Fashion Friday What's holding your girls?

The bra…
It was a long time ago, unfortunately, that I walked in to the department store with my mom and quickly grabbed the bra with the little flowers on the strap. I wore that thing until it fell apart. One because I loved it and two because I was too shy to ask for another one. Fast forward twenty years and several boob changing events later; you know breast feeding, pregnancy, losing weight, gaining weight, and age. I find myself on the cusp of a braless revolution. I mean why bother? Guys don’t have to wear them? I would certainly get more help when carrying packages. I am sure I would no longer have to pump my own gas. This could be the answer to all those trivial things that I do not want to do.

Okay, back to reality a great outfit isn’t great unless your foundation pieces are great. I suggest every women go into a department store or specialty shop and get you chest measured. You should get re-measured after any hormone changing events. Don’t be embarrased to get measured. Ladies in high quality stores know what they are doing and it is essential for a proper fit. You may be surpirsed on what your actual size is. I know some people have worn the wrong size bra for years!

To the fitting, you need to wear a tight white shirt so you can find a bra that you can wear with anything. I suggest that this is one item you spend money on. You need to try on several bras. Find one that is comfortable and fits correctly. The one you are currently wearing may not be showing off your assets. If you can only afford one, then buy one. It is so important for your overall image to have a bra that fits. I love Wacoal bras. They are a little expensive starting at about$46.00 but, they have lasted over 3 years (check ebay , tj maxx, and department store sales).  I wait until they are on sale then I buy two or three. I know when I put them on it masks all signs of the boob changing events.

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