Febreze Noseblindness Review & Giveaway {Febreze Products +$60 AMEX giftcard!}

Febreze Noseblindness Review & Giveaway

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine


So I have a confession to make, I’ve gone #Noseblind to the smells in my house. I bet some of you out there are guilty of this too. So what do I mean when I say this? Noseblind is the gradual acclimation to the smells of one’s home, car, or belongings, in which the affected does not notice them (even though their guests do). Yep. It happens more than you think. A big noseblind moment happened to me when I quit smoking. I had NO idea my house smelled so bad until someone that still smoked came into my house. Oh yeah, big wake up call there. It’s amazing how your nose becomes accustomed to the smells you smell every day and blocks them out!

Recently, I got the chance to take the Noseblind test from Febreze which involved inviting some friends over and having a movie night! A movie night that included some yummy buttery popcorn.

So here is how my Noseblind test from Febreze went:


I invited my best friend and mother-in-law over for some girl chat and a movie (It was Frozen. Don’t judge! My bestie had not seen the movie yet! I didn’t even know that was possible). Once everyone was ready, we took our first survey that came with our noseblind test. After that we popped some popcorn, and tried not to eat it all before the movie started. Time for survey 2. After singing along to the movie it was time for survey 3.

Then it was time to discuss what we learned! I learned that with 4 cats and a 6 year old, I am noseblind to some of the smells in my house. My guests could smell the dinner I had cooked before the came over (I couldn’t!), and the cats. Ugh. Feeling a little embarrassed it was time to spread some Febreze love in my house. I was provided a wonderful smelling plug in, candle, fabric spray, and Air Effects.  You guys, my house smells amazing thanks to Febreze. It didn’t just mask the smells, it eliminated them.Febreze truly eliminates odors, whether you can smell them or not, leaving nothing but freshness behind. So you can feel confident knowing your home is always guest-ready!

I love knowing I can be confident in my home, and how good it smells. I no longer am noseblind to smells in my home, because I’ve got Febreze on my side, helping me eliminate not-so-great smells in my home!

Want to learn more about Febreze and the Noseblind Test?

Are you ready for an awesome giveaway!?

The wonderful people at Febreze want to make sure you’re not noseblind by offering 1 lucky winner their very own Febreze gift pack (like the one I received) AND a $60 AMEX giftcard! Enter using the Rafflecopter below and good luck! Please give the Rafflecopter time to load 🙂 

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*Must be a US resident 18 or older to enter this contest. Madame Deals is not responsible for prize distribution.

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  1. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I Need Febreze To Freshen Up My Home, I Have 2 Dog’s And Kids That Leave Behind Some Smelly Odors.

  2. Nicole Dz says

    We have 3 dogs, a cat, and 2 kids who both play sports. So some febreze is much needed for our home.

  3. Julie Wood says

    I do not have indoor air conditioning, I only have fans. So you can imagine the smell from the dog! He gets a bath but he still smells a lot. I need to get some Febreze to help cover up this odor! It is the only sprays that work.

  4. Jenna Parsons says

    We have a cat, an elderly dog, and 2 kids. We also have 2 vintage couches. We definitely need Febreeze!

  5. Nancy Loring says

    I need Febreze for my 3 teenage boys rooms. Sometimes I am afraid to go into their rooms. I have found dirty clothes, food or at least I think it was food at one time in each of their rooms. The smell of Frebreze coming from their roons would be a nice change.

  6. Cheryl W. says

    I need Febreze in my home because I have 1 smelly cat. I don’t know how she does it because we are constantly changing her litter box. Yuck!

  7. Lynda Del says

    I need some febreze because I’m trying to sell my house and must attain a fresh-smelling home for buyers.

  8. shelly peterson says

    I could use Febreze to freshen up my home after my grandsons diaper changes, and my sons stinky feet and farts lol

  9. Jeannie Eplion-Holley says

    I have 2 teens, a 9 year old, one really big dog, to many cat rescues to count, a husband and I also care for my disabled mother, I CAN’T live without febreeze!!!!!!

