Fashion Friday: How to spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Wallet



I love Fashion but I hate paying tons of money to look great. I believe you need two things the knowledge of what looks good on you and the skill to find it for less. I encourage you to get rid of all the items in your closet that you do not wear. They cloud up your options to make really great outfits because you can’t see your clothes! If they are in good condition sell the at a consignment store or a place like Plato’s closet, or host a clothing swap. Clothing swaps are a blast!


   I just had a birthday and I decided my gift was going to be a Louis Vuitton Wallet. I received one from a friend and it was fake which I knew it would be. I honestly didn’t care except I saved for month to buy the real deal purse and then when I put the fake wallet in there it started to bother me. I decided I was buying the real wallet. I emailed a potential seller and she sent me pictures. I looked through them quickly and they looked good. I sent her money. Then I went and looked at the rest of the images and one stood out for me.

  I kept thinking this doesn’t look right. I went online and I searched for images on the wallet model. There wasn’t one picture that had that lining in the wallet. I searched online for the current model then I searched for vintage no dice. I knew this was not an authentic wallet. I decided that I should figure out how to tell if a Louis Vuitton Wallet was real or fake would be valuable.

Here are just three of the tips in my video. You can watch the video to learn more.

1) The material of the wallet needs to be leather

2) The wallet needs to be made out of a single piece of leather

3) Look at the stitching it should be straight and smooth

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  1. I hope you were able to get your money back and reported the person to the proper authorities. They just put a huge digital billboard up on Route 287 in NJ, with the saying we lost 13 billion US dollars so far this year in copyright infringements. Report law breakers, it is in the best interest of everyone, accept for the crooks. No wonder prices keep going up, no thanks to the knock off pushers.I’d rather go without then buy something, that steals the livelihood from American workers and companies.