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Looking like a MILLION for $20.00 Bucks
Ladies and gentlemen there is an answer to all your body issues. The answer is a great pair of jeans. We wear them all the time but are they wearing us? Do they sag where they shouldn’t? Do they produce rolls that shouldn’t be there?

When you put on your jeans they should accentuate your body. They should make you look your best.

The problem is a good pair of jeans is usually well over $50.00 usually about $150.00. I recommend that you go to Plato’s closet . This store is geared towards the 20 something shopper however, their selection of jeans is huge. These preowned jeans are selected based on their quality and their current styles. The secret to amazing jeans is trying on as many pairs as it takes to get one that makes you feel like a million bucks. DO NOT look at the size. LOOK for fit!! It doesn’t matter what size you are. It is better to wear a pair of jeans that fits then to squeeze yourself into a pair of jeans becuase you want the tag to say a certain number. (really, who is reading the number anyway?)

The pair I selected is AG Jeans. They retail for $172.00 new. They are a dark wash which helps to hide your imperfections. It also make it easier to dress them up or down depending on your plans.

OH Yeah.. How much did I pay? $15.00 for a savings of $157.00

I will post the new purchases for this week in green. I will also tell you how to make outfits using last weeks finds because it isn’t a bargain unless you can wear the item in several ways.

Outfit #2
I paired the AG jeans ($15.00) with the blue shirt by GO International ($3.50) from my previous post ($3.50) and the Michael Kors shoes ($2.50) and the Jacket is a new addition since I did have $20.00 to spend.
I bought this Mossimo Jacket at Goodwill for $3.50 (savings of about $35.00). This is a brand that Target carries at a very reasonable price. This jacket will take any outfit from average to outstanding.

Outfit #3 The Mossimo jacket $3.50, Blue T-shirt by Go International $3.50, and Black Banana Republic Shorts $3.50 and the Michael Kors shoes $2.50

***Another tip it is okay to pair colors together that are in the same family.
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    I totally agree about not looking or worrying about the size of your jeans. I recently bought a new pair in the next size up and they look so much better on, no more muffin top, and my boyfriend says my bum still looks good.

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