capture the true meaning of the holiday. I hope that you also find the true meaning of the holiday for your family, create traditions like the magic tour of wishes and pass on your good fortune. We are in the position of giving something.

May your road be filled with love and may your travels be safe. I do suggest making sure your car has Cooper tires like mine. I always say tires are the most important decision you make as a car owner.

Cooper Tires

It’s winter, and most of us are going to be on the road whether to visit relatives, shop around, see the sights or to spread blessings to others. It’s important to choose great tires, inspect and to maintain them well to make sure you and your family are safe. Tires play a crucial role in your safety on the road and the performance of your vehicle. Cooper Tire has more than a century of experience in designing and manufacturing tires, making them one of the trusted brands.

Here are some of the tire maintenance and safety facts that Cooper Tire uses to help consumers realize that “Tires Matter.”

Did you know that “All season” tires are not winter tires?

“All season” tires are a great choice for the majority of customers, as they are designed specifically to perform well in year-round moderate weather. If you live in an area with severe winter weather conditions, it is highly recommended that you install winter tires during the winter months, typically from November through March. Winter tires are specifically designed and formulated to improve braking and handling on snow and ice. It is highly recommended that winter tires be placed in all 4 positions for optimal winter performance. However, if you choose to only install 2 winter tires, they must be placed on the rear axle positions. Winter tires can be identified by the 3-Peak Mountain and Snowflake symbol that is located on the tire’s sidewall.

Tires should be checked at least once a month and before a long road trip for routine maintenance and safety.

Cooper Tires

Checking your tires for proper maintenance and safety is a simple, do-it-yourself routine that will get you road ready. As the only part of your vehicle connecting it to the road, checking them monthly and before road trips is recommended.

Follow these easy steps that take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Check the Pressure
– Be sure to check air pressure when tires are cool (minimum three hours after driving).
– Find manufacturer’s recommended air pressure located on the vehicle doorjamb, glove box, fuel door or the owner’s manual.
Note: the tire pressure listed on the tire sidewall is the maximum pressure, not the recommended pressure
– Remove the valve cap and take the tire gauge and press firmly on valve stem.
– If the reading is lower than the recommended level, add air and check again
– Over inflated? Push on the metal valve core in the center of the valve with the nub on the back of the tire gauge to release air, and check again.
– Once recommended pressure is reached, replace valve cap.

Check the Tread
– Insert the edge of a U.S. penny in the tire tread, with Lincoln’s head down.
– If the top of Lincoln’s head is covered by tread, there is at least a minimum acceptable amount of tread.
– If the top of his head is visible at any point around the tire, it is time to replace the tire.

Check the Overall Condition
– Visually check for cuts, cracks, splits, punctures, irregular wear and bulges.
– If any of these conditions are spotted, or if you are doubtful about the condition of your tires, visit a dealer for a professional inspection.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cooper Tire . The opinions and text are all mine.

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Valentine Crafts for Kids: Valentine Wreaths Fri, 06 Jan 2017 11:30:00 +0000 Valentine Crafts for Kids

How to Make Valentine Wreaths

valentine wreath

I decided it would be fun to make Valentine wreaths with my children. This wreath cost less than $10 and took about thirty minutes from start to finish. I completed this Valentine Crafts for Kids project with my children both five and under so it is very versatile.

Valentinie wreath

Valentine Crafts for Kids

Valentine Wreaths Materials:

  1. Tulle: 2 yards
  2. Embroidery ring
  3. Tape
  4. Ribbon
  5. Felt
  6. Beads
  7. Needle
  8. Thread


Cut the tulle in three inch threads

Cut the felt in large circles. I use a mug to trace with 🙂 Cups work as well.

valentine wreath

Then open up your hoop and Squish the tulle on it by puncturing it

Valentine wreath You will continue to do this until the hoop is covered.  You will want to bunch it as much as possible to create fullness


Then you will want to tape it closed



Then you will want to sew on the felt flowers. You can see how I made them, check out my felt flower pattern tutorial <—


You will want to place the thread through the flower. Than loop it around the hoop and through the tulle. Then I loop it through itself and pull. I do this several times to secure it.

valentine wreathThen I just tied a ribbon to hang it up. I made sure I tied it in a bow so that it hung evenly. This Valentine Crafts for Kids: Valentine Wreaths project was inexpensive and fun and I think it looks adorable.

valentine wreath

Felt Flower Pattern

Here is the pattern for the felt flowers

Love this Valentine Wreaths? For more Valentine Crafts for Kids read these:

Valentines Day Love Bugs
Valentines Day Love Puppies
Valentines Day Love Fish

Do you have Valentine Crafts for Kids ideas? Or do you have Valentine Wreaths photos share it with us below.

