Fashion Friday:Toddlers and Tiaras

I am that mom. The mom that went overboard when she found out she was having a girl and filled her closet with everything and anything I could buy on sale or clearance of course. I have the little girl that wears tutus with everything. She even has her own lipstick. It is strawberry shortcake chap stick. I just think the line between letting little girls play dress up and little girls being dressed up has been crossed. I do not think it is okay to spray tan your child ¬†and dye their eye lashes. I mean asking them to put in fake teeth and hair just to be the winner. It is actually scary to me that we as a society have moved in the direction of making our “babies” into teenagers or from the looks of some of the little girls street walkers. I am all for a little clear lip gloss and sparkles but what people are doing to their children is teaching them that they have to completely change to be consider beautiful and that is a message that I do not want my daughter to have.

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