Fashion Friday Goes To The Ssh-oes

This Fashion Friday Post is all about what goes on your feet.

Today I am all about my new heels from Ssh-oes. Several years ago I gave up heels for “sensible” aka “boring shoes. However, lately, I have been planning my outfits around a new pair of heels. These new heels were sent to me by Ssh-oes, to wear and see what they are all about. I feel in love after a few hours of wearing them and I know what I am asking Santa for this year.

fashion friday 2

What is Ssh-oes? They are super comfortable heels that are quiet when you walk. Everywhere I have worn my heels (Style Name – Vicky), I can’t believe I don’t have that “click-click” that I am used to with other heels. Before you ask if I am wearing them only on carpet, I can tell you I have worn them  to church, out to lunch, around the house, shopping, and while on vacation.

How do they do it? I say it is magic but according to Ssh-oes, they make it happen by putting a rubber sole on the bottom of the heels, a sound absorbing rubber sole, and a noise reducing heel lift. What I can say is, IT WORKS! Plus,there is a nice cushion of memory foam and a lycra/leather lining which helps cut down on blisters. This is what really made me notice how comfortable they were because I have “Pudgy” Feet I tend to get blisters where my foot meets the front of the shoe. I have not received one blister and once again look forward to wearing heels.

Instead of planning my shoes after my outfit,I have starting planning outfits based on my shoes.

Fashion Friday Outfit Choices

Date Night

vintage clothing 1

Business Conference 

Fashion Friday 4

Find out more about these amazing heels and buy a pair or three for yourself on their website– Ssh-oes.

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