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Easy 3 Ingredient Strawberry Rolls Recipe Wed, 04 Jan 2017 11:02:03 +0000 Easy 3 Ingredient Strawberry Rolls Recipe

Easy 3 Ingredient Strawberry Rolls

If there is one thing I love, it’s an easy breakfast recipe! Unlike me, my husband and daughter are not morning people. They like to get up around late morning and just hang around allowing themselves to wake up on their own time. (Must be nice right!?). But they do however love breakfast foods. So on weekends I like to make a yummy breakfast for them when they wake up.

One of my daughters favorite foods is strawberry so I try to make sure I incorporate it when I can. I wanted to make cinnamon rolls, but didn’t have some like I thought I did, so I decided to get a little creative and make some of my own! And let me tell you, these Strawberry Rolls that I came up with tasted awesome. I just knew I had to share it with you. I hope you enjoy!

Here is how to make my 3 Ingredient Strawberry Rolls Recipe:

You Will Need:

  •  1 Tube Seamless Crescent Dough (You could also use thawed puffed pastry dough)
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Fresh Strawberries ( cleaned and chopped)
  • Icing (optional, pink food coloring)

Instructions for making the easy Strawberry Rolls Recipe:

Easy Strawberry Rolls Recipe

Step 1: Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Roll your dough out and flatten to about a 1/4 inch thick. Brush with butter. Then top with strawberry jam and fresh strawberries.

strawberry rolls recipe

Step 2: Roll your dough up lengthwise firmly but not too tight. Cut into 8 pieces and place on a baking dish. Bake at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

strawberry rolls recipe easy

Step 3: While your strawberry rolls are still warm, pour your icing over them and enjoy warm!

strawberry rolls

These Strawberry Rolls were a HUGE hit in my house, and with only 3 ingredients and less than an hour to make, it’s going to be coming around more often! Enjoy!

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Crafting with Kids: Making Fun out of Winter Tue, 03 Jan 2017 13:17:03 +0000 Fun Winter Projects for Kids

Let me start off by saying that I live in the wrong state for about half the year. I am in Wisconsin and I will be the first to tell you, I don’t do winter well. That means getting my kids outside to play becomes a chore during those months of the year where there is snow on the ground or it is super cold.

I do know that getting my kids out to play is important but, I despise the cold. That being said, we do get out when when the temperature permits but, I am ready to come back inside long before my kids are.

This year though, I vowed that no matter how much I would much rather be inside where it is much warmer, that I was going to interact with my kids and join their winter fun.

Although it has been cold here, we haven’t actually had much for snow. Once we finally had enough snow (still not much but enough) to get out and do something with we went out and had a snowball fight and built a snowman.

It took me a few years into this parenting gig to realize that sometimes simple is best. It never really occurred to me until my daughter was about four to teach her how to make a snow angel or teach her the “secrets” to making a good snowman.  With our second child being two we included him in on the fun this year and I plan to take time to remember that even if winter isn’t my cup of tea (or coffee) my kids love it and that is the point: To make memories with them.

So, take time to make memories with your kids even if what is happening isn’t necessarily your favorite thing. Looking at it through their eyes makes it fun again!


Meet Stephanie! She’s a 24 year old stay at home Mom, who couldn’t ask for a better blessing than to be home with her daughter!! Their favorite things to do together is working on art projects and they enjoy sharing them with people at Crafting with Bug!! In her free time she enjoys reading and scrapbooking!!

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Valentine’s Day Recipe: Classic Cherry Bread Tue, 03 Jan 2017 11:30:12 +0000 Valentine’s Day Recipe: Classic Cherry Bread

Classic Cherry Bread

You guys, I have been craving something sweet like no one’s business lately! So when maraschino cherries were on sale at my local grocery store I knew what would help me with that craving. With Valentine’s Day coming up I wanted to make a yummy snack that would make a fabulous recipe to celebrate the holiday so I decided to make Classic Cherry Bread. If you have a love for something sweet and a taste for cherries, then this recipe is for you! 

Here is how to make this Classic Cherry Bread Recipe:

You Will Need:

  • 1 3/4 Cups All Purpose Flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup oil (vegetable, olive, etc)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 10-ounce jar maraschino cherries
  • Cream Cheese icing

cherry bread recipe

First, preheat your oven to 350, grease 2 loaf pans and set aside. Drain your cherries, reserving the juice. Give your cherries a rough chop and coat them in about 2 tsp flour. (This will prevent your cherries from sinking).


Next, combine your flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt together in a large bowl and stir together. In another bowl add your eggs, extract, oil, and cherry juice (reserve about 2 tsp of the juice for your icing) and mix well. Combine your wet and dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well. Your batter will be thick, and It’s supposed to be, don’t over mix it!

bread4Then, fold your cherries into your batter and mix. Pour your batter into your greased loaf pans, bake at 350 for around 40 minutes. Check them after 30.


Next, add in your reserved cherry juice to a cream cheese icing (you can make your own or just buy some!) and melt. Pour your icing over your cake (after it has cooled!) and serve!


There you have it. In about an hours time you can prep and bake a Delicious Valentine’s Day Recipe everyone is sure to enjoy!

3 ingredient cookie

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