Fashion Friday: Iman Adorned Review

I am Madame Deals. I know that may not mean much to you but that means I like a good deal. I love fashion and make up and anything that glitters. I hate paying a lot of money and I do not have time for anything complicated. I was lucky enough to work with IMAN cosmetics and they generously fed my make up addiction with amazing products. They were easy to apply. I loved the Adorned make up kit. The best part about IMAN is it is made for women of all skin types. The picture above was take after I used the kit at 11:00 pm at night after being a working stay at home mom. I think I look great and I have the IMAN line to thank for that. The video features these stellar products.

Here is my five minute face:


You know me I like a good party and I would like to invite you to one on September 12, 2012 at 8:00 pm on Twitter. You can follow me at @madamedeals. I will have plenty of beauty tips to share and tons of awesome make up to adorn you with.

IMAN Adorned kit- It had everything I need to touch up my make up I love how portable it is.

IMAN Luxury Translucent powder in the Sand Light Medium- This went on like a dream. It covered my red nose and feels like silk.

IMAN- Time Control I love this Moisture Complex It went on well and kept my skin looking hydrated all day. I felt like I was 16 again.

IMAN-Perfect Lip Pencil in the Tan this was versatile enough to use for my eyes and my lips. It didn’t grab at my skin and stayed on for hours.


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