Fashion Friday: Plus Size Fashion that is Fashionable

Fashion Friday is Fashionable for this Plus Sized Gal with Kiyonna

fashion friday kiyonna 2

This is how I normally prefer pictures of me to be edited but honestly I would prefer to be on the other side of the camera. I have recently started celebrating Fashion Friday and really excited this Friday because Kiyonna sent me a great new top. 

I can spend hours browsing the Kiyonna website because they are full of  hot, trendy clothing. What I love the most is the fact that Kiyonna offers Fashionable Clothing for the Plus Sized Women. When I had the chance to work with them and apply myself to this fun top, I was excited. Kiyonna proves that being Plus Sized does not mean you have to give up fashion.

Here is my Fashion Friday Moment with Kiyonna

Fashion Friday kiyonna 1

What I am wearing:

 Kiyonna Caycee Twist Top in Magenta

I paired the top with a Black skirt (Thrift Store Find for $3)

3 strand drape silver necklace with pink and magenta jewels (Avon)

Silver dangle strand earrings (Avon)

Due to the twist front on the Caycee top it did not take much to dress it up. I tried on several necklaces before settling on the one in the picture. The colors matched perfectly and fit just right in the neckline of the top. I wanted a little sparkle and the silver earrings brought just enough to the outfit without overshadowing.

The Cacyee Twist Top worked perfect with my black maxi skirt. I loved the way it pulled attention away from my Tummy Trouble Area and created an illusion of length along my torso. For a more casual look I would throw it on with jeans and boots. This is going to easily be my favorite shirt for fall.

See all the ways you can dress up or down the Cacyee Twist Top!kiyonna2

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