  10. Jackie says

    I need Febreeze because my living room and couch smell like dog from the dog sleeping on the furniture.
    Thank you!

  11. Dawn Monroe says

    I need Febreeze to cover up the odor of 3 teenage boys. Its a mystery smell and I really dont want to know anyway, I just want to get rid of it!

  12. Ronica says

    For some reason no matter what I use I have this weird unexplainable smell. Would be interesting to see if fabreze would do the trick before purchasing.

  13. Claire Rheinheimer says

    I have two teenagers, one of which gets the stinkiest feet I’ve ever smelled in my life, and my 3 year old is taking after her!

  14. M.Clark says

    We need Febreze in our home because there are so many odors that bombard me every day, I really need something to combat these odors.

  15. Saundra M says

    We need Fabreeze because hubby’s friend smokes a LOT, and even though he doesn’t smoke in our home, he always smells like smoke. It stays in my house, and Fabreeze gets rid of the smoky odor.

  16. Andrea Williams says

    Mine house is full of guys with my husband and sons so we smell a lot like a sweaty gym at times. Febreeze would be sure to help us.

  17. Jennipher H says

    I need some febreze because I can’t find a spray to make my whole apartment smell good! I love smelling good. Therefore, my apartment should smell good too!

  18. Natalie U says

    Need febreze because I have a little dog and I would never want people to say my house smells like pets!
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  19. Amanda Alvarado says

    We have a huge German Shepard inside our home and when he comes in from his walks, the dog smell is so overwhelming…it’s even worse if it’s been raining and his paws are wet! Nut we love him so we deal with the smell! 🙂

  20. Jennifer Marie says

    I need Febreeze because I have 3 males in my house and a cat. Between all of that I need some clean fresh smells 🙂

  21. Virginia Rowell says

    I have two dogs and a cat. My husband and I work outside all day and we don’t smell too good until our showers. We could really use Febreze!

  22. Stacey b says

    Between 3 kids and 2 cats, a little Febreeze can’t hurt around here! Plus I like to use it to keep my car smelling fresh.

  23. GB says

    I have pets so Febreze is always welcomes in my house. Plus, the stuff smells great and works even better.

  24. Linda says

    I need Febreze because in the summer heat, I love products like that that will keep the air smelling fresh and clean.

  25. Betsy Barnes says

    Living with two men, I definitely need a lot of Febreze in my life! My hubby and son leave dirty work clothes and work rags in piles, which can create a lot of nasty, greasy odors. 🙂

  26. Christy says

    I have two small dogs and often dogsit two more. 4 dogs in the house can be overwhelmingly stinky sometimes – especially in the summer when it can get hot and muggy.

  27. Ashley C says

    Between a dog and 2 kids, we have a lot of smells going on in our house!


  28. Daniela Tapia says

    Always want to have a house that smells good when visitors are over, not a stinky house with odors of food (cooking), a smelly carpet and dogs too..

  29. Sarah Hall says

    I need to win the Fabreze as my husband is one of the stinkiest people I know and not just in the bathroom. I spray down the sofa where he always sits and even the car seat.

  30. Lynne Meyer says

    My hubby and I need Febreeze in our home because our roommate has a very sweet, but very nervous, beagle who tends to have accidents when she gets scared — which is pretty much anytime we have a thunderstorm.

  31. Susan Wilder says

    I need Febreeze in my home because, I am a smoker and my 18 yr. old son, does not like the smell of cigarette smoke in his clothing; therefore, I was buying the Febreeze Fabric Spray, which helped somewhat…but can’t always afford to buy, I know give up the cigarettes….it’s been very, very hard to quit…I have been using the “Vapor cigarette” on & off. I just love Febreeze, to me, there just isn’t anything that compares!

    Thanks so much for this great giveaway! Hoping & praying I could win.

  32. Kim Kihega says

    I need to have Febreeze in my home because I have an indoor/outdoor dog who stinks every time she’s been out! And, I also have 2 preteen boys, need I say more! 🙂

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