Fashion Friday: Seeing Green



I love Fashion but I hate paying tons of money to look great. I believe you need two things the knowledge of what looks good on you and the skill to find it for less. I encourage you to get rid of all the items in your closet that you do not wear. They cloud up your options to make really great outfits because you can’t see your clothes! If they are in good condition sell the at a consignment store or a place like Plato’s closet, or host a clothing swap. Clothing swaps are a blast!


Is it just me or do crazy things happen to you too? I asked my husband to put in a load of laundry. He did so even threw it in the dryer. I went to take the clothes out and noticed they looked different. I thought it was the light. I grabbed the clothes and headed for the front door. I forgot I should not use the front door because of the birds. I subsequently had a run in along the lines of Alfred Hitchcock and my only protection was my husband’s briefs. I guess I answered a question you didn’t ask.  I took a look around and once I felt I was safe I exited the car and verified my initial observation. They were light green. I decided since I am not a green with envy kind of person I would attempt to tackle the laundry and get rid of the stains.

I mean you never ever point out an error when it comes to laundry if you didn’t do the laundry. You just correct the issue and keep quiet. I mean I have a good deal going there is no reason to spoil it over a couple of green items. I went to Walmart and got Rit Laundry Treatment for $1.47 it is  called White- Wash.

I threw it in the wash and hoped for the best. I know why people no longer wear tie dye now because the culprit of this green event was a tie dye dress belonging to my daughter. I waited and waited. The load finally finished. I pulled out the underpants and I admired my work. I had saved almost the entire load.   The moral of the story is check the laundry prior to “throwing” it in the dryer.  I thought I would share my story because I am sure some of you are wearing pink underwear because a red item was placed in the wrong load and in the name of fashion that must be rectified.

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