Fashion Friday the Wedding edition week 4

Sister, mom, me

The hunt for the dresses

What to wear to four weddings and 3 rehearsal dinners?This is our social life, for the year at least, as far as dressing up goes.

Here are the details:

wedding 1 semi formal

wedding 2 cocktail attire

wedding 3 black tie husband will wear a tux

wedding 4 not very formal at all

I hope over the next couple of weeks that I can find 4 dresses for the weddings themselves and 3 dresses for the rehearsal dinners. Oh my budget…. Just $250.00. That’s right for 7 dresses and 4 of them are party dresses. Can I do it? Can I buy a dress for around $34 each. Why, Yes I can!!!

UPDATE: Mission is complete!! I actually spent $29.56 per dress (be reminded that includes 3 Vera Wang dresses, 1 Tahari dress, 1 Sigrid Olson dress, 1 BCBG dress, and 1 Banana Republic dress!!! That is 7 designer dresses for a total of $206.96

I hope my fashion edition will help you find that one special dress for LESS much LESS because it is not what you SAVE it is what you SPEND. I am finding seven dresses to show you that budget shopping for high end dresses is not a fluke but a skill.

Here is what I found for Wedding #1


Ellie Tahari $20.00
Ellie Tahari $20.00 Found at the SPCA


Banana republic just $9.99 NWT
Banana republic just $9.99 found at the Outlet


wedding edition day 2

$4.00 Goodwill

Sigrid Olson dress- I found this baby at Goodwill for $4.00. Do I have to wear it twice? It cost less than the starbucks I gave up? I am just kidding, but it hardly seems worth the $6.00 to dry clean it. It is silk and was in perfect condition. I used my dryell and my steamer to make sure it is in perfect condition for wedding #3. That is right I can’t decide what to wear to my sister in laws wedding. I bought a dress prior to being sick with samonella and it is now huge on me, so I consigned it. I have 3 weeks wish me luck!!

Vera Wang lavender label $80

Vera Wang lavender label $80 on EBAY

Black VERA WANG Lavender Label Dress New with Tags small spot which I removed with a little dish soap. Tags read $595.00 paid $80.00 with shipping LOVE EBAY. When I saw this dress it was lust at first site. I know Vera Wang fits me, I had one of her designs for my wedding dress. I have also worn a couple of her other dresses over the years so I was confident when I bid on this dress. I also had a plan if the white stain did not come out… black marker option one and option 2 was to sew on some beading. That is right I was willing to make some design updates if I had too. I know risky but this is the dress I had in my closet and I wore it to a VERY fancy wedding at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. I will wear this dress to my other formal wedding because it is amazing and it fits 🙂

Wedding #3

I Bought a purple Vera Wang dress on Ebay $39.99 and $8.00 for shipping.


vera wang $39.99 EBAY

vera wang $39.99 EBAY

I decided to wear a dress I had in my closet to the rehersal $19.99 Sam’s club BCBG


BCBG dress Sam's club $19.99

BCBG dress Sam's club $19.99

You may remember it from Fashion friday. I usually try to make outfits for $20.00!!!

Wedding #4 The final Dress






Vera Wang $24.99 Ebay NWT
Vera Wang $24.99 Ebay NWT

 I bid on this little black Vera Wang number. I won with a bid of $19.99 then I paid just $5.00 in shipping. It is new with tags. I have this adorable vintage pin that was my grandmothers to make it mine. I am also wearing these awesome nine west leopard shoes ($2.50 at Goodwill also brand new). I mean a designer dress and shoes for less than $30.00

Total spent: $206.96

Still left in my budget: $43.04 (I actually still have $80.00 for Vera Wang and $19.99 for the BCBG additionally since I am recycling 2 dresses in my closet) I still want to see if I can spend $250.00 counting what I already paid and couple of months ago.

Saved $514.99 Tahari and Banana Republic dresses + 515.00 on Vera Wang+ 145.00 on the Sigrid Olsen + $130.00 BCBG Dress, and $310.00 on the vera wang dress and another $325 for the other vera wang dress=$1939.99 SAVED. I SPENT About 11% of the retail COST

Tip buy your dresses at consignment sales that way you will have less of a chance of seeing someone in the same thing at the same event!!

TIP- find a designer that you love and whose clothes love you and look on EBAY to grab that special DRESS for MUCH LESS

Tip- go to the mall and try on dresses the stalk that dress on the internet to find the best deal!!!

Tip- from my frugal friends via this site wear your dress more than once. I know obvious, but I wouldn’t have done this prior to converting to frugality. I am still learning 🙂 Thanks gals and guys!



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  1. says

    I LOVE that Vera Wang dress. The shilouette is amazing!

    I am also very frugal and last month at Ross I found a formal full-length black gown marked down to $30. Hubby did not understand why I bought it since I don’t technically have anything to wear it to but I could not beat the price.

    I also really like the Goodwill find. I have only been to Goodwill twice and not found anything. I think the secret is to shop at the Goodwill in the most wealthy part of town. That way you have people donating higher end clothes. Just a thought!

    Good luck with the rest of your hunt!

  2. says

    Very impressive. We set out to buy one dress for my 12 year old daughter to wear at my brother’s wedding. Turns out there aren’t many nice dresses for 12 year olds. There was 1 at Goodwill, but it was a summer dress (wedding is in fall) and we couldn’t find anything to wear over it (at any store). We also wento Platos Closet, Penny’s and Sears. We ended up getting a 40% off dress at Belks (which had the best selection of all stores combined) paying about $50…way more than I wanted to pay. I guess I have lots to learn. Or dress makers need to make affordable nice dresses for tweens.


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