Fashion Friday: More than Make up

Using Coupons to make a difference! Make-up for cheap or free can help your bottom line and those around you.


I have to say being beautiful has nothing to do with your outward appearance. What we do to make an impact on our world using our talents is what set us apart. I consider myself a super shopper. I use my super shopping powers to help others. I hope that you are able to use your amazing talents to enable others to do more with less. It isn’t what you save, it is what you spend. I believe that coupons have helped me spend less so I can do more for my family. In my video today I talked about sunscreen I got for $2; which is a $9.99 savings. I was able to put that extra money towards my family. Why pay more for the things you are already buying? I hope that you are also able to empower your fellow shoppers and collect donations for the area shelters and food banks we can all make a difference!

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