Fashion Friday: The Wedding Edition

The hunt for the dress

I am beginning to think it is cheaper to be the bride than attend a wedding. I mean in the next couple of months we have 4 weddings and HOPEFULLY no Funerals. I am super excited to watch my friends and family tie the knot. I know that being married is a wonderful thing however; finding a dress to go to a wedding is a NIGHTMARE. I mean without knowing what the bride is wearing how do you know what to wear? Do you wear a short dress? How about a long one? Do you match your date? I have no idea how to figure out what to wear.

Here are the details

wedding 1 semi formal

wedding 2 cocktail attire

wedding 3 black tie husband will wear a tux

wedding 4 not very formal at all

I have become an Internet stalker scouring the websites of the reception halls to try to figure out what I should adorn. I have an eye for designer clothes but my wallet does not match the overwhelming price tags. I mean $600.00 for one dress. That would come out to $4200 for 7 dresses. I hope over the next couple of weeks that I can find 4 dresses for the weddings themselves and 3 dresses for the rehearsal dinners. Oh my budget…. Just $250.00. That’s right for 7 dresses and 4 of them are party dresses. Can I do it? Can I buy a dress for around $34 each. Why, Yes I can!!!

I think it is important to get out of my mommy clothes and treat myself to a night out wearing an amazing dress. I spend so much of my time taking care of others. I spend the majority of our budget providing for the children so its my turn. I am usually able to go to my closet and grab something however, after baby #2 my clothes do not fit.  These wedding are going to be our much needed date nights as well so looking good for the husband is just an added bonus. I mean do I need 7 dresses no but if I can buy them for less than the cost of one nice dress then why not?

The secret to my success is going to be: buy a dress that looks super on me and accessorize. What am I going to do after the weddings? I am going to cosign the dresses 🙂 That way my out pocket expenses will be less and lets be honest am I really going to wear the dress again? I know most of you do not need to buy 7 dresses but I hope my fashion edition will help you find that one special dress for LESS much LESS because it is not what you SAVE it is what you SPEND.

Here is what I found for Wedding #1

Ellie Tahari $20.00

Ellie Tahari $20.00

Banana republic just $9.99 NWT

Banana republic just $9.99

The first dress I bought was the Tahari dress at the SPCA rummage sale. It had the tags still on it for $325.00. I paid just $20.00.  I will wear it to the rehearsal dinner. It is unique and cheerful.

The second black dress is a classic A line dress. It is dressy or not very dressy since these sequin dresses are being worn everywhere. I picked this one up this summer at the banana republic outlet while I was in Orlando, Florida. I knew I was going to several weddings so I try to shop in advance to spread out the cost and to not be left in a position that I have to pay big bucks for a dress. This one also has the tags attached $189.99. I paid $9.99.

Total spent: $29.99

Still left in my budget: $220.01

5 dresses to go

Saved $514.99

Tip buy your dresses at consignment sales that way you will have less of a chance of seeing someone in the same thing at the same event!!


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  1. says

    I don’t mean to be dense but is there some reason you can’t wear the same dress to more than one wedding? Maybe I’m behind on the social protocol of dressing for a wedding but having to buy seven dresses for four weddings (I’m assuming you are attending three rehearsal dinners and four weddings) seems a bit absurd. Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy one dress to wear to the all the rehearsal dinners and one dress to wear to all the weddings?

  2. says

    Those are some great finds.

    I am with Mary though, can’t you wear some of the dresses more than once. Are all the same people going to be at all 4 weddings and all 3 rehearsal dinners? How close are the weddings together?

    I have a few good “party” dresses in my closet that I can dress up or dress down with accesories. I haven’t bought a dress to wear to a wedding in a long time. I just go to my closet and find the apprioriate one for the style of the wedding.

    Good luck with the rest of your finds!

  3. madamedeals says

    The weddings are all different seasons and dress codes. I may be able swing wearing one of them to two events but I am not sure. I know it is crazy trying to find different dresses but since I am family there will be tons of photos. I know I am vain but I only get to dress up for special events the rest of the time I wear cute clothes but nothing special. This is my time to do the all decked out night!! The weddings are also all out of state except one so the weather is a factor. They are in September, October, and November. The dresses I used to have no longer fit thanks to baby number #2. I am sure I will keep some of the dresses but I usually consign them and get back what I paid for them. I have even made money in the past. I like the hunt of finding the clothes at a great deal. I figured it would be fun to see if I could actually get all new dresses for the cost of one nice dress.I guess we will find out over the next coupole of weeks I how I do. Thanks for the advice gals!! Amee

  4. WilliamB says

    Actually the weddings are not all different dress codes. Since three of the four used formal language to describe dress, guests can rest easy that the formal rules apply. One of the rules is that for formal (= white tie = tails) and semi formal (= black tie = tux), season is at most a small factor. Maybe January vs. August, but not Sep/Oct/Nov. Two of your events have the exact same dress code, semi formal, which calls for a short evening dress. A cocktail party calls for a cocktail dress. The fourth is anyone’s guess. Since you post and allow comments, I venture to comment that the flowered dress is a cocktail dress (and a very nice one) and the black sequined dress, nicely accessorized, is an evening dress.

    As my sainted mother would say, “Another county heard from!”

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