Fashion Friday: What is Santa wearing?

matthew and Margeaux

I decided to skip my normal post and instead talk about what is on the inside. I am sure most of you know this is just another day for me being Jewish and all. It is however not for my children who have eagerly awaited Santa for months. We celebrate love and family on this day and that is always in “style.”  I know that clothes are important but what really make a lasting impression are the values you hold in your heart and how you treat others. I often ask my son have you given more than you have received? We understand give to mean things, words, and actions. Have you help someone today? Have you done something nice just because? Have you put the needs of someone else above your own? Have you thought for a moment about how fortunate you are?

If today isn’t your holiday can it be the day when you welcome a new way of thought and inspiration to your life. Can you be your families Santa everyday. I mean the person who is cheerful, happy, benevolent, and a hard working? Can you be someone who makes others dreams come true? I often think about what I can do to help others. I find it isn’t enough for me to bask the efforts of our family and enjoy what we have unless we are able to share with others. The website has been a vehicle for me to encourage all of you to believe in yourself. I think confidence is “hot”.  I have worked with people of all ages over the years that have been told they can’t or they aren’t capable. I simply walk in with a positive attitude and the desire to create change and do so. We all have the ability to make a positive impact on this world. It isn’t about the wrapping it really is about the gift inside!

Oh and Chrissy send me your address and I will send you your new dress~ and I will also help you resolve the no sweats for me but something suitable for the store and home…. because pants are important too dilemma!

Laundry Dress by Shelli Segal

Laundry Dress by Shelli Segal

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  1. Chrissy says

    What a lovely Christmas surprise! My husband and I didn’t exchange gifts this year, so winning the beautiful Shelli Segal dress is my gift!

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