Fashion Friday: Knocked up NOW what?

I love Fashion but I hate paying tons of money to look great. I believe you need two things the knowledge of what looks good on you and the skill to find it for less.


23 days before Margeaux "normal dress" not maternity
23 days before Margeaux “normal dress” not maternity

I know knocked up is not a nice way to say pregnant but, I think it describes how I felt each time I was pregnant. I didn’t have the glow that people speak of; unless you consider the green tinge that came with being nausea all day a glow? I wasn’t aware of the way certain areas would expand larger than others and getting them to retain their original form would be a struggle. I did however decide I was going to look cute and not frumpy. I felt if I looked good it would help negate the nausea and tiredness. I hope that addressing this important stage in our lives will help those of you who are struggling with what to wear while pregnant.  It is hard to keep up with our expanding waistline and bust line while keeping our wallets in check. Don’t worry I can help! This is such an important time in our lives and I hope to make this a monthly column.

Oh, my gosh! Where do we begin?

The easiest place is to assess what you already have in your closet. Find all those A line tops, pants that are a size  bigger than your current size or those that have drawstrings, skirts with elastic waists… etc.

Lay them on your bed. Now remove any items that are already tight from your closet. They most certainly will not fit now! This will help you decide what you need. It will also free up room in your closet because you are going to have multiple sizes now for sure.

Once you are done head to Goodwill and pick up two pairs of jeans that are a size bigger than you’re normal size. Make sure they sit on your hip. Why? Well you will not need maternity clothes for a while and you can wear these jeans again on your descent back to your original (almost original) size. This made all the difference to me being able to get into real jeans without the random tummy panels. They never fit quite right so I was always pulling them up. It also made me feel some what normal after giving birth. Yes, I was able to wear jeans that were two sizes larger than my normal size after I delivered. Lucky I guess or I bought the right pair of jeans- they had spandex in them.

Here is another tip, take a pony tail or rubber band and loop it through the button hole and place it over the top of the button to extend the wear of your own jeans.

Send out an email asking anyone if they have maternity clothes you can borrow. When you get these items put their initials on the tag if they want them back. (I think my maternity clothes are currently in Tampa being used by my sister’s friend).

Throw a clothing swap. This will help you gather some “normal” clothes that are not your regular clothing size. You may even have friends who will bring their maternity clothes since they are DONE.

You can go on ebay or craigslist to buy lots of maternity clothes . There are some FREE options as well;  freecycle is a great FREE  option.

In my next addition I will provide you with a maternity clothing plan so you know what to collect, buy, or borrow to be chic and frugal.

I am using one of my past “what to wear outfits for $20 or less” to demonstrate how what you already own could be used to ward off those maternity clothes as long as possible.

low waist jeans and a "normal" shirt plenty of room for a belly

low waist jeans and a "normal" shirt plenty of room for a belly

What did you do to stretch your clothing budget while your waist expanded?